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Blood Moon University

Book By: DeathJewel

Ethan BloodHope is an 18 year old girl who was in crime before taking care of her sisters that were one year younger than her Cody Asher J.J and Logan. She gave up on crime for two years after her partner had decided to stop crime. In Blood Moon University she meets a guy named Iris. He is oddly familiar and looks like Shadow. Could it be her old partner in crime?

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Prologue "The alarms have been disarmed." My partner told me. We've been friends for six years and partners for 2-3 years. "Alright BloodFelt you know what to do." I replied as he left to insure the place was clear of guards. Around is there were dead guards with gunshots or stab marks in their heads and/or chest. My lucky dagger was blood-stained and broken (due to over sharpening). "All clear!" BloodFelt said to me as we put on our bandanas. "Lets go! The diamonds and the rest of the jewels are up on the other floor!" I instructed. "Alright Lulixz-" "Did you forget again?! How many times do I have to tell you that name is a disgrace to my family because of me. Its BloodHope. Next time you ask I'm not going to be scared to kill you." I hissed at him playfully. " Yes BloodHope." He said with fake tears in his eyes. I giggled quietly underneath my bandana. We soon left our little hiding spot to the top floor. Once we reached our destination we quickly put em in our bags and left before the authorities arrived. "Lets go girl!" He said with a teasing attitude. (A/N Ethan's partner never told her his name. Hes been known as Shadow) "I have a name you know or did you forget that too Shadow." I replied with a mirror of his attitude. "What is it then?" "Oh my god Shadow! Its Ethan! If I have to say this again and I quote myself 'My name is Ethan. Yes I know it's a strange name for a female' Happy?" "Yes. And I don't mind asking you. Now lets go." "Ok.*sighs* Damn." We climbed an emergency rope we had with us to the rooftop. Once we were up there our bandanas flapped in the wind. "Jump?" He asked "What?! Off a three-story building?!-" "Geeze sorry it was just an idea. Don't need to go all crazy." "Are you crazy?! Let's do it!" I said. I felt the adrenaline in my voice. It was intense. We realized the cops weren't even there. Stupid guards I thought. "The moon looks beautiful tonight. Don't you think?" He asked me. Looking at the Full Moon. "I don't think. I know." We sat down. Our feet were facing away from the building. Dangling from the roof. Our bandanas we're on our necks to have better communication. "How long have we been partners? Ethan." He said looking towards the busy city. "Two to Three years. Today was our three year anniversary for when we started crime together. I still can't believe I don't know your real name. But you know mine." I said as he stood up. I stood as well. He looked into my hazel eyes. And I looked into his golden-brown eyes. His hands were placed on my hips. I started blushing when I realized. He pulled me closer to him. Our faces were extremely close. I then felt soft lips on mine. Did he just kiss me?! Why am i enjoying it so much?! He broke the kiss looking into my eyes. "Race you down!" He said playfully. We both jumped at the same time and landed on a truck. "When will we meet again?" I asked him. "Eventually our roads will cross. But your sisters are probably looking you. This is farewell for now." He said as we ju off the truck. We were back to back. We left not bac Chapter One:Present "Ethan wake up!" "Why!" "We're leavin" "Where!" "Blood Moon University! Remember. You played our funds." I began to wake up and I saw J.J looking down at me. Right! I used all my money earned from the Jewelry robbery two years ago! "Shadow!" I said sitting up. "Whatever! But lets go Logan Asher and Cody are waiting in your car!" I quickly got changed into a stripped shirt with a YingYang in the middle with torn jeans and my Black Converse. I grabbed my lucky dagger from my desk and put it in the secret pocket inside my Jean Jacket. The suitcases were already in the car so I didn't have to worry. J.J and I got into the car. She had called Shotgun while I had to stay awake and drive for Five hours straight with no stops. *Five Hours Later* I stayed up as I kept remembering about Shadow and the time he kissed me for the first time then left. I have to admit I have forgotten how he looked like. 'Shadow BloodFelt' his name made my heart go faster and made me get butterflies in my stomach. "Guys. We're here!" I yelled. I was surprised that they were all asleep. "Wake up or I'll leave you locked in this car in the burning hot sun!!" I yelled at them. Surprisingly enough they woke up. As soon as they saw my glare they were out of the car and getting their suitcases. "Ethan!" A voice said. It was a familiar voice. "Eli!" I yelled back when I saw my cousin. Her blond hair bounced up as she ran. "Want me to take your things into your dorm?" "Oh I forgot I'll be right back I need the dorm key!" I said as I ran towards the receptionist. "Name and Age please." " Ethan BloodHope,18" "Sorry but we don't have Ethan BloodHope." "Damn it.. Ethan Rebloun Lulixz,18." "Ok. Here's your dorm key. Misfit Build 3rd Floor Room 24." "Thanks." "Wait. Make sure the police doesn't see you. If they're here stay in your dorm. Have a good day." She told me. Strange. But I will listen to her. "Eli! We're dormmates! Want to unpack for me. I'll be right back. Ok?" I asked her. "Sure! Meet you in our dorm!" She said as she left. I felt someone grab me by the shoulders. It was Robin. Eli's boyfriend. "Robin what are you doing?!" I exclaimed as he pushed me against the wall. "Shhh..." He whispered placing a figure on my lips. "Just give me the bandana and you won't get hurt." He said pointing at my pocket. What?! No he's not taking it its too important! "I promise I'll give it back." He said reassuringly. Fine. I thought as I handed him my bandana. "Thanks. I'll give it back!" He said as he took his hands of my wrists and grabbed the bandana. Glad I'm out of that mess. I thought to myself. My red Galaxy S5 vibrated in my pocket. It was Eli. Eli: Hey I'm waiting in our dorm. Hurry! Me: Alright I'm going calm down! I ran towards the dorms in the Misfits Building. But I ran into something. Someone actually.I fell back. "Sorry. I should've been looking where I was going." I apologized. "Its alright. It was mostly my fault. Anyways. The names Iris." "My name is Ethan. Nice to meet you Iris. Weird name for a guy." "Weird name for a girl." He replied with a smirk. "You're right!' "Anyways want to go with me to get a coffee of something? I once knew someone named Ethan." "Yes. And who?" "Great. Umm... I think it was my cousin? Anyways here's my number. Want to go now or later?" "Now if its fine with you." "Sure lets go!" He replied with a grin as we left. 'I swear I've seen him before.' I thought to myself. Chapter Two: Trouble " So Ethan. How's your day been?" He asked me as he was staring his coffee. "Good. How about yours? Iris." "Hey just call me Sha-" My phone began to vibrate. It was Logan. She never called me unless it was urgent. "ETHAN!! CODY DID SOMETHING BAD YOU NEED TO GET TO OUR DORM IMMEDIATELY!!! WE'RE GOING TO WAIT OUTSIDE IN THE COURTYARD BE THERE QUICK!!!!!" She yelled. "Ok. Hey Iris I have to go I'm very very sorry. Maybe next time?" I told him. As he said it was alright. We both left and said our goodbyes. It was strangely familiar. Strange Case Of Deja Vu Much?! I scolded myself. *CourtYard* "Omigosh Cody! I can't believe you! Ugh!! You're so- Oh hey Ethan!" Asher said. She can change instantly in personality. One second Pissed As Hell. Next Little Miss Sunshine. She had Cody pinned to the wall grabbing her by her blue jacket. "What's going on?!" I yelled. I saw that Logan and J.J were trying to separate the two but no avail. Eventually Cody let out a little 'I'm sorry' so Asher could release her. "Ethan. I met a guy yesterday and he asked me out!" She said with happiness as she perked up. Asher was starting to threaten her as she spoke. "What's his name?" I asked beginning to pull out my lucky dagger. "Josi Seasons. Why?" She said. I had a bad feeling about him. Who asks a girl they just met out?! Who says yes on the first day?! Casual Cody in a nutshell. This is what I gave up crime for?! I chose too! My train of thought was interrupted when I heard two voices. "Hey Ethan!" The first voice said. "Iris get back here!" Another voice said. The first voice was definitely Iris. But who was the second voice? It sounded like a girl did sure. "Hey we broke up I don't need you anymore. I don't give a crap about how long we've been. We're through! Oh sorry Ethan I'll talk to you in a moment just let me finish here" "So this is the runt that you're gettin with?! Pathetic. Talk about-" When I heard those words I immediately got my dagger and pushed her against the wall. "What did you say about me?" I said in a threatening voice. "I said that you're a pathetic downgrade from me. And that Iris will never get what he got from me from you." She said. "I have a name. Its Ethan BloodHope. If you have one I bet its something that rhymes with witch!" I remarked. "My name is Nikoli. Not Bitch. Because that's your name." I held my dagger against her neck. "The name's Ethan. If you regret it the next thing you'll feel is my dagger." I threatened again. "That's a stupid name." She said. "Ok I've had enough of you!" I yelled as I slid my dagger across her neck slowly. "I'll stab you if you want Nikoli." I said again. " Go ahead! I don't care!" She said. I took my dagger off of her neck and stabbed her in the stomach. She fell to ground grabbing her chest. "Ethan!" A little girl yelled out. "Beanie!" I held out my arms to embrace the little girl in my hands. She had a bag with food toys and money. In her other hand she had a knife that I gave her when I met her at the side of the road. Iris was now beside me. "Who is she?" He asked me. "Her name is Beanie. She thinks I'm her mother figure since she is raised by her two brothers Marsh and Ditch. When they are too lazy to take care of her she comes to me." "Ethan is he my father figure?" She asked me with big eyes. I began to blush furiously. "Uh... Um... N-No-" "We're just dating Beanie." Iris said. What?! Did he just. Say... That we're dating?! "Don't worry I don't want her to be sad." He whispered in my ear. I laughed quietly. "Beanie do you want to go with Iris or me?" I asked her. "Daddy!" She responded. Damn Beanie. I'm pretty sure she wanted to go with Iris. "Aww... That's so cute!" I heard some girls squeal. It was my sisters. Iris picked up Beanie and took her to his dorm. "She'll be in your dorm. Ok? After she falls asleep that is." He told me. He is like a father to Beanie. 'Snap out of it Ethan' I mentally scolded myself. In the distance there were police sirens. "Iris!! RUN!! The police are looking for her. GO!!" I yelled at them as I ran towards them. We began to run. Beanie in Iris' arms. The police sirens sounded closer yet so distant each step we took. We took a turn towards the building. I soon got a text message. It was from Eli. Eli- Dude the police are here. I'm going to be with Robin Hailey Alex and Asher. You an Iris can come. Wait. I just looked out the window. You have a child?! I didn't want to answer. But I did. Me- No I don't she's an orphan now. So I take care of her now. We'll be there in a sec. "Iris go to your dorm. I'll catch up!" I yelled at them as I pulled out a gun from my pocket. I began to shoot the police as I stood behind a pillar. I turned around and saw that Iris and Beanie were now gone. I ran towards a tree close to the building wall. I quickly climbed up not looking towards the police. Me- I'm outside the window can you open it? Eli- Wtf are you doing?! Me- Open the damn window and I'll tell you!! Eli opened the window and I jumped in. Beanie was on Iris' bed sleeping. Iris Hailey Asher Cody Matti Eli Robin J.J Alex Logan and a guy named Emily. In the first day and I already knew everyone that I can trust. They were sitting down in a circle. Iris saved a spot for me in the circle. "Ethan Truth or Dare?" My sister (Asher) asked me. I was scared. "Truth." I said. Asher groaned. That was why I said Truth. "Is it true that you and Iris are Beanie's adoptive parents?" I felt the heat rise up to my face. How was I supposed to answer. Beanie could wake up and say you lied. For all that you know is that she could be awake. "Y-Yes. Its true." I said. I was saying "Screw It!" In my mind. "Eli. Truth or Dare?" I asked her. "Dare!" She replied. The police were gone I noticed. "I dare you to do 7 Minutes In Heaven with Robin in that closet!" I said. The dare caused the group to go wild. Eli and Robin walked into the closet. We started laughing so hard. "Iris Truth or Dare?" Hailey asked him. "Since Ethan's dorm is right across I dare you guys to do the same. But on the bed!" he said. "What the Fuck is that supposed to mean?!" Iris blurted out. We walked out the door. Hand in Hand. We opened the door to my dorm. I walked in first then he followed. He closed the door and locked it behind him.


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