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Read and you'll find out(:

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New Boy

"Heads up!" I heard someone yell from a distance. Great, my first day of junior high and I'm already ducking from flying footballs, I though, crouching just low enough for the football to narrowly miss my heart-shaped head. I picked up the football, now lying limply in the neatly trimmed grass besides my feet, and threw it back to the boy who warned me to duck. He thanked me and I just nodded, too nervous now of actually getting hit. What if I'm standing just feet away from the football team, and I get whacked in the head with a ball? No matter, I shook the nightmare off and stalked to the biege-colored junior high. My junior high.

I moved here, to New York, from California, so I was on my own today. I tryed to shove that thought from my consious mind as best I could, but it haunted me through my first four classes. I'm not sure how, but I managed to live through lunch-alone. As I walked to my sixth period class (math) I try to tune out everyone else, and just focus on my own feet pressing against the white linoleum floor. I give up as I enter my math class - I give up on trying to tune people out, and on trying to coax myself to believe I'll make some new friends here.

Just as I've given up almost completely, I see that we sit in pairs in this class. Strange, but I'll roll with it. So I chose a seat in the back (classic me) and wait for more students to file in. Eventually they come, and we start. To my horror, and disappointment, I have no partner. I'm not surprised though. Just as I begin to totally zone out the techer, Mr. Hammonn, a boy walks in.

He's gorgeous. Black wind-blown hiar, dark skinny jeans, and a tight fitting blue t-shirt. His shirt reveals his muscular body. I was in complete and total awe - then he sat down next to me, introducing himself as Jarrett Michael. His voice is so...resonant. "Mandy Cee." I told him with a nervous smile. He smiled at me, exposing his birhgt white teeth, and when I thought he would look away, he continued to stare into my eyes. As if he was...looking for something. I blushed and looked down, trying to breathe evenly again. The mere sight of him almost made me faint. I staggered through the rest of the day, wondering about Jarrett's gaze. Eventually I just decided that I was never going to fined out.

The days passed by slowly, uneventfully. Soon they turned into weeks, following by months. Then one day, I got the news. "WHAT?!" I shouted in protest and shock, mixed with some rage and anger. Jarrett has gone missing. I've really grown found of him...maybe too found. I promised my self right then that I would find him. Bring him home. There was just something about him...I refocused on the problem, I read the letter I recieved over again, more carefully. Then I noticed another envolope with my name on it. I raced over and opened it.

Then I read the letter inside:

Dear Mandy Cee,

Jarrett Michael is in danger. You probably already figured that out. He was being followed by his ex-girlfriend. You must find him.



Magic? Who? Almost as if answering my thoughts, a butterfly flew in. She spoke to me, "Mandy Cee, I am Magaic," the brightly-colored butterfly chirped cheerfully.

"Wait-your the one who sent the letter?" She answered me yes and that there wasn't much time. We set out immedetly to retrieve Jarrett. We searched day and night for weeks. Finally, one night, Magic spotted an old abandoned shack. I was so completely overjoyed that I ran as fast as my sore legs would carry me! I peered into the ran-down shack, and there, hunched up in the corner, was a dirt-caked Jarrett.

He sprang up and thrust his arms around me, almost a little too tightly. After what seemed like forever, Jarrett finally explained, "You see Amanda (my ex-girlfriend) was following me. Mandy, I need to tell you something." After a minute of silence Jarrett continued, "I'm immortal. I live forever."-he paused to look at my some what shocked face, and then went on, hesitantly-"Amanda is an immortal killer. She chased me all the way out here." I couldn't believe my ears! Still, I told him I didn't care what he was, and that I was bringing him home.

We walked the days and nights back, and told the cops about Amanda. She got sentenced to Juvenile Hall. As for Jarrett, Magic, and I, we lived happily from then on.


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