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To Sacrifice

Book By: DarkRyne

It's more action romance. This is the prequel to my trilogy; The Mage, The Warrior, and The Exiled. It's a short story, but the other three will be 3 part novels, sort of.

Submitted:Mar 25, 2009    Reads: 47    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

I follow the voice of my love through the dark cave.
"We are going to be late for the Beltane festival," I call out to him.
"I know they are here; the perfect flowers for the festival. It is just a little farther, we are almost there," he answers.
"You know that if I am late mother will be furious. This is important to her, and as the high priestess's daughter, it is important to me as well. If we miss the decorating of the may pole I will never speak to you again."
"We are here."
He stops in a brightly lit meadow. It is covered in the most breathtaking flowers I have ever seen.
"They are so beautiful," I gasp.
"Just like you," he whispers.
I set my basket beside me and start gathering bundles of flowers. I gently place the flowers inside the basket. I finish and brush myself off. I say a quick prayer to the goddess thanking her for sharing her bounty with us.
"I think we have enough, but we should return here again soon," I reply.
"We can come any time you want."
He takes my hand and we run all the way back to the village. We run to the center of the festival near the 10 foot maypole. My mother shoots us a disapproving glance. I smile at her and begin to run around the village scattering the beautiful flowers that Tristan and I have gathered.
"Good evening, Aurora. How are you on this fine evening?" asks Katrina. She is a good friend of my mothers.
"I am feeling wonderful," I answer spinning in a circle to show my enthusiasm. "And you?"
"It is Beltane, it would be hard to not feel the spirit lifted on this day," she comments cradling her new baby girl against her chest.
I see Tristan trying to get my attention.
"Enjoy the festival," I call to Katrina as I rush to see what Tristan needs.
"Blessed be," she calls back.
Tristan has me follow him to the large oak tree away from the festivities; we can still see them from where we are. He starts to dance with me. I see my mother look over at us.
"You are going to get me into trouble," I whisper.
"You do not need my help to get into trouble," he replies smiling.
"Aurora, we are about to start the dance," my mother informs me. She then walks away.
Tristan and I make our way through the crowd of villagers and the dance begins. Everyone circles the tall fir pole clockwise. After the initial circling of the maypole the ribbon weaving begins. Tristan and I hold hands so we will not loose each other in the large crowd. This is my favorite festival; it thanks the god and goddess for all things, and asks for blessings of fertility and luck. Everyone is glowing as the ritual ends, and they return to their conversations. The sky begins to grow dark and the small Beltane fires are lit. It is only fitting as Beltane translates to shining fire.
"Come with me," whispers Tristan leading me away from the conversation I was currently in.
No one seems to notice. I follow him through the dark. He leads me back to our meadow.
"I love you," he says before gently kissing me.
"You are my muìrn beatha dàn, my soul mate. We will love each other forever," I reply back.
"Forever," he repeats.
We hold each other close as the sky grows darker.
"We will always be together, wont we?" I ask.
"Always, no matter how far apart, we are one and we can never be separated," he answers pulling me closer. "Why do you ask?"
"I wish to be a mage; I plan to study under Merlin."
"Does your mother know?"
"Not yet, I do not know how to tell her. I dot think I can leave."
"Why is that?"
"I love you too much," I answer leaning my head against his shoulder.
"If this is what you want," he pauses, "I think you should go."
"I cannot leave you behind. It will take four years."
"I will wait for you; we are young four years is nothing. We can write to each other, do you think your raven can handle the distance?"
"She can, but can we handle the distance." I feel a tear run down my cheek.
"We can," Tristan answers wiping away the tear. "When do you leave?"
"In two days."
"Two days and you still have not told your mother."
"I know, she is going to be very angry with me. I hope she is not too disappointed," I admit.
"It will all be well, if it is as the goddess wishes."

The next two days pass much too quickly. Mother is more confused than angry, but I know she wants me to follow in her footsteps. It must be hard for her to watch her 16 year old daughter go off on her own. After a teary departure, I point my horse to the path that leads to Merlin.

**This is just the first part I'll add the rest later.


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