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Black and White By Stacey Bell Chapter 10

Book By: Dolphin198818

A tragic love story!!!!

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Chapter 10

"Oh Michael," Crystal said innocently as she dropped the gown on the floor and rushed over to him. "I have to get out of here, before the police catch me and take me to jail for what I had done." Michael took her by the arms and pushed her backwards.

"Cut the innocent shit ok! I know what you did!" yelled Michael.

"I know that Devin told you about what I had done, and that was the reason that he had to die," said Crystal.

"He was my best friend and he loved you," said Michael.

"That doesn't matter now….what's done is done and now I have to finish what I started," said Crystal as she stared at him.

"What, you going to try and kill me now? I would like to see you try," Michael said as he gave a little chuckle.

"Michael, we had a good thing going, why did you have to go and get married to her?" asked Crystal on the verge of tears.

"Crystal, you cheated on me, remember? You slept with half of the football team, except for Devin," replied Michael.

"But all of them didn't mean anything to me. I loved you and I still love you now," said Crystal as she went to step toward Michael, but he took a step backward.

"No, you don't love me and you never have loved me or you wouldn't of slept with every guy that you had seen! Sarah was the only one that really and truly loved me, and you had to go and kill her off!" yelled Michael. He was both sad and angry, and was on the verge of tears himself.

"Why can't you get over that and move on! Sarah is dead and no longer here! I thought if she was out of the picture, then you would forget all about her and then come back to me, but I can see even though that she is dead, she is still ruining my life!" yelled Crystal. Michael looked at her confusedly, Sarah ruining her life?

"How did Sarah ruin your life? Crystal, we were done long before Sarah ever moved her and we began dating," said Michael. Crystal walked over to the hospital bed and sat down before talking.

"It's just that, everything was fine till she moved here. Before she moved here, I knew that I could maybe win back when you cold off, but when she moved here and I seen you looking at her, I knew that I was forgotten," said Crystal sadly. Michael watched her as she began to cry, and walked over to her and sat down beside her.

"Crystal, if I had forgotten about you, why would I of asked you to hang out with us when we all went out? If I had forgotten about you, I would have never asked you to hang out," said Michael gently. Crystal looked up at him as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Oh Michael; I'm so sorry for what I have done! I didn't want to kill Sarah and Devin, I was just really angry because Devin had cut our friendship off and you didn't want to talk to me anymore!" cried Crystal. "I don't know what to do, now!" Michael was silent as he turned his head to look out in front of them, to stare at a blank wall.

"There's only one thing you can do, turn yourself in," suggested Michael.


Michelle had been crying, hysterically, ever since they had gotten home. Jim had put her to bed and gave her a glass of water and some tissues before leaving, in case she had gotten thirsty or needed to wipe her eyes.

Michelle couldn't believe that her niece was really gone, and that she would never here her voice again. She was cuddled up in the bed and tried to cry herself to sleep, but couldn't.

"I can't sleep, I can't sleep knowing that she is gone and that she will never be home again!" cried Michelle to herself. She then sat up in bed, and decided to go and visit Sarah's old room down the hall. So, she took a sip of her water before going, and walked to Sarah's room.

When she reached Sarah's room, she gently pushed it opened, since it had been opened a crack, and walked in. As she walked in, Michelle noticed that Sarah's bed had been unmade and walked over to fix it.

As soon as she touched Sarah's purple comforter, she wrapped herself up in it and sat down on the bed to cry some more. She had not stopped crying and she knew that Jim was worried about her, but she couldn't help it. She was there when Sarah was born and now she had to help Jim plan her funeral.

For some reason, Michelle decided to look in Sarah's old nightstand. She remembered seeing Sarah putting something in there a couple of times when she walked in, but she didn't see what. When Michelle slid to the other side of the bed, she opened the nightstand drawer, and seen Sarah's journal. She picked it up and began to look through it. She had the first page which read:

This journal belongs to our baby girl, Sarah. She turned sixteen today, and we just wanted to make sure that she had something to write in, since she is always writing stuff down and asking us for paper….oh, and I hope that she can keep some of her memories in here, for whenever she has children, she could read it to them!

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl

Love Mom and Dad!

This note made Michelle cry even harder. Now she knew why Sarah couldn't go anywhere without the book and why she was writing in it every chance that she had. Michelle flipped to the second page and a picture fell out. It was a picture of Sarah and her mom and dad on her sixteenth birthday. Sarah was in a purple dress that reached her feet, Michelle's sister Beth, was wearing a black dress and it went well with her brunette hair, and Paul Sarah's father, was wearing a black suit.

Michelle then remembered when this picture was taken:

"Ok everyone, family picture time!" yelled Michelle as Sarah's friends gathered round for them to see the picture being taken. Sarah was in the middle, and her mom and dad was on each side and had their arms around her. Sarah's mom; gave her a kiss on the cheek just as Michelle took the picture. It was outside, in their background, underneath Sarah's favorite shade tree.

"Oh, happy birthday, baby girl," said her dad as he hugged and kissed her when the picture taking was done.

"Thanks dad, and I love the journal that you and mom got me….I will write in it every day," said Sarah as she smiled the biggest smile that Michelle had ever seen on her.

The memory faded with everyone spreading out and talking, as Michelle turned to the third page and seen Sarah's first journal entry.

April 13th

I had the best sixteenth birthday party ever! All my friends and family where there and my mom and dad had gave me this cool journal to write in! I was glad to see aunt Michelle and Uncle Jim today, because I barely get to see them anymore since there always busy, anyways thanks for coming aunt Michelle and I loved the IPod that you gave me….I already downloaded three hundred songs it….anyways..I had the best day ever and now I'm off to bed cause I'm exhausted!

Love Sarah

P.s. Love my family, they are great!

Tears began to fall on the page when Michelle remembered buying the IPod for Sarah. It had been a couple of days before Sarah's birthday and she had remembered Sarah's mom telling her that they couldn't really afford to buy Sarah an IPod, so they asked if they would, and they rushed right out and bought it.

Michelle flipped through till the last entry and read what Sarah had written.

May 3

I can't believe that my aunt and uncle won't let me see my husband. It has been a couple of weeks now and they took my laptop and cell phone, so I can't call or chat with him! And now I found out that I am pregnant! Don't get m wrong, I'm happy that I'm pregnant and carrying Michael's child, but I can't even see him to tell him except for at school, but that is also limited! And to top it all off, I'm not even talking to my uncle Jim, because he's the reason why I'm not allowed to see my husband! Ugh, why can't people get along and realize that it's was inside that counts, and not the color!

Love Sarah,

P.s. Hating my life right now!

Michelle closed the book after reading and put it back where she found it. She then, laid on Sarah's bed, wrapped in her comforter and cried.


Jim was lying on the couch drinking a beer. He only drank when he was sad or something bad had happened and he couldn't think of what to do. As he took sips of his beer, he was thinking about Sarah and how someone could murder her.

"I just don't understand, who would do such a thing," said Jim before finishing off his beer and sitting it on the table beside him. He grabbed another beer from the six-pack on the floor, opened the bottle, and began drinking. "Now, I have to plan a funeral for an eighteen year old, which I shouldn't have to do."

After saying this, Jim chugged the full bottle of beer before opening up another one. When the third beer was almost gone, he remembered Michael. "That's it; Michael must know something. I'm going to call him," said Jim as he reached for his cell phone that was lying on the coffee table and called Michael. (He and Michael had exchanged numbers when they made up at the hospital, in case anyone needed anything).


As Michael sat on the bed next Crystal to say something to his suggestion, his phone went off. He pulled the phone out of his pocket, as Michael Jackson was singing They Don't Really Care About Us.

"Hello?" asked Michael.

"Hey Michael, this is Sarah's uncle Jim."

"Oh hey, what's up?" asked Michael curiously. As Michael was talking to Sarah's uncle, Crystal was thinking about what Michael had said. Turn myself in? No way, I can't do that. I seen those women in there and I'm not being someone's bitch, so as Michael jumped off the bed and turned his back on Crystal, she grabbed the knife that she had used to kill Sarah and Devin, out of her purse. She held the knife in her hand, as she jumped off the bed and started to walk toward him. "Ok, I'll be here." She heard Michael say before hanging up the phone and turning around.

As he turned around, Crystal didn't give Michael much time to think. She quickly stabbed him in the stomach.

"Crystal, what are you doing?" Michael asked as he looked at her with confused eyes.

"I can't go to prison Michael, you know what they do to pretty girls in there like me," replied Crystal as she watched Michael fall slowly to his knees.

"It doesn't matter! You're not going to make it out of here alive with all of the cops around!" said Michael angrily.

"Oh believe me, I will find a disguise and full everyone," said Crystal as Michael fell slowly on his back.

Just then the door flung open. Crystal looked up and didn't know who it was standing in the doorway.

"Jim!" gasped Michael as he managed to look to see who had come in. As soon as Michael hung up with Jim, he had rushed out the door and must have been going a hundred miles an hour, since Michael had told him everything that he needed to know.

"Jim? Who is Jim?" asked Crystal to Michael ignoring Jim as he stood in the doorway.

"Sarah's uncle," Michael said slowly. He was starting to lose a lot of blood, making it harder for him to talk or breath. Jim quickly ran over to Crystal and pushed her out of the way to see if he could help Michael.

"There's no helping him now, he has lost too much blood," Crystal said as she smiled. Jim grew angry at this and pulled the knife slowly out of Michael, running over to Crystal and stabbing her repeatedly in the chest and stomach. He must have stabbed her ten times before Crystal fell to the floor, dead. He then rushed over to Michael and grabbed by his hand, like guy friends do.

"Is she….*cough* dead," said Michael slowly.

"Yeah, she's gone," said Jim. Jim looked at Michael's stomach and all the blood he had lost, and seen that it was too late. Michael would be gone soon to be with his lovely wife. "Michael, I'm so sorry for not letting you see Sarah. I was just too stubborn and pig headed to see that you really loved her and would never hurt her." Jim's eyes filled up with tears as he said these words. Michael was about to say something, but was caught off by all of the coughing and blooding running from his mouth. Jim watched as Michael took his last few breaths.

"Be with Sarah," cried Jim as he closed Michael's eyes and going to get the police.


"What took you so long?" smiled Sarah as she greeted him. As Michael slowly went, he saw a white light, then Sarah waiting for him.

"I'm sorry," said Michael as he couldn't quit hugging Sarah. He was so happy that he was back with Sarah and that no one would be able to tear them apart. As they let go of each other, Michael heard a familiar voice coming up behind him.

"Hey Michael," smiled Devin. Michael didn't say anything, but ran over and hugged him, like best friends.

"I missed you guys," said Michael with smile as he let go of Devin.

"Don't worry, where we're going, we will be able to hang out and do what we what and you and Sarah will be free to be with each other, all the time with no one to interrupt," smiled Devin.

"I'm glad," said Michael happily as he went and put his arm around Sarah. "Oh, you will never guess what happened," he said to Sarah.

"What's that?" asked Sarah.

"Your uncle Jim finally welcomed me into the family and he was there when I died," replied Michael. Sarah didn't say anything, but smiled up at Michael and kissed him long and passionately. As they where kissing, they seen another bright light.

"It's time to go," said Devin. Michael and Sarah stopped kissing and looked at him.

"Oh, what about Crystal?" asked Michael curiously.

"Don't worry about her,' replied Devin. "Let's go, paradise waits." Michael smiled at Sarah as they held hands. Devin was walking beside them as they all walked into the light together.

N/A This will be the last chapter of this book, but don't worry, I will make an epilouge to explain what happened with Michelle and Jim. Don't be afraid to comment or hit the I like button!!!! Oh, I am currently writing my next book, and I might have the first chapter up in a couple of days. And I have put some pictures up for the Black and White characters so you could get a good idea what they look like or should look like...Thanks again for following this book....it has been an interesting journey for the characters :)


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