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Black and White By Stacey Bell Chapter 9

Book By: Dolphin198818

A tragic love story!!!!

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Chapter 9

The nurses and the doctors had to pull Michael off of Sarah, so they could remove her from the room. Michael was crying hysterically; Sarah his wife had been murdered and now is dead. He couldn't handle this, he wanted to be with her again and to hold her and to feel the warmth of her body against his. Jim had finally got him out of the room and out into the hallway.

"It'll be ok," said Jim trying to get Michael to settle down.

"No, no it won't! I lost my wife, the only person in this world that understood me and loved me!" yelled Michael. Just then, Devin walked up to them standing in the hallway.

"Michael, I need to talk to you in private," said Devin.

"Why?" asked Michael sadly.

"Because it's very important and I just need to talk to you out in the waiting room," said Devin.

"Fine," Michael agreed as he walked by Devin and out into the waiting room. "What's this about?" he asked when Michael sat down.

"I know who murdered Sarah," replied Devin as he stood in front of Michael.

"Who?" Michael asked.

"Crystal…I know that she killed Sarah because of the argument that you and I had with her earlier and now I think, she is trying to get us back for that," explained Devin quickly. Michael instantly saw red, how could Crystal do this? Yeah she had hated Sarah, but enough to kill her and put her future in jeopardy.

"Are you sure?" asked Michael as he stood up. When Michael stood up in front of Devin; Devin reached to about his shoulders.

"Yes I'm sure; I'm supposed to meet her in about five minutes where we had the argument before," replied Devin as he looked at the clock on the hospital wall.

"What are you going to do?" asked Michael curiously. Michael thought if Devin wasn't going to do anything to her that he sure was.

"Well, I was going to kill her, but why risk it and me getting put in jail over her. I was thinking we could maybe keep her here enough time to get the cops and then she could be put in jail to suffer," replied Devin. Michael thought before answering. Maybe this was a better choice, then killing Crystal and stooping to her level.

"Alright, how about you go and meet her and I'll call the police and explain to them what all has happened…then I'll walk out like I need some fresh air and then we can stall her," said Michael.

"Ok, sounds like a plan," said Devin. He looked at the clock and seen that he was running late. "Oh, I better get going or she might not be there."

"Ok, I'll call the police then," said Michael as Devin began to walk away and Michael pulled out his cell phone, from his jeans pocket, and called the police.


Michelle was crying hysterically as the cleaning crew wheeled Sarah's lifeless body from the room. Jim was holding Michelle to try and keep her calm.

"I can't believe she's gone! I had let my sister and her husband down!" cried Michelle.

"No you haven't….you have done all that you could do. No one knew that someone wanted to kill her," said Jim as he stared at Sarah.

"Can I have a few minutes alone with her?" asked Michelle to the doctor as she sobbed.

"Yes, you can," said the doctor before ushering the crew to leave and walking Jim to the waiting room. When the doctor and Jim where out of sight, Michelle slowly walked over to Sarah. She looked at her body, before rubbing her hair and leaning into kiss her forehead.

"I'm so sorry baby…I didn't want anything like this to happen to you. I just can't believe that someone would actually try and want to kill you; you are just a little girl and had your whole life ahead of you. But I guess that you are in a better place and you are with your parents," cried Michelle as she continued to stroke Sarah's hair.

"Are you finished?" asked the doctor politely. Michelle kissed her forehead one last time, and just felt coldness.

"Yes," cried Michelle as Jim walked over to her and continued to hold her.

"Come on; I'll take you home so you can rest and I can start planning the funeral," said Jim.

"Ok," cried Michelle. Before leaving; Jim ran into Michael in the waiting room and told him that he was going to take Michelle home, and then they left. Michael decided not to let Jim know who had killed Sarah, until Crystal was in jail for sure and couldn't hurt anyone else. He told them bye before they left and he walked toward the back of the hospital.


When Devin walked out to the back of the hospital, sure enough Crystal was sitting on the ground, against the wall waiting for him. He would do anything that he could to try and keep Crystal here until the police arrived.

"Finally….I was starting to think that you changed your mind," said Crystal as she began to stand up. She had her purse in her hands that had the knife in it that killed Sarah.

"Yeah, sorry….I had to calm Michael down cause something happened to Sarah," explained Devin. Crystal tried to pretend like she didn't know what had happened.

"What happened to her?" asked Crystal.

"Someone murdered her with a knife the doctors said and they didn't get to her in time to save her," replied Devin sadly.

"Oh no, that's a shame…I starting to like her to," lied Crystal.

"No you didn't! You hated her and for I know, you where probably the one that killed her!" yelled Devin angrily. Crystal just looked at him; she couldn't believe that Devin would blame her for the murder.

"I don't know what you are talking about! I was here the whole time and where would I get a knife to kill Sarah with anyway!" yelled Crystal.

"This is a hospital and there is a lot of pointy object here!" yelled Devin. Crystal sighed as she turned around to get her knife out of her purse.

"Your right; I'm the one that killed Sarah because she had ruined my whole life and now that you know that, you have to die to!" yelled Crystal as she took the knife into her hand and ran towards Devin, stabbing him twice. Once in the shoulder because she had missed the spot that she was aiming for and the second time in the stomach. She didn't want him to die as fast as Sarah did. She wanted him to slowly die and suffer.

"You bitch!" said Devin as he held his stomach and falling to the floor on his back. Before Crystal said anything, she knelt down beside Devin to hold his hand.

"Don't worry now…everything will be alright in a few minutes," said Crystal as she looked into his eyes. It was getting harder for Devin to talk because he was losing blood and gasping for air.

"Why are you doing this?" said Devin slowly in between breaths.

"Because you know that I killed Sarah and I can't have you walking around knowing that you might tell someone," replied Crystal. When Devin heard her say that, he just laughed. He laughed because he had already told Michael everything and he was calling the police which should be there any minute now.

"What's so funny? You are dyeing…what's funny about that?" asked Crystal confusedly.

"Because, I already told Michael and he was calling the police, so they are probably already here," Devin replied slowly, before taking in his last breath. Crystal couldn't believe that he knew all along and now the cops will be there.

"I have to get out of here! I will deal with Michael later!" said Crystal before pulling the knife out of Devin and putting it back into her purse, and running off.


Michael had been stopped by Sarah's doctor, before he could reach the back of the hospital.

"I'm sorry for your loss and I just wanted you to have her belongings," said the doctor as he handed Michael a bag of Sarah's things.

"Oh thank you," said Michael taking the bag.

"Do you know if her aunt and uncle are going to handle all of the funeral arrangements?" asked the doctor curiously.

"I think so yeah," replied Michael. He wanted the twenty questions to be done because he had to go see Devin, in case Crystal would go psycho on him.

"Ok, well that's all I wanted to know," began the doctor as he noticed two policemen walking through the door. "What are they doing here?" said the doctor as he quickly walked over to them. Michael turned to see who was here. It was the police finally, so Michael followed behind the doctor. "Yes officers?"

"We got a call here about a murder a couple of minutes ago from a guy name Michael," replied one of the policemen. As Michael looked at the police man, he saw that he came to about the middle of his stomach, was bald, and had to be at least in his sixties. The other police officer was a lot younger and looked like he could be a rookie and also had been working out a lot.

"Yes officer, that was me," replied Michael.

"You said that you had the killer in holding?" asked the younger officer.

"Yes we do, if you would just follow me to the back of the hospital and I will show you to her. My friend Devin is trying to talk to her long enough for you guys to come," explained Michael before showing them to where Devin's lifeless body lies.

It took them about a couple of minutes to get to the back. Michael was the first one to open the door, and wasn't prepared for what lied behind it.

"Devin!" yelled Michael as he ran to his body lying on the ground. Michael couldn't believe that Sarah was murdered and now possibly his best friend. "Devin! Come on, man wake up!" yelled Michael as he shook Devin's body. The doctor checked his pulse and there was nothing.

"I'm sorry Michael, but he's gone," said the doctor sadly before standing up.

"What kind of hospital are you running here, doctor?" asked the older police man.

"What do you mean?" asked the doctor confusedly.

"I mean, you now have two murdered kids on your watch and possibly a murderer running around your hospital," replied the older officer.

"It's not my fault….I tried the best that I could to save Sarah, but it was too late," said the doctor panicky

"It doesn't matter now…..Officer Brian, call this in and get everyone here," began the doctor as the younger officer got on his radio and called it in, he then turned to the doctor. "I want you to lock down the hospital, since there isn't a back way out of here, the killer might still be in there," finished the older officer as he pointed to the hospital.

"Will do," said the doctor before rushing off and getting the hospital locked down. Michael was still kneeling beside Devin's body, looking at him. He just couldn't believe that this was happening to him. First it was his wife and now it's Devin, Crystal had to be stopped before this got out of hand and she killed someone else.

"Michael, I would like to take your statement and then you can go home, since there isn't anything more for you to do and we'll let you know if we caught the killer," explained the older officer.

"Ok," Michael said sadly as he got up to give the officer's his statement.


It took about thirty minutes for Michael to explain everything and give them a description of what Crystal looked like.

"Ok, thank you…you can go now," said the older officer as the coroner and the CSI team came in.

"Alright," said Michael as he watched the coroner cover up his best friend, before walking into the hospital. Michael was so depressed and didn't know what to do with himself. Two deaths in one day, one being his wife and the other his best friend, he just didn't hear of that before. So, he walked slowly with his hands in his pockets toward the door.

As he went to put his hand on the door, he saw Crystal sneaking around the nurses' station to avoid all of the cops. As he watched her sneak into a patient's room, Michael snuck after her. He thought that Crystal had to pay for what she had done.

Crystal went reach for a hospital gown to disguise herself; Michael walked in and closed the door.

"What are you doing?" asked Michael angrily, scaring Crystal and making her to turn around.

N/A I hope you enjoyed Chapter 9....I thought it was pretty exciting and a little sad to!!!! Tomorrow I will have Chapter 10 up which will be the last chapter of the book, so I hope you all enjoyed or are enjoying reading it and don't be afraid to hit the I like it button or leave a comment.Question: What do you think the ending of the book would be? Don't be afraid to leave what you think in the comment box...again thank you for reading and don't worry...I already have a couple more ideas to come :)


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