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La Cosa Nostra: Obsession

Book By: CoralineDaughtry

Jareth Manger, Boss of the Manger mafia family, becomes obsessed with Rebecca and kidnaps her so they can be together. He is in love with her and does what he can to get her to love him back. She begins to lust for him...maybe even love.

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Chapter One: Rebecca
Montana, USA.
Jareth sits back in his large black leather chair with the window curtains drawn, letting the darkness swallow everything that he is whole. Just about every inch atop his desk is covered in photographs of the same young woman. He picks another photo up and stares at it just as long as he did the last. Eventually he brings his hand up to the glossy surface and traces along the woman's flawless photographic face.
She is tall and slender with long waist length chestnut hair and California tanned skin. In every photo she wears the same look of absent knowledge that she is being followed and has been for the last seven months.
Ever since Jareth had first seen this young female he knows now as Rebecca Connelly he has not been able to keep her out of his thoughts. He has only ever seen her in person once and that had been when he first saw her during an intermission at a Ballet production of 'Romeo and Juliet' in Los Angeles. The moment his eyes had set upon her Jareth knew that when her face haunted him again he would be kicking himself for not taking the chance to know who she is. So he had one if his men follow her because Jareth himself at the time was trying to wrap up a business deal with a man who favoured the arts of the Ballet and taking himself away to meet Rebecca would not make a good impression with the man whom he was trying to make the deal with. Ever since that night there has always been one of Jareth's men following, watching, photographing, and videotaping Rebecca.
The thought of what it would be like to have her near him excites Jareth every time he plays the fantasy out in his mind. Each time the fantasy is different in strategy but the same in technique. Have her fall in love with him. He longs to see the colour of her eyes, hear the sound of her voice, feel the warmth her touch brings-both physical and metaphorical warmth-, and know what it would be like to be the center of her universe.
The phone on Jareth's desk begins to ring shrilly and brings him out of his thoughts of Rebecca and back into reality. He much prefers his fantasy world where Rebecca is but returns to reality out of obligation and with a miserably sigh. He leans forward and reaches for the phone which he has to brush photographs of Rebecca away to get to. "Hello?" He irately demands, his voice a deep and smooth.
"Yeah, Jareth its Darius." A rough alto male voice greets. "Everything's in place. All we have to do now is wait."
"Perfect." A smile blooms on Jareth's lips, breaking his gloomy mood. The power of Darius's news grows him anxious within seconds and he has to stand up and pace the length of his office to keep himself calm. "You make sure everything goes as it should. If you fail then don't even bother calling or coming back. That should give you a well enough head start to run before I send someone after you all."
There is a long pause as Darius hesitates with his reply. "Understood."
California, USA.
Rebecca leaves the small brick building with a confident bounce in her step and a victorious glint about her smirk. The eerie abandonment of the darkened parking lot does nothing to damper her lightened mood like it would most women, because unlike most women Rebecca has a lifelong experience in material arts to defend herself with. She looks over her should with a teasing grin. "I'll see you next week Jay when I kick your ass again." She yells across the distance separating her from the man leaning on the door jamb of the building entrance.
The man named Jay, a short but large muscled man, shrinks into his self embarrassed but scoffs at Rebecca's certainty. "I let you win. I didn't want you to be embarrassed." He shouts back at her. Shaking his head Jay retreats back into the building and locks the door.
"Um-hum." Rebecca continues walking under a line of street light through the dark parking lot, her spirits still high. She decides to rummage through her purse now to look for her keys so that she does not have to stop at her car and take precious time away from getting to A&W and ordering the fatty fried food that she rightfully deserves after this long week of hell.
A passing car drives down the street beside the parking lot and building. On the other side of the street a laughing couple turns a corner on to another street and as their laughter fades it leaves the area silent once again.
Heavy footsteps pick up behind Rebecca and she takes them for Jay's. She chuckles and spins around. "Coming to admit defeat are-." She cuts her sentence off when she sees that it is not Jay at all but a tall dark haired man with hard features and a bulking bone structure instead. Her smile falters. "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were someone else."
The man smiles kindly at Rebecca and shrugs his right shoulder. "It's okay." His voice has a rough alto tone to it. He looks down at his right hand that holds a thick black rectangle shaped wallet and holds it up for Rebecca to take. "I believe you dropped this. I didn't take anything from it, I swear."
Keeping her eyes locked with the man's, Rebecca hesitantly reaches to take her wallet back from him. Once she has it in her hand she opens up her purse to put it back where it belongs but her wallet is still there, it had never fallen out. She looks up at the man and shakes her head, holding out the wallet to him that is not her. "I'm sorry. This isn't mine."
The man's features turn grim and his muscles tense. "You know Rebecca you really shouldn't stop to talk with strangers."
A cloth appears in front of Rebecca's face and clamps down over her mouth and nose as an arm bounds her arms to her waist.
Rebecca screams into the cloth but her cries for help are muffled. She fights against the steely grip holding her arms to her waist but her senses begin to panic under the reality of the situation and all of the material arts training she has gained over the years is forgotten. She grows weaker now and suspects it is because the cloth being held to her face is most likely damp with chloroform. Her battle now becomes against the unconsciousness that threatens to take her.


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