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Black and White By Stacey Bell chapter 7

Book By: Dolphin198818

A tragic love story!!!!

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Chapter 7

On the way to the hospital; Michael was riding in the ambulance with Sarah, holding her hand. He was praying that she would make it through this, whatever she was going through, because he couldn't live without her. The paramedics where making sure that her heartbeat were normal, and trying to stop her bleeding, but it didn't help.

"What's wrong with her?" asked Michael worriedly. He was scared; he couldn't remember when he was this scared in his whole entire life.

"We're not sure….we're trying to stop the bleeding as much as we can, but it's not stopping," replied one of the woman paramedics. Just then, Sarah managed to open her eyes just enough to mumble something so they all could here.

"I-I'm p-pregnant," Sarah muttered before closing her eyes and going unconscious. Michael couldn't believe what he had just heard; she was pregnant.

"Is that true? Is she pregnant?" the other guy paramedic asked.

"I don't know; she didn't tell me anything about being pregnant," replied Michael in shock. Then he began to think to himself: If she was pregnant, what if he was the one who caused her bleed and maybe lose the baby? What if the fight with Crystal caused her to lose the baby? But whatever happens, they had to save her. She was the only person in this world that loved him and he loved her. If anything did happen to her, then he couldn't live with himself.


When they finally arrived at the hospital, Sarah was unconscious and couldn't be woken up. Her doctor rushed out to see what had happen and to see if he could help her.

"Doctor; she said that she was pregnant, but she lost a lot of blood and now is unconscious….I think she might be having a miscarriage," replied the woman paramedic as she held the IV bag as the others rushed her into the hospital. The doctor took out his flashlight and looked at Sarah's eyes before talking.

"Ok, we need to rush her to the operating room immediately. It doesn't look like we can save the baby, but we could maybe save her," said the doctor quickly. Michael was all confused about what was going on. She was pregnant, and she didn't tell him….why? He wanted to go with Sarah, but the doctor held him back. "I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait here."

"But doctor….please tell me what's going on. Is she really pregnant?" asked Michael sadly.

"She didn't tell you?" the doctor asked him.

"No," replied Michael.

"Well; yes she was pregnant, but now I think she might have lost the baby and we might be able to save her," explained the doctor quickly, before he was being called into the operating room.

Michael was left sitting by himself in the waiting room, thinking about what has happened. Sarah was pregnant and now her life is on the line, probably because of him and Crystal. He couldn't hold in the tears no longer; he put his face in his hands and cried.


About a half an hour later, Sarah's aunt and uncle rushed in to the emergency room to find out what had happened to Sarah. When Michelle walked in, she saw Michael sitting in the waiting room, crying, so she rushed over to him.

"Michael, what's going on?" Michelle asked worriedly. Michael looked up at Michelle standing in front of him, holding her purse over her shoulder, through his tears.

"I don't know….we were talking, then all of a sudden, there was blood leaking through her pants, then she fainted and now we in here," Michael said in between sobs. Just then, her uncle rushed in from parking the car and seen Michelle talking to Michael. Jim was furious as he rushed over to Michelle to see what was going on. He wouldn't even look at Michael.

"What's going on?" asked Jim to Michelle panicky.

"I don't know….I guess she started to bleed and then passed out," replied Michelle quickly. He then turned to Michael with anger shown on his face and pointed at him with his finger.

"You best not of had anything to do with this or so help me….you will be in the hospital right next to her," he threatened. Michelle quickly grabbed Jim's arm.

"Jim, knock it off! Can't you see that the boy is obviously upset about what is happening! Why don't you get over yourself and leave that boy alone! I mean, what has he done to you for you to hate him? Yes, he was dating Sarah and yes they ran off and got married, but don't you see what all of this fighting has lead to? Sarah is now lying on some table, opened, with strange hands inside her body….now is not the time to fight!" said Michelle sternly.

Michael couldn't believe that Sarah's aunt was actually sticking up for him. Maybe this will bring them closer together, and hopefully will have Jim forgive him for whatever he has done.

"Fine, but I'm not going to pretend to be nice to him, if that's what you mean," said Jim angrily before storming off to sit on the other side of the room.

"Thank you," said Michael when Jim had gone. Michael had managed to quit crying so they could talk.

"No problem; when I came in I seen how upset you where and right then I knew that you really loved Sarah and you didn't want anything to happen to her," said Michelle sympathetically as she sat down beside him and put her arm around his back to comfort him.

"I do love her….I just wish that she told me that she was pregnant," said Michael. "Did you know that she was pregnant?" Michelle turned her head so she could look out into the waiting room, which was pretty deserted, all but Sarah's uncle, then she sighed before answering.

"Yes, I knew that she was pregnant," replied Michelle, before the doctor walked out as he took his mask off. Michael was the first one to see him, and stood up to find out the news, followed by Michelle. Jim quickly walked over to hear what was going on.

"Can we go in and see her?" asked Michael.

"You can, but there are a few things I have to tell you before you go in," the doctor began. "The first thing is that we couldn't save the baby, because she had lost a lot of blood before coming in, and the second thing is that she is in deep coma."

"Deep coma, what does that mean?" asked Jim confusedly.

"Deep coma means that she may have some spinal reflexes, but other than that, I don't think that she will wake up," replied the doctor sadly. Michelle began to cry at this point, and Jim rushed over to hold her. Michael also began to cry as the doctor showed them into her room.

When Michael walked in; he had seen that Sarah was hooked up to a machine to help her breathe, and a heart monitor in case of any change. The doctor let them in, as he closed the door behind them.

"I can't believe this is happening….I was just talking to her a couple of hours ago," cried Michael as he seen his wife lying there helpless. He walked over to the bed and sat down on the chair which was next to Sarah. He then gently took her hand and held it in his. Michelle was crying hysterically, so Jim helped her out of the room to calm her down, which left Michael alone with Sarah. "I'm so sorry for doing this to you….I didn't want anything to happen to you. Sarah, I love you, please come back to me."

He watched Sarah to see if she would wake up with his plea, but there was no movement. If they had to let her go, then he had to go with her. He knew that he would never find anyone else to love, if she would go. Just then, Michael's friends walked in, followed by Crystal.

"Hey Michael," said Devin sadly as he walked over to him and patted him on the back. "What's the verdict?"

"They don't know if she is going to wake up. She had lost a lot of blood and the baby and now she is in deep coma," said Michael sadly.

"Baby….you mean, she was pregnant?" asked Crystal as she walked up behind Devin to stand beside him. Michael looked at her and instatenly saw red.

"What are you doing here?" asked Michael angrily as he stood up to face her. Devin quickly walked in between them two and put his hand out to stop Michael.

"Now Michael, she came with me….I needed some comfort," said Devin.

"And you brought her? She is the reason why Sarah is in the hospital and lying in that bed!" yelled Michael as he pointed to Sarah.

"I didn't do anything…I didn't know she was pregnant and besides, she was the one that charged at me first…what was I suppose to do!" Crystal yelled back.

"Well, for starters; you could have just stayed away from her! Ever since she started going to are school, you have been picking on her…actually, you always pick on the newbie's, so now it's going to stop!" yelled Michael as he went to charge at Crystal, but Devin stopped Michael and socked him in the right cheek. Michael took a couple of steps back as he held his cheek, and figured out what just happened. Devin, his best friend, had just socked him one in the jaw. Michael seen red again at this thought, and punched Devin in the same jaw. Before Crystal knew it, Devin had Michael pinned down on the floor fighting him, actually they were trading punches.

"STOP IT! STOP IT YOU TWO!" screamed Crystal at the top of her lungs, but they didn't stop. A couple of buff doctors that were walking by, heard Crystal screaming and rushed in to break them up, followed by Sarah's doctor.

"What's going on here? I want all of you out now….this is supposed to be a place of healing and quietness!" yelled the doctor as he grabbed Crystal by the arm out into the hallway, as the others followed behind. "Thank you Dr. Bear and Dr. Bell, you can go back to your duties."

They sat Devin and Michael down on the two chairs that where sitting beside Sarah's room before leaving.

"I can't believe what is going on here. There is a poor girl lying in that bed helpless and trying to heal, but she can't because she has some hoodlums rustling around and making noise. Now, none of you are allowed back in until you are calm and settle this situation that you three have," as he pointed to Devin, Michael, and Crystal.

"Fine," they all three said at the same time.

"Good, now I want you all to go outside and resolve this cause I don't want any more yelling when patient's are trying to heal," ordered the doctor. Michael thought that he was sounding more like a dad, then a doctor.

"Ok," they all said before getting up and walking out.

"Kids," said the doctor before walking in and checking on Sarah.


"Jim, I don't want her to die. She can't die….she is all I have left of my family," cried Michelle. They were in the janitor's closet, so they could be alone and talk. Jim hated when Michelle cried like this; the last time that she cried like this is when her sister and her sister's husband died, so grabbed Michelle and hugged her.

"Don't worry; she is not going to die. She is strong and is going to pull through this," said Jim sympathetically.

"I don't know….the doctor said that she is in deep coma and it's hard for someone to come out of that," cried Michelle as she let go of Jim.

"It's hard, but not impossible," said Jim trying to be reassuringly.

"I just couldn't live with myself if anything happened to her. I promised my sister that I would look after her daughter," cried Michelle. Jim didn't know what else to say, so he just hugged his wife as she cried.

n/AI normally don't write anything after my chapters, but since there are only three more chapters left, I'm going to see if I can start a discussion going.

Question: What do you guys think is going to happen? Will Sarah come out of her coma? Will Michael become friends with Devin and Crystal? I would like to hear your thoughts.And my second question: How are you guys liking the story so far?

Thank you for reading my story and I hope that you all are enjoying it so far :)


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