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Imagination: Love Story

Book By: Arian

My daydreams turned story xD

Submitted:Feb 11, 2010    Reads: 696    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

It was just as I imagined it. The beautiful sunset glowed in the distance. People passed by on the long, large boardwalk. I was with the love of my life; well, that's how I saw it in my head. In reality, we were best friends. Slowly, I stood and floated over to the railing; as if I were stepping closer to beauty and farther away from a love that would never be.
"What's your New Year's resolution?" he asked from the bench. I hesitated for a moment.
"To not fall in love again," I responded.
"Not all guys are bad though."
"Well all the one's I meet are. You're really the only guy who's never lied to me or hurt me."
Trent was silent.
"Thanks for being such a good friend," I said. Turning, I bumped right into him. I hadn't heard him get up. He wrapped his arms around my tiny waist and pulled me close. Being so close to someone I liked so much, put a billion butterflies in my stomach. I felt such a good feeling, that finally I couldn't keep it in anymore.
"I've loved you ever since I met you," I whispered.
Suddenly Trent pressed his lips against mine. Next thing I knew, he was pulling me closer, while I held on to him. We were like a couple who's husband was going to war.
"I love you," he spoke. I leaned my head on his chest, and close my eyes.
"Please don't change like them," I begged.
"Never," he assured me.

This morning I woke in my bed as usual. I turned around to find the other side empty.
"Just a dream," I sighed, disappointed. Slowly, I built up the effort to roll out of bed. My feet dragged me over to the large, walk-in closet in my bedroom. In my regular routine, I grabbed a pair of jeans and put on a black, v-neck shirt. When finally downstairs, my older sister was the only one to be found. Finding this out, another wave of disappointement washed over me. Quickly putting my long, silky, pure-blonde hair in a ponytail, I walked into the kitchen. My sister, Rebecca, was in the middle of cooking eggs and bacon as I sat down.
"Morning," I greeted.
"Good morning. How'd you sleep?" Becca asked, setting a plate of food in front of me.
"Fine," I responded.
"What's wrong?" My sister could always tell when something was up with me.
"I don't want to talk about it," I said with a hint of sadness in my voice. Becca looked at me with concern in her big, round, blue eyes. After breakfast, I decided to go for a walk.
I opened the door to see a tall figure standing on my porch. His curious, brown eyes smiled at me.
"Trent," I whispered.
"Hey," he responded, giving me a hug and kiss. I stared back, confused.
"Is something wrong?" he asked worriedly.
"No, I just.. what happened yesterday?" I asked.
"At the boardwalk?"
"That really did happen?" I asked, shocked, but happy.
"Yeah," Trent smiled and touched his soft hand to my forehead, "Are you smoking something?"
"No!" I declared, outraged.
"I'm just kidding," he said, putting his arms around me, and pulling me closer. I closed my eyes and held on to him. Being close to him made me feel unexplainable things.


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