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He deceived me Chptr. 1

Book By: BlindUnicorn

He decieved me's main character is Milo who discovers he's sexual orientation true he's brother complex. Milo has never been very sociable and has hardly any friends. He's very gloomy at least that's how he looks. But actually Milo is very fragile and afraid of he's own feelings.

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"I've always known I was slightly different from the rest." Was the first thing I had told my shrink the moment I met him. "Different?" He he repeated while questioning me. "Yes different, but a normal kind of different." I tried to explain but it seemed I was confusing him more with that explanation of mine. "Look, to me falling in love is a very normal and natural thing. It doesn't matter what gender, being the same sex does not change a thing." I sighed deep. "Society can't change me, I am who I am. Nothing more and nothing less." The shrink started to scribe down a few few words on he's block note. "What are you doing?" I asked curiously. "It's just for my report." He made sure. "I toughed this was confidential?" I asked getting worried. "It is, it is. Please don't worry, just relax." I toke a deep breath and started to talk again.

"Milo, this is no time to be snoozing!" A voice kept nagging. "Oh please." I groaned while hiding myself under my blanket. "Don't joke around mister! You are gonna be late!" She kept repeating and then pulled away the blanket. "Mom!" I yelled while knowing it would not help. "Jeez, don't act like a spoiled brat and get out already." She said annoyed and left while taking my blanket along with her. "Damn." I growled and while feeling defeated I stepped out bed and staggered on my bare feet to the bathroom. I stared at my reflection in the mirror while coming my wavy black hair. Suddenly someone started to bang loudly on the door while yelling out my name. "Layla!" I yelled back. "Don't act like a drama queen the door is open!" Not a minute later she shyly opened the door and peeked from behind it. "Can I come in?" She asked shamefully. "Yeah.. sure I'm done anyway." I walked straight past her back to my room where I would pick out the outfit of the day. I stud in front of my wardrobe trying to decide what to wear even tough it was a mass of black clothing. "I'll go for this." I sighed and put on a black shirt saying 'keep the dream alive' "That will do it." I said to myself and walked out the door taking the stairs and went straight to the kitchen. Mother was busy preparing lunches for me and my sister. "Oh look who made it out bed." I turned to the right and saw my big brother sitting at the table with a coffee cup in he's hands. "Good morning." I said and smiled weakly. "You seems cheerfuller then usual." Brother commented and smiled widely. "I guess so." I walked over to the table and toke a seat right next to him. "I didn't know you where still here, I'm glad tough." I told him while I smiled but this time I really meant it. "What an honest smile." Midian smiled gently as he patted my head. "I'm gonna take the train later on, you'll probably not see me until Friday evening, little brother." He informed and then stud up. "You eat your breakfast like a good boy and listen to mother while I'm gone." I growled at my brother while I watched him walk out the kitchen I followed him with my eyes while he climbed up the staircase. "What are you staring at?" Mother asked annoyed and sat down a plat with eggs and bacon before my eyes. "Eat." She ordered and at the same time Layla arrived in the kitchen. "Good morning." She sat down right next to me with a smirk on her face while looking at my breakfast. "Get your own." I said sharp while keeping my eye on her. She tilted her head as if she didn't understand what I had just said. "Mom!" I said on a whiny tone. "What is it?" She asked annoyed while turning around facing us. "Milo, doesn't want to share!" Layla told her while putting on an act of being the victim. "Milo!" Mother said a bit angry. "What kind of big brother are you!" I sighed. "I didn't mean it like that." I tried but it was already over, she suddenly toke away my plate and placed it in front of Layla. "Here you go." She smiled and then turned around to me again. "And you can wait!"

'Everything is against me' That's something you can find me thinking daily even tough I know it isn't true I can't help it. I set my eyes on Layla who was now enjoying my breakfast with an look on her face that just got me more and more pissed off. "What are you looking at?" I asked annoyed." When mom had left to check on Midian. "I could ask you the same thing." She told me while she almost shot me down with her eyes. 'Touché' I toughed while grumbling. "We've got a dog now?" Mom walked in. "Don't grumble, we're not animals." She commented as she walked over to the cooker. "Your breakfast will be up in a second.." She announced and started mixing the eggs. "Why don't you get your bag in the meanwhile." She suggested and I forced myself to get up and stumble up the stairs to get my things. I walked in my room straight to my desk where I had tossed my bag the day before. "Ah, so heavy." I said to myself and then left again hoping my breakfast would be waiting for me already. "Oh, just in time." mom said welcoming me back to the kitchen putting down my plate. I walked over and toke my seat, looks like Layla had finished already. "Don't forget to brush your teeth." I heard mom nagging as Layla walked out. "So," Mom started focusing on me and sat down in the chair in front of me. "How's school going?"

"It's fine I guess.." I sighed. "But I'd rather not go." She grinned. "Nice try, but no." I sighed again now deeper and louder. "You are not fooling me again." She said on a sharp tone. "I don't want to hear any excuses any more." Right after she had said those words she stud up and walked over to the staircase to yell Midian. "You are gonna miss you train!" I heard him stomp off the stairs and I naturally jumped up to say goodbye. "Ah Milo." He said while smiling gently. "Hug?" I tried and opened he's arms. I wrapped my arms around him tightly while enjoying the feeling of he's warmth. Midian quickly released himself with the excuse "I can't breath" I smiled weakly and said goodbye and waves as he walked out the door. "I should go to." I quickly announced while I grabbed my bag. "Hold it right there!" I heard mother say on a brutal tone. "Yes?"

"Your breakfast isn't finished yet and you'll forget your lunch." I sighed. "You are right." I had to admit I was being to hasty hoping to catch the last glimpse of my brother before he turned around the corner. "You are hopeless." Layla sighed as she walked up the stairs. "I heard that." I snapped back. "That was what I was going for." She said while glaring at me and then continued walking upstairs. "Like I said, I'm leaving." Annoyed by my little sister I was eager to get out of this house. "You are not." Mother declared and hold me back with my collar. "First you are gonna go back in there." She pointed at the kitchen. "Eat those eggs I preprepared then you can go If you take your lunch with you." I sighed and nodded arguing with her was not a option, there is now way I could win that.

I had finely managed to get out of the house, of course Midian was already gone by then. I walked to school by myself, like always. "My life is such a routine, so boring." I complained to myself as I walked by the bakery trying not to be seduced by the smell of cakes and pastries. My lack of money helped me with that, that's for sure. I turned around the corner and had reached school in no time. I never really paid attention to my fellow student I am really not that sociable anyway and always go straight to class. "A brother complex? I would never have guessed." I walked in overhearing a conversation between two of my annoying classmates. Tom and Steve immediately shut their mouths the moment I walked in. "Oh no don't be bother by me, go on." I said to Steve as I walked to my desk. "Good morning to you to." Steve snapped at me and then turned he's back at me. "Jeez what a bad personality." I heard Samantha say who was only two desks away. "Ah I know." An other said. "No wonder." I coughed loudly and turned my head at them. "Please when badmouthing someone do it when they are not in your hearing range." I told Samantha and then offered her my back. "You are proving them right you know." It seemed that Seji had arrived. I looked up at him. "Can't you just leave me alone." I groaned and laid my head down on the desk as I sighed deep. "That's not gonna happen." I could hear him pulling back he's chair and sitting down right in front of me. "If I do you'd really be a complete loner." He started. "I know you don't want that, even if you deny it." It's true Seji is actually my only friend around here. The foreign exchange student from Japan who for some reason had taken an interest in me from the first day had he stepped in this school. Even tough he had all the capabilities to become real popular around the school he had chosen to stay in the shadow together with me. "Fine you can stay, but stop your nagging I'm still tired." I complained as I rubbed my eyes. "You should got to bed earlier." He comment. "You sound like my mother." I told him. "I do? Then your mother must be a smart woman."

"Barely." Was all I could bring myself to say. "I go to bed pretty early. But the thing is, I can't seem to get to sleep." Right when Seji wanted to answer the bell went and the teacher of the hour walked in. "Quiet down please." She demanded and the classroom was filled with silence not much later. "I hope all of you have brought their assignments with them." She walked around the class showing her a strict face, there is no way she's know remorse. "How about," She looked around and picked Marion out of the bunch. A shy girl stud up hiding behind her paper. "Miss Cleaver change your attitude please." Mirions face got fluster in only seconds of time. "So-sorry." She stuttered while lowering her paper. "I choose 'Through the Looking glass' by Lewis Carroll." She said on a louder tone. "Oh? Is that so, what can you tell us about this book?" And like that the hour dragged on filled with stuffy book reports. Lucky me for having Rowan as a last name.


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