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Badly in Love

Book By: CaramelCandy

Blaze is a girl with a nasty attitude but despite with her attitude, she is smart and beautiful. Her only girl friend is her friend since she stepped out of her house, Rebecca.

King is one of the guys that Blaze would probably be annoyed at. He is the charismatic guy type.

Though Blaze and King don't get along surely something will put out the wild fire between them.

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Author's Note:

All I wanted to say is enjoy reading this.

Chapter 1

Walking by the sidewalk in a bright weather 7 in the morning, I yawned with refusal, "Why do we even have to go school? It's so useless with all the useless teachers." I scowled and rolled my eyes. Rebecca sighed helplessly, "That's because we need to learn, what else?" She smiled at me, showing her perfect aligned teeth, I give up, who could resist in those angelic smile of your friend? "Whatever," I shrugged, "Let's just go and end this day so I can go somewhere with the boys." I flipped my stray hair back.

Rebecca stopped and frowned at what I said, letting out an aura of disagreement, "I thought you swore at me that you would never, EVER hang out with them again." She folded her arms as she eyed me, brows furrowed. I glowered, "Please, Becca, just.." She placed a please-let-me-go-for-once-in-a-lifetime look on her face. But still, Rebecca shook her head no and walked past me. "Beck!" I growled at myself. I know Becca, once she says something, it's final and no one's getting away and in the way with it. And that's one of the things I like about her.

"Fine! I'm not going! Happy now?!" Catching up with Becca, she shouted.

Rebecca stopped abruptly and turned to me, making me stop suddenly, "Very." she smiled, "We should go."

"Yeah." And with that, our fight was over, forgotten and forgiven.

Walking along the hallway, I found my group and waved at them, "Brice!" I called one of the guys. A boy with a baseball cap, covering his buzz cut black hair turned his back and looked for the voice that that was calling him. When he found me, he smiled widely ,"Blaze!" He motioned his hand, telling me to come over where he and his friends are. I smiled and went to them without hesitation, leaving Rebecca rolling her eyes on them.

I reached my destination as Brice and the other greeted me, " Hey." Brice put his hand over my waist and pulled me closer to him, giving me the usual unneasy feeling whenever a guy touches me "Hey, babe." My ears started to bleed mentally as I heard the words he said, "Ryan found this new game shop just around the block. Wanna come? We can ditch school, ya know?" They all nodded, agreeing to what Brice said.

"Hmmm.... I would love to if you stop holding me and talking to me like I'm your girlfriend or else I'll beat the living hell out of you." While being said, I grabbed Brice by the hand hard and threw it at him, causing Brice to yelp ouch, "And stop calling me 'babe'," she glared at him, "If it weren't for my "Mother" here," I motioned my hands at Rebecca who was just standing there behind me. She offered me a playful smack on my back and they laughed. "So.. I don't think I can go with you guys. You know Becca, she's the type of girl who would NOT go back on her words." I smiled proudly and looked at her friend. Rebecca smiled back.

I smiled at them apologetically and said, "We should go, Bye! See you guys around!" they group groaned in response. "We could hang out!" I reassured them. But Becca cleared her throat loudly for her to remind me about the agreement we had earlier. "Errr... at lunch! Yeah, at lunch. Bye!" Then we went off to their respective classrooms.

I entered the room filled with noise when the british twins blocked my way. She exclaimed, "Hey brit. boys, Jake and Jayce! Get the hell outta my way! I'm trying to pass here!" Glaring at them, the twins turned their heads synchronized. They smiled as they saw my face,

"Hey Blaze!" The one on the right side greeted me with a wave in his hand,

"How's the weekend gone?" The other one continued.

I rolled my eyes but answered anyway, "Fine. Now could you PLEASE move?" They "synchronizingly"(again!) moved to their side and gestured me to come in just like what butlers do to their home owners. Twins are cool sometimes, they move in the same time and they have this kinda telepathic skills. I wondered as I walked past the twins and took my seat beside the window. I dumped my bag on the side of the wall, making it leaning against it and sank on my chair and snatched my Blackberry out of my pocket.

I sent a short message to Rebecca : I might not go with you at lunch time, hangout with Sabrina or something.

I looked up to see if the teacher came. Fortunately, their teacher isn't here yet. Instead, the empty seat in me front was now occupied with a blonde stranger his broad back on my front. I made a questionable face to myself.

Our teacher, John Searer, bursts through the door and strides in his usual way. The students who were standing took their seats immediately. I hid my phone in my pocket, but unluckily, it slid through my pants and glided, just an inch behind the feet of the "stranger" in front of me, "Shit," I muttered to myself but didn't get it because Prof. John is checking the attendance which is the result of looking at every one of them in class.

Just as the other twin, Jayce sat beside me, "Who's the new kid?" as I leaned to whisper and pointed my thumb across the boy. "Don't know," He furrowed his brows, "We'll know later." He shrugged as he looked at the boy. I squinted my eyes at him, " I thought you twins know everything." That made Jake, just behind me, look at the both of us with a confused face and said, "What?" I scowl and rolled my eyes and bent down to get my phone.

But as I was about to put my hand on it, the teacher announced, "Today, someone has transferred in our class. He is from Chicago and I hope you can get along with him. He's just right there," He pointed the attendance book at the boy and I quickly pulled back and pretend that I wasn't doing anything tupid, "Please stand up to be recognized, mister..." He paused to recall his name. But the boy stood and accidentally, unknowingly stepped on the edge of my phone, making it flip over violently. "King Logan. Nice to meet you all." He said as he smiles while I let out a silent scream, making a hideous face at Jayce who was trying to hold back his laugh.

"Woah! You're name's King? Cool!" Andrew, sitting at the opposite side of the room exclaimed in disbelief. Then all the students agreed as they chatter to their seatmates. With all the air suck in my lungs, I quickly threw my hand to snatch my phone back at me. Unfortunately, he took another step to change his position and stepped on my hand, making me yelp and causing the students near us fell silent. He looked at his back and at me, and immediately took his foot off my aching hand, " I am terribly sorry, didn't see you there." He looked at me apologetically and I growled at him as my answer . I started,

"So your name's King, huh?"

"Yeah." He answered while taking his seat.

"I don't like your name." I bluntly said as I furrowed my brows. Everyone in the room fell silent.

"Okay! Let's get back." John clapped his hands and returned everyone's full attention to him, excluding the twins, who were secretly listening and King and me.

"Is there something wrong with my name?" He laughed under his breath as he lowered his voice.

"Yes, there is. The fact that you are named "King". It annoys me."

"Well, there's nothing you can do about it." He smiled, which made me even more annoyed.

"Whatever, I don't like it and I'm gonna call you Logan."

"Fine, I don't care." He shrugged and returned his attention to the front.

"Don't "I don't care" me!" Not being able to control my feelings, I shouted, resulting everyone in the room to look at her, then at King.

"Miss Louche, What's the matter? Having trouble getting along with Mr. Logan?" John asked, pretending to be innocent as much as possible. "No, there isn't John, continue." I answered him in a sarcastic way but my eyes were dead serious about beating the hell out of Logan, making John look uncomfortable. I sat down and wave at John to continue what he was saying. I let out a loud sigh as I sank down my chair, taking one last glance at him. Not even bothering to listen, I secretly put on my earphones and looked outside the window to calm myself down.


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