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Black and White chapter By Stacey Bell 6

Book By: Dolphin198818

A tragic love story!!!!

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Chapter 6

That weekend went so slow for Sarah. All she did was cry in her room and hardly ate anything. Her aunt and uncle began to worry, because she didn't want to come out of her room or eat. So, Michelle decided to talk to Sarah before she got out of the car to go to school.

"Sarah, what is wrong? Jim and I are worried because you didn't eat all weekend and you've been crying," said Michelle worriedly. They were sitting in the school parking lot, as Sarah looked out the car window at the kids walking into school.

"Nothing's wrong," lied Sarah. She didn't even look at Michelle; she just wanted to go and give Michael the note and be done with everything.

"Oh come on Sarah! I know that there is something wrong with you! Why won't you just talk to me? Is it Michael….did he do something?" asked Michelle sternly.

"Alright if you want to know….I'm pregnant with Michael's baby and I went over to his house Friday night to tell him, but he wasn't home because he was hanging out with some other girl and forgetting all about me!" cried Sarah before opening the car door and jumping out, so Michelle couldn't say anything else. Sarah slammed the car door, before running to the school.

Michelle was dumbfounded; Sarah couldn't be pregnant. She was only eighteen and had her whole life ahead of her. Just then a blue truck beeped it's horn for Michelle to move, so she snapped out of her daze and drove off, thinking about what Sarah had just told her.


When Sarah arrived at her locker; she noticed that Michael was standing there waiting on her. She didn't even want to see his face, she was so mad at him. So, she grabbed the letter that she had written him on Friday and handed it to him, without saying a word. Michael took the envelope confused.

"What is this?" he asked as she unlocked her locker and gathered her things for first period.

"It's a letter….didn't you ever get letters before?" she asked him sarcastically. Michael just looked at her as she put her things in her book bag. He didn't know why she was giving him the cold shoulder. He didn't do anything wrong…did he?

"What's the matter?" asked Michael confusedly. The bell rang for everyone to go to first period, so everyone rushed by them, bumping into Michael.

"Just read the letter," said Sarah before darting off for first period without him. Michael watched her walk away, as he opened the envelope. He didn't even go to first period without reading the letter.

As he began to read Sarah's letter; he couldn't believe what she had told him. She wanted to break it off and she even gave him his ring back. He wasn't even out with a girl Friday night; he went out with Devin and his friends, but Crystal was there, but they didn't do anything. Michael thought: Why is she saying these things? He loves her and he knows that she loves him. He didn't go out with another girl, because he loved her. He had to set things straight with Sarah, so he had to talk to Devin at lunch.

When he looked up from the letter in disbelief; he noticed that the hallway was empty and that he was late for first period, so he rushed to his class.


All first period, Sarah was distracted. She was thinking about what Michael would think after he read the letter, but then she remembered what Michael's dad had told her, so she didn't care what Michael thought. As far as she was concerned, the relationship was over.

When the bell rang to end first period, Sarah slowly grabbed her things to leave, when Crystal and one of her snobby cheerleader friends walked over to her.

"What do you want?" asked Sarah angrily as she put her book in her book bag.

"I just want to tell you that I had a good time with your so called "husband" Friday night. We held hands and pretty much where all over each other," Crystal smiled as she smiled at her friend. When Crystal told Sarah this, she had seen red. She forgot all about being pregnant, and leaped over the desk and tackled Crystal to the ground.

"YOU ARE SUCH A SLUT!!!!" yelled Sarah before slapping Crystal a couple of times across the face.

"IT'S NOT MY FAULT THAT YOU CAN'T KEEP YOUR HUSBAND SATISFIED AND HE HAD TO TURN TO ME!!!!" yelled Crystal. Crystal managed to roll on top of Sarah and began to give her the same treatment as Sarah gave her; when the teacher rushed over to break them apart.

It took the teacher five minutes before getting them off of each other. By the time they were separated, Sarah had a bloody lip and a black and blue eye, and Crystal also had a bloody lip and her nose was swollen.

"KNOCK IT OFF!!! I'M TAKING YOU BOTH TOO THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE!!!!" yelled the teacher as he dragged them both out.


Michael rushed over to Devin's locker when first period was over. He had not heard the news about the fight, so he was unaware had badly Sarah was. Michael seen that Devin was at his locker, so he ran to him before he could leave.

"Devin, I need you to do something for me," Michael said hurriedly.

"What?" asked Devin as he grabbed his Algebra book and locked his locker.

"I need you to talk to Sarah and explain to her that I was out with you and the guys on Friday night….and not out with Crystal," explained Michael rushed.

"Ok, but why?" asked Devin confusedly. He didn't understand why Michael was acting like this and asking him to tell Sarah that he was out with the guys on Friday night.

"Because Sarah wrote me this letter telling me that she wants to break everything off, because she thinks that I was hanging out with Crystal all night Friday, and I wasn't so you'll have to explain it to her," explained Michael quickly.

"Ok, but what makes you think that she'll believe me?" asked Devin.

"Because she always liked you as a friend when she met you, so maybe if you told her then everything will be fine," replied Michael.

"Alright, I'll tell her at lunch," said Devin. Just then; a couple of girls that where in Sarah's and Crystal's first period, walked by Devin and Michael talking about the fight. When one of the girls mentioned Sarah's name, Michael stopped them.

"What are you talking about?" asked Michael confusedly.

"Crystal and your wife got in a pretty bad fight in first period. They both where pretty battered up and where drug to the principal's office. If you ask my opinion, Sarah deserved what she got," said the cheerleader.

"Well I didn't," said Michael angrily. The two girls got scared and rushed away. "I can't believe this. I have to go and see if Sarah is alright, but you're still talking to her at lunch," he said before darting off toward the principal's office.


Sarah and Crystal were sitting in the office waiting for the principal to arrive. She couldn't believe what just happened. She had never gotten into a fight with another person, and didn't think that she could do that much damage.

"Why don't you just go back where you came from," said Crystal, knocking Sarah out of her thoughts.

"Excuse me?" asked Sarah.

"Why don't you move back to Pennsylvania? Clearly no one wants you hear and Michael and I were doing just fine," said Crystal angrily.

"You and him were broken up, so I don't know why you are so angry with me, when clearly no one wants you around," said Sarah before the principal walked in and closed the door.

As the principal walked in; Sarah noticed that he was not white, but not black either, he was both. She also noticed that he was bold, had to be in his mid fifties, wore glasses, and had a Santa belly, and was not attracted at all, but he was wearing a wedding ring. He was looking through Sarah's and Crystal's files before talking.

"So, what seems to be the issue here?" he asked as he took his glasses off and laid them down on his desk, before laying his arms down and folding his hands in to each other.

"Sir, she started….all I wanted to do was talk to her, but she leaped over the desk and tackled me like some football player," said Crystal before Sarah could speak.

"I didn't do any such thing. Sir, she was provoking me and I just had enough," said Sarah. The principal looked at the two before speaking.

"Well, Crystal I see that you have been a trouble maker plenty of times before and you had punishment, but not stricked punishment, so I'm going to have to suspend you for a week..."

"What about her?" Crystal yelled as she pointed toward Sarah. Sarah was getting nervous; she had never been suspended from anything before.

"Sarah, since you are new hear…I'm going to give you a week's detention. If you meet me after school today, I will show you were to go," explained the principal.

"THIS IS BULLSHIT! I GET A WEEK'S DETENTION AND SHE ONLY GETS A SLAP ON THE WRIST!!!!" yelled Crystal before storming out of the office and slamming the door to leave.

"I'm sorry about her, Sarah. How's everything going after…well….the incident with your aunt and uncle?" asked the principal. He noticed that Sarah's lip was bleeding so he got in his desk drawer and pulled out a wet wash cloth to give to her. "For your lip."

Sarah took the wash cloth and placed it on her lip before answering. "Ok, I guess," she shrugged.

"I'm sure that everything will turn out alright. I mean look at me, my mom was white and my dad was black….and they seem to get through everything somehow," smiled the principal.

"Thanks," said Sarah not knowing what to say. After wiping off her lip, she handed the rag back to him, before getting up. "This isn't going to be on my permanent record is it? I mean the week's detention?"

"I'll let this one slide…so I know somewhat of what you're going through, but next time it'll have to go on there," said the principal politely.

"Ok, thanks," said Sarah.

"Oh, before you go….don 't let anyone get to you. Just remember that this is your last year and pretty soon you will be away from all of this," he told her reassuringly as he walked her out.

"Ok, thanks for the advice," said Sarah before walking out.


"So, what's the verdict?" asked Michael as he walked up behind Sarah, scaring her.

"Don't do that….you scared me," said Sarah as she jumped to see Michael standing behind her.

"Sorry," he began, but seen her lip and her eye. "I'm sorry about Crystal…she never acted like this before." Michael went to gently touch Sarah's face to get a better look, but Sarah swiped his hand away. "Come on….you still aren't mad?"

"What do you think, Michael? I go over to your house on Friday night and your dad tells me that you went out with Crystal…what do you want me to feel…happy for you?" said Sarah angrily.

"I don't know why my dad told you that. Yes, I went out Friday, but I didn't go with Crystal. Devin called and asked me if I wanted to go out with him and the rest of the team, so I agreed, and yes Crystal was there, but nothing happened," said Michael trying to be convincing.

"So, what Crystal said was a lie? She said that you two where holding hands and where all over each other!" yelled Sarah. At this point, she couldn't hold in the tears anymore and just let them flow.

"Ok, we held hands, but just as friends, nothing else happened," Michael said gently as he tried to take Sarah's hands to hold them in his, but she backed away. "Come on Sarah, please forgive me."

She couldn't forgive him; how could she, when they were holding hands. Sarah went to speak, when sharp pains went through her stomach, and she couldn't do anything because they hurt so badly. She clenched on to her stomach, as blood ran down her pants like a stream, and started to leak through her jeans. Michael didn't know what was going on, and never seen so much blood before. Sarah let out a scream before falling to the floor and passing out. Michael ran over to her and knelt down beside her, before calling 911.


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