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My Summer Story

Book By: AngelTears48

Ally is still getting over the loss of her mother. Her father makes her spend her summer which she planned to do nothing but mope around at her aunt and uncle house. Ally is horrified. But soon her horror turns into love when she meets a special guy...dating one of her cousins! What will happen?

Submitted:Mar 27, 2009    Reads: 312    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

I slumped back into the seat of my dad's silver Volkswagen and sighed. I can't believe it! My dad actually thought that making me spend the entire summer with my aunt, uncle, and four cousins on their farm would make me happy.
I don't think I could ever be happy. Not since Mom died. Last year. Yesterday was her death anniversary. I hate that day. September 5th. Having that day as my birthday doesn't make it any better, either.
Imagine your mother dying on your fifteenth birthday. It sucks. It really does.
Yesterday was my sixteenth birthday. It was really weird. All my life, I planned on my Sweet 16. But, when I finally turned sixteen rolled around, I didn't do anything. I could I? I just stayed in my room and cried. I cried for mom and myself.
I looked in the mirror after I cried. My eyes were red and my nose was running. I looked strange. Not like myself. My black hair is usually fluffy and my green eyes like to sparkle. But, for the last couple months, my hair is limp and my eyes look gray and dull. Dull, dull, dull like me.
"Alyssa?" asked my dad, snapping me out of my thoughts.
"Ally." I corrected, with a growl.
Dad sighed, "Ally…please."
I rolled my eyes, "I like to be called Ally. That's it."
No. My mother's name was Alyssa. I can't bear it when anyone call's me that so I tell them to call me Ally. I only became picky about my name after Mom died.
Dad looked somehow hurt, "Alyssa is such a pretty name." He murmured and than spoke clearly, "Ally, we'll be arriving at Quinn's house in just five minutes."
"Great," I grunted.
Aunt Quinn had to be the most annoying woman in all of Nebraska. Scratch that. She's the most annoying woman in the world. I don't know how her kids-my cousins- bear living with her as their mother.
Uncle Jerry is okay. He's bald and has a long brown mustache. He likes to wear cowboy hats and go fishing in their nearby lake.
The eldest of my cousins is Kenny, sixteen. He's basically the family athlete. He does everything from swimming, running, hurdling, and wrestling. He's tall with sandy brown hair and blue eyes.
The second oldest is Becky, fifteen. She is very pretty and had at least fifteen boyfriends. What a flirt! Becky has long wavy caramel hair and large blue eyes. She has pink, pouty lips like models.
Next is Vivian, twelve. Vivian is literally obsessed with horses! She has a white mare called Hope, which she rides daily. Besides Hope, she has two cats (Mew and Annie), two guinea pigs (Cinnamon and Celery) and a parakeet (Corky). She somehow manages to take care of all of them. One time, I had a goldfish. He almost died of starvation so I gave it to my friend, Jessica, for keeps. Vivian has tons of freckles and blonde hair she keeps into either braids or ponytails.
The last cousin is Marcus, four. Marcus is quiet and never talks. So I don't have a lot to say about him except he has blonde hair, like Vivian, and likes to keep to himself.
Soon Dad pulled into a field, and we piled out of the car. I stretched and gazed around. Aunt Quinn and her family lived on a huge farm with lots of fields. They are away from everything. That's why my cousin's are home--schooled.
"Where is everyone?" I wondered, pushing back my bangs.
Of course, as soon as I thought that, everyone ran from the house.
"Uncle Dave! Ally!" they called, running towards us.
Dad nudged me, and I placed a fake smile on my face, "Hey guys!" I said.
Vivian wrapped me into a giant hug, "Ally!" she squealed in her southern accent, "I can't wait for you to meet Hope! She missed you!"
"Yeah. I missed her, too." I said, half-heartedly.
Kenny thumped my back, "Nice to see you, Ally." He grinned.
I nodded at him as Becky hurried toward me, "Ally." She said. Her smile sort of slipped when she saw my outfit but she placed it back on, right away. I knew Becky would disapprove of my outfit selection.
I was wearing a boring gray shirt and black skinny jeans. Of course, Becky was wearing a white shirt that said, "FLIRT." In hot pink letters, and a pink skirt.
Marcus stood nearby, saying nothing. He only waved, shyly.
I waved back and gave him a true, rare smile. Marcus was like me. Quiet, shy, and mostly lonely.
After Aunt Quinn and Uncle Jerry greeted me, Aunt Quinn cried, "Why, let's go inside. I got cookies waiting!!!"
Cookies. I used to love them. Warm with chocolate chips and would melt in your mouth. But now, they are only as exciting to me as broccoli.
Why am I like this? I don't think I'd ever know.
As we headed back to the house, Becky tried to chat with me. Tried.
"So, Ally." She began, "Got a boyfriend, yet?"
"No." I replied, warily.
Becky gave me a look of disapproval "Ally. You need a boyfriend at one point or another.
"I'm perfectly fine single and independent." I replied, coldly.
Becky raised her eyebrows, "If you say so…"
When we reached the house, I ran upstairs with my suitcase. I already have memorized my room that I'd be staying in, even though the last time I was here was ten years ago. That's the good thing about me. I have excellent memory.
I dropped my suitcase on the bed and looked around. The walls were painted buttercup yellow and had posters of ballerinas on them. I used to love this room when I was five.
I yawned solemnly and closed my eyes. I wanted to sleep but I knew I couldn't. Aunt Quinn was yelling, "Ally! Don't you want some cookies."
"No-" I began but stopped. Dad wants me to be polite, "Okay."
Reluctantly, I trudged downstairs. Dad was at the front door. He wasn't staying here.
Dad kissed my forehead and told me to be good and have fun. "Good-bye!" he said, going through the door. I almost screamed, "Wait! Wait for me!" but didn't.
Sighing, I turned back to head to the kitchen where everyone was waiting for me to eat cookies. Yay.


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