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Color Her Red - One of my Favorite scenes

By: Crystal Shaw

Page 1, This is a section from Color Her Red that I absolutely love. Originally, it was my prologue but I changed up a few things and it wound up being one of Emma\'s nightmares/flashback. I hope you enjoy it.


He pulls me in close, forcefully embracing me for a kiss. He leans into me, and whispers. “I will love you forever.”

I smile and let out a small teasing laugh.  He spins me again and again allowing my full ball gown of a dress to expand.  His hand gently caresses my waist pulling me towards him, pushing me away.  Lace is hugging my body and gravity pulls me outward. Soft loose curls are gently falling on my back.  I open my eyes and see his gorgeous face.  His blue eyes pierce into me with passion and endearing love.  He kisses me, gently biting my lip.  He smiles when I open my eyes.  And with a move of his arm I am twirling on the dance floor once again.  I am overwhelmed with pure happiness.  I close my eyes and wonder, how could life get any better?  


It can’t you fool.  And when you can’t go up, you must come down, crashing hard, smashing onto the cold concrete into a million shards of nothingness. 

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