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Confused Emotions

Book By: ashleycullen1928374655

Tags: Lov, Romance, Fear, New

A young girl from Austrailia starts school in America. Follow her journey.

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Confused Emotions Chapter 1: It was my first day at this American high school. It was so diffrent from the schools back in Austraila. My old school was a private school, so we had uniforms. It is so weird how here we are allowed to wear whatever we want. I like that detail of this school, but that's it. I hate how American boys seem to only care how much skin girls show, and the girls just want to say how ugly people are. All the girls gossiped about me and laughed at me because I was wearing a long sleeve turtle neck and blue jeans. I also had my hair up in a pony tail. It felt like it was -10 degrees outside, yet they were all wearing tanktops and mini-skirts. They all had their hair down and curled because it was "in" or something like that they said. All the boys ignored me because of my outfit. They were whispering about how ugly I looked in the outfit and that they should not hang out around me unless they want all the girls to think they're losers. I walked into advanced literature. The teacher said my name. "Here," I shouted. The teacher said, "That's nice, but I was asking if you would tell everyone about yourself." I stood up and said, "My name is Lily Anne James. I am 16 years old. I was born and raised in Austraila, but my dad got a huge promotion that required for him to move here. I went to a private school my whole life, so it's nice to not have to wear a uniform. I was a junior in Austraila is how I got in this class, I guess. I am finding Tennessee a charming state and America a lovely country," I lied about the liking Tennessee and America. I sat down and the teacher said, "Thank you for speaking about your history to us. Now everyone please come up to the front of the room and get a copy of The Works of William Shakespeare." We all got up and got a copy. She said, "As you can tell this semester we will be studying William Shakespeare and other famous playrights. Everyone open your books to Romeo and Juliet. Read Scene 1 then write a 3 page report on what happens in the first scene." That was easy since I had already read it twice. I wrote out my report in 10 minutes and turned it in. Then I sat thinking about my new home that I already hate. It is house in the middle of someplace called Cumberland Furnace. I have to ride a bus with no heat for about an hour to get to Creekwood High School where I am a sophmore instead of junior like I used to be. I also used to be able to walk to school in 5 minutes or ride a bus with heat during the winter. The bell rang for us to go to our next class, which for me is Algebra 2. I got lost on the way, but finally found it when what seems to be the only nice person in school offered to walk me to class. He turned in the opposite direction of the way I'd been going. We walked all the way to the other end of the school. On our way, he said, "My name is Kellan Roberts. Would you like to sit with me and my friends at lunch?Don't worry there are some girls in the group, and they aren't like the mean girls you've met so far." I said, "Ok" He said, "Great," then we stopped, "here's the class. I'm in this class too would you care to sit with me?" I nodded. Chapter 2: As we walked in I caught a glimpse of the cutest guy in the school. I mean Kellan is cute with his blonde hair and babyish face with brown eyes, but that guy has a grown up mature look with his dark brown hair and green eyes. He was staring at me as I walked in, and it didn't look like a mean or rude stare. It looked almost like he thought I was pretty. Me, he thinks I look pretty with my straight black hair with blue eyes!! Impossible, all the girls here have curly hsir dyed blonde with brown contacts. Well there are a few odd ones like, but they all seem to be thought of as losers. I sat down and tried to get that handsome boy out of my head and focus on what the teacher was saying because I am not good at math. It didn't work I just couldn't get him out of my head. I didn'tl hear the teacher say my names 5 times. He came over and dropped 3 textbooks on my desk. That startled me into paying attention. Finally, class was over and Kellan offered to walk me to lunch as well. I said, "Sure," why not say that since we were eating lunch together anyways. We got to the cafeteria, got our lunch, then sat at his table. This is what's odd, the cute boy is his friend apparently. He introduced everyone; this brown haired green-eyed girl's name was Tia Louis, there was a blond hair blue-eyed girl named Lacy Roberts sitting next to her, and the handsome boy was John Louis. It turns out Tia and John are twins, and that Lacy is Kellan's sister and 13, but she skipped 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. I looked around the cafeteria, there are actually no that many of the girls following that trend, only somewhere between 30 and 40. Most girls look normal and are wearing decent outfits. I'm starting to feel better about myself. I don't get why those few girls that dress like that do. They don't look "cool"; they just look weird. I decided to start a conversation with Lacy and Tia because John and Kellan were talking. They're super nice, and Tia understands what it's like to move to a new country because her and John moved from London in middle school. Lacy understands what its like for people to gossip about you since she is only 13. They both have great senses of humor, and I can tell we are all gonna be good friends. Then John and Kellan finished their conversation and started talking to us. I am in major trouble because John is cuter but Kellen seems sweert. The major trouble is I have a crush on both of them, and my new friend Lacy seems to have a crush on John. John seems to be flirting with Lacy and me. He seems like a heart-breaking jerk who leads girls on. Kellan said, "Lily will you go out with me. I was shocked but I said, "Ok" Chapter 3: I was shocked I went through all the classes daze. I recall telling Lacy and Tia to come help me find a dress. We went to a big fancy store in the city about an hour away. I found a beautiful yellow and white polka-dot dress with black leggings and yellow ballet flats. We went and got me a manicure and pedicure. My nails were yellow with a diamond-like rhinestone on each of the thumbs. We drove the hour back to my house, and then Lacy said, "Let me do your hair!!!" I agreed because I didn't think I really had a choice. She ended up curling my hair and putting on a black headband with a yellow flower on it. Then it was 8 o'clock!! Time for my date!!!!!! Kellan showed up at almost exactly on time only 1 minute late. He was wearing a handsome t-shirt and blue jeans. We went to Olive Garden in Clarksville. They were having the endless pasta. It was so great tasting. Then we went to see Prom. I hated it!!!!!! It was awful, but we didn't really watch after half of it we started kissing.


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