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Book By: AryaTT

A confused girl and her teacher make an unlikely couple.

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Today i past by the new trig teacher's classroom and I couldn't help but think we had a moment in the hall yesterday. I risked a glance and met his eyes. I smiled and glanced away. Did i just imagine that i thought in my head as i walked away to my next hour. As hard as i tried to concentrate on my work the moments we had together just kept replaying in my head so the next time i looked at my paper there was a little heart with a arrow through it next to the problem i was working. "May i go to the restroom?" i asked as i stood up, already ready to leave. "I guess. But hurry back." Mrs. Browning said like she was annoyed. I smiled and walked quickly out of the classroom. Finally, I started walking toward the bathroom but soon found myself daydreaming about him again and when i regained my sences i found myself in front of his classroom. Thank god my locker was right outside his classroom. I changed my course to my locker but it was too late. He already saw me standing there. I went to my locker anyways hoping he would just ignore me so i could pretend the sparks between us were just my imagination. Unfortunately, he walked out of his classroom to talk to me. "I just wanted to say sorry for making you late to your class yesterday."He said as he smiled that innocent smile of his.
"Your kidding right? Most people would say it was my fault for running through the halls like a hooligan or something" i said smiling back.
"So what brings you to this side of the school? Don't you have history this hour?"
So he's been checking up on me i thought. "Well. . . i forgot my textbook. You know can't really learn without it"
He chuckled and it took all of my will power not to get lost in it."I guess not. Well speaking of learning i just wanted to complement you on your papers so far. You are doing better then seventy percent of my students"
"Well i do love math. I've been doing trig since seventh grade. They just wouldn't let me take any higher math classes til i'm at least a junior."
"What grade are you in?" He asked looking a little confused like he actually thought i was a senior.
"I'm a sophomore."
His eyes showed it all. Shock, confusion, then regret.
"I know. I'm a complete nerd." i said even though i'm pretty sure that's not what he was thinking at all. It was probably something more like 'I cannot beleive i actually had feelings for a sophmore. I'm going to get in so much trouble.'
But what he actually said was "I would've never guessed." I laughed.
"And I thought you were just some creepy math matician set on making me late for class." Now it was his turn to laugh. His laugh was so happy and full of life i couldn't help but laugh along.
"I should go." i said after we both stopped laughing. I started walking away when he ever so lightly brushed my hand. I shocked myself by actually grabbing it and holding it. He shocked me even more though when he didn't let go. It seemed like neither of us wanted to let go first so i did it. I turned and walked away without looking back.
Back at my class Mrs. Browning scolded me for taking so long. The class only had ten minutes left. She tried to figure out where i had gone but i wouldn't let up. Whatever was happening between me and him was a secret. Probably for a long time seeming as how he was a teacher. I sighed and sat down failing to noticed my other classmates staring at me. They probably thought i was dealing drugs or something. I'm already the weirdest girl in school mine as well add drug dealer to the list. I secretly smiled to myself.
Once the bell rang i was the first one out of class so Mrs. Browning couldn't ask to see me after class. History was my last hour of the day and i usually ride the bus home but today i decided to walk home. I had too much to think about that i couldn't think about at home or on the bus.
Once i got close to home some unknown feeling set over me. It was a mix of determination, fear, and something unknown. I past my house right by and started running. It felt good to be free from all the burdens and just be able to go wherever my heart desired. I found my self in front of a park i used to go to when i was a child. As i sat on one of the swings all of my old memories came flooding back. Walking here from our old house in the summertime so we could swim and how we used to always buy a summer pass because we went there so much. And when the whole family would gather at our house just to be together for barbques in the summer. I missed those times so much. They were so much simpler. But after me and my sister moved out with my dad my grandma sold the house and we never had those family times again. As i let a single tear drop from my eye and onto the ground a car drove up and a man got out wih his hood pulled over face. As he sat down he flashed me a smile and i imediatly knew who it was and why he had his hood on. He sat in the swing next to mine and we just swung back and forth for a while. Each on our own sepereate swings. Once we slowed down i got up from my swing and sat on his lap hoping he wouldn't object. Luckily, he didn't. I leaned my head against his chest and couldn't help but cry lightly. After a while he led me to his car and told me he would take me wherever i wanted to go.
"I don't want to go back home" i said thoughtfully.
"Then you don't have to" he said like it was such a simple solution.
"But that's the only place i can go."
"No family or friends?"
I shook my head and he kissed me lightly on my forehead.
"Come on."
I didn't question him because at the moment i felt like i could trust him with my deepest secrets.
After about a five minute drive we ended up in the middle of nowhere in front of a rundown old cabin. I was starting to question his motives. Did he bring me here to murder me and make me into soup to serve to the very cops who would eventually come here looking for me? But all those thoughts were wiped away when he kissed me, and not on the forehead this time. I knew this was highly illegal but at the moment it felt like we were the only two peopIe in the world. I kissed him back and this time we were both expecting it. We walked in the house a few minutes later and he showed me around. It was actually alot nicer then it looked from the outside.
"Why do you live in the middle of nowhere" i asked him.
"I like being nowhere. Then i can be anywhere i want."
I suddenly understood him alot more then i did. The pieces to his puzzle were finally starting to make a picture.


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