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Black and White By Stacey Bell Chapter 8

Book By: Dolphin198818

A tragic love story!!!!

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Chapter 8

When Michael, Devin, and Crystal arrived in the back of the hospital; Michael had a swollen lip and a black eye, Devin had the same, but maybe a broken nose to go along with it. It was quiet for what seemed like forever, before Devin spoke.

"What just happened? Michael, we use to be best friends," Devin said.

"We are still best friends, but if you continue your friendship with Crystal, I cannot be your best friend anymore," explained Michael.

"Why? We all got along before all of this had happen and Sarah had to know what she was going to go through if she fought with Crystal," said Devin.

"I don't care; it's her fault that Sarah is lying in that bed in a coma. My wife is lying there helpless and I can't do anything to help her and its all because of her!" said Michael angrily and sadly.

"Michael; I am sorry that all of this is happening and I might have said a few words to Sarah about Friday night, that made her want to fight me," confessed Crystal. Devin turned from Michael to look at Crystal confusedly.

"What did you say?" asked Devin.

"I might have said that Michael and I where holding hands all night and that he couldn't keep his hands off of me and that if she knew how to please her husband, then he wouldn't have to turn to me," replied Crystal nervously at what might happen after she had confessed.

It drew quiet again after Crystal had explained what happened. Devin was furious because Crystal had lied to him that day and told him that it was all Sarah who had started everything. Michael, on the other hand, new that it wasn't Sarah who had started it and was even madder at Crystal for lying to her.

"I can't believe you would do that! I thought I knew you, but I guess I don't!" said Devin angrily before storming off.

"Devin! Wait! I didn't know what I was doing. I just wanted Sarah away from Michael, that is all," Crystal said quickly before Devin left. He stopped before reaching the door and turned to Crystal.

"Crystal, can't you see that Michael doesn't love you anymore. He loves Sarah and that's why they got married. Can't you see that I love you and I would of done anything for you, but now you are on your own because I'm done. I can't be with someone who will lie just to get someone else in trouble and to get my ex away from her," said Devin as he turned back to the door, opened it, and stormed out.

Crystal can't believe what was happening. Devin had loved her and she didn't even know it. She began to cry at the fact that she might have lost the one that she was actually suppose to be with and knew that she was alone.

"You deserve what you are getting. I'm not falling for the pettiness. Because of your lies, Sarah is lying in the hospital bed, hanging on for dear life and I can't save her! You also made her lose are baby…I really can't forgive you for that!" said Michael angrily.

"I understand," cried Crystal.

"As of this moment, we are no longer friends. I want you to stay away from Sarah and I forever," said Michael before storming out.

Crystal sat down against the wall and cried by herself. A girl that was the head of the cheerleader team, the popular girl in school, and dated the star football player, was now left alone. Alone, with no one to talk to, she put her arms around her legs and rocked herself against the wall as she cried.


When Michael was almost to Sarah's room; Devin ran up to him with a smile on his face. Michael looked at him confusedly before talking.

"What is it?" he asked.

"It's Sarah; she's awake!" said Devin excitedly. Michael had the biggest smile on his face as he ran down the hallway to her room. When he arrived in the doorway, he saw that everyone was there as she woke up. Sarah smiled as Michael entered the room, followed by Devin. Michelle seen that Michael wanted some time to themselves, so she grabbed Jim by the hand and walked him out. The doctor soon followed, which was followed by Devin. Michael sat on the chair that was beside her bed, and gently grabbed her hand before kissing it.

"What happened to you?" asked Sarah slowly as she seen Michael's swollen lip and his black eye.

"Oh nothing, just got into a little fight because Devin brought Crystal here," replied Michael. "But I don't want to talk about them right now. Why didn't you tell me that you where pregnant?"

"I was going to do, that's why I went over to your house on Friday night, but you weren't there. You wear out with Crystal," replied Sarah slowly.

"I went out with Devin; what Crystal said was all a lie to try and get me back," said Michael.

"I don't care about that now….I know that you love me or you wouldn't be here with me, if you didn't," smiled Sarah. Michael smiled back at her, before leaning in and kissing her lips. Sarah had missed how gentle he was and the taste of his kiss. "I just wish that they will let us be together cause I missed you so much." Sarah began to cry as she said these words.

"I missed you too; you should ask Devin….I was miserable when we out on Friday that I wanted to go back home, but they talked me in to staying," said Michael sadly.


As Crystal cried, she grew angrier and angrier thinking about what just happened. Because of Michael she was now alone; she wouldn't have anyone come tomorrow at school when they would tell everyone what she did. She lifted her head up to think of something to do, and then it hit her like a bag of bricks.

"I know; I'll get rid of the only thing that really matters to him. Since Sarah is in the hospital already, that shouldn't be very hard to do, then I'll get rid of Devin and then I'll save Michael for last," said Crystal with an evil grin on her face. "Yes, that's what I'll do." Crystal got up and brushed herself off, before walking into the hospital.


Michelle and Jim walked in, when Michael was still in the room with Sarah talking. Michael quickly got up to leave, but Michelle stopped him.

"Wait Michael, I think Jim has some apologizing to do," said Michelle as she looked at Jim. They had talked about it, when in the janitor's closet, and Michelle had finally convinced Jim to try and get to know Michael for who he is and not what color his skin is.

"Yes, I think Michael and I need to talk," said Jim as he ushered Michael out into the hallway. Michael was nervous at this fact, because Jim had never wanted to talk to Michael, he just screamed at him or ignored him whenever they came into to contact, but since Jim was apologizing, this couldn't be that bad.

Jim had walked Michael out into the waiting room, so that they could have seat as they talked. Jim thought that this could take a while, so he wanted to be comfortable. Jim waited for Michael to sit down first, and then he sat down. Michael was really nervous, so he was twirling his thumbs.

"So, you love my niece," Jim said. Michael didn't know whether or not this was a question, so he just sat there and waited for Jim to continue. "I guess that's why you two got married. Which comes to my question: How are you expecting to support her? You are only in high school and don't even have a job yet."

"I have a football scholarship for LSU…I plan on going pro," explained Michael nervously.

"Going pro, huh?" Jim began before leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms and his legs. "I had a football scholarship to go there, but I didn't."

Michael just looked at Sarah's uncle. By looking at him, you wouldn't have thought he played football; he wasn't built for the sport. "May I ask why you didn't?" Michael asked.

"Sure, because I was dating Sarah's aunt at the time, and her father didn't think that football was going to support her and the family, so I stayed here and got a job at the bank," replied Jim.

"Well; I'm not going to stay here and get a job at some bank; I'm going to college and become a football player," said Michael.

"Yes, son, but where does Sarah fit into all of this? You are only thinking about you and your needs, but what about Sarah's needs to?" asked Jim.

"Well, I'm going to take her with me. I think since she has good grades, that she can get into the same school that I can," replied Michael. Jim thought about the situation. Maybe Michael was ok for his niece; since he has his mind in the right place. Jim stood up in front of Michael as he held out his hand.

"Well, welcome to the family," said Jim. Michael looked up at Jim for a few moments, dumbfounded. Was he really welcoming him to the family after all of things that he has put Sarah and him through? "Are you going to shake my hand, because it's getting tired."

"Oh, yeah," said Michael as he reached out and shook Jim's hand.

"Don't worry; this is me apologizing for everything that has happened and that I put you through," smiled Jim. Michael then, smiled back at Jim before standing up. "Shall we go back and see Sarah?"

"Yes," smiled Michael. He was happy that Jim had finally welcomed him to the family.


When Michael and Jim reached Sarah's room, they noticed that everyone was standing outside. Michelle was crying hysterical again, and Devin was trying to comfort her, when Jim walked over.

"What's going on?" asked Jim confusedly.

"I don't know; I left to go to the bathroom and Michelle went to get something to eat, and when we came back, Sarah was unresponsive," said Devin not knowing what happened.

"What? She was fine a couple of minutes ago," said Michael as he tried to look through the window to see Sarah, but couldn't because they had the blinds closed.

"Please let her be ok…it's my fault! I shouldn't have left her alone!" cried Michelle as Jim hugged her and tried to calm her down.

"It's ok, it's not your fault," said Jim trying to calm her down. Michael went to go into Sarah's room, but Devin stopped her.

"What are you doing? I have to get in there!" yelled Michael as he tried to push pass Devin, but he wouldn't budge.

"You can't…they won't let anyone in the room until they are done," said Devin.

"But what are we suppose to do?" yelled Michael. Just then Sarah's doctor rushed out to tell the family what had happened. "What happened?"

"It looks like someone had stabbed her with a knife," replied the doctor slowly. Everyone looked at him stunned. Who would stab her with a knife?

"Can you save her?" asked Michael. The doctor didn't answer for a few moments and then Michael seen the answer on his face.

"I'm sorry, but whoever stabbed her stabbed her in the heart and she bled out before anyone found her," replied the doctor sadly. Michael was stunned and didn't know what to do, she he fell to his knees and cried. Michelle was crying hysterically now, knowing that her niece had been murdered. Jim was furious, because he wanted to catch the person who had done this. Devin probably knew who done this, so he went to find her.

"I can't believe this…..she was just talking a couple of minutes ago!" cried Michael. He then got up off of his knees. He had to see her…he had to see her one last time. So, he pushed through the doctor and ran to her side. He ordered the nurses and the other doctors out of the room so that he could be alone with her.

When the last nurse left, she closed the door and Michael laid his body on top of hers to hug her and to feel her against him. He cried as he held her and swept her hair from her face. As his finger graced Sarah's forehead, he felt cold. Her whole body was cold as he held her.

"I'm so sorry that I let this happen to you. I promise you that I will find out who done this to you and then we will be together again. I can't live without…I love you so much," cried Michael as he held Sarah's lifeless body.


Devin walked out into the waiting room furious. He knew who had done this, it was Crystal. She did this because of what happened with Michael and him. So, he pulled out his cell phone to call her and meet her somewhere. She dialed her number and the other line began to ring. Crystal picked up after a couple of rings.

"Hello?" she asked.

"It's me, Devin. Could you meet me somewhere….we need to talk," said Devin angrily.

"Sure," said Crystal.

"Can you meet in the back of the hospital where we were talking earlier?" asked Devin. He couldn't help but feel angry when he talked to her.

"Sure, when?" asked Crystal.

"About an hour," replied Devin as he looked at the round clock that was on the hospital wall.

"Sure," replied Crystal. Devin didn't speak another word to her and hung up. He knew what he had to do. He had to find Crystal and kill her for what she did to Sarah. He walked back to Sarah's room like he didn't call anyone.


When Crystal hung up the phone, she was grinning that evil grin that she did earlier. Her plan had worked. She had already killed Sarah, and now that Devin was going to make his death so easy, she couldn't help but laugh.

"When he comes through that door, I'm going to stab him with the same knife that I killed Sarah with," said Crystal as she stared at the knife with Sarah's blood on it. She had taken out the knife, after stabbing Sarah in the heart. "Then I will only have one person left." Crystal laughed as he put the knife back in her purse and waited for Devin to walk out the door.

N/A What did you all think of the chapter? Was it what you where expecting? We only have two more chapters to go...again...thank you for reading and don't be afraid to leave any comments :)


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