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Don't Forget Me

Book By: ebrown1993

Its about a girl that is pregnant obtains this weird typer of cancer where she has to decide whether to keep herself alive and kill her baby or kill herself and keep her child alive. while she is deciding what she is going to do she has a flash back on how she came in contact with her father's child. who is now dead because of a car accident not long after she got pregnant

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In the doctor's office all I could do was cry when the doctor gave me this horrific news. "I'm sorry to tell you think but their is no other way to put this other than like this. I cancer has come back and it is now now attacking your child.Its safe to say that your about to make one of the hardest choices of your life either we will the baby and keep you alive or kill you and keep the baby. You have less thentwenteyfour hours to decide before the cancer starts to kill your baby, again I am so very sorry. I know you were so happy to find out about your baby but look at it this way if your baby lives it will be a part of him that lives on forever."

All i could do was look at him I didn't know what i was going to do. I wanted my baby to live but so did still have so much I wanted to do. It took everything in me not to yell at the doctor "Why me!!" But I did speak up to ask him if their was any possible way for both my child and I to live. "Is their any possible way for both of us to live?" I knew once i said that it sounded stupid because he just explained to me that their was no way possible for bother of us to live.

"I understand this is a lot to deal with at the moment but I just don't done telling you that it was either you or your child not both its too risky. If their was any way I could do that i wouldn't have explained that to you. So when do . you want the surgery?"

Wait what surgery? I mean i just found out about this I need more time to figure things out!"

"I understand that but you don't have time to play your little girl games.Thisisabout life or death so you must decide very soon or i will decide for you and you won't like the results of that." he started to walkaway but i had to think fast of a way to by stall me from making this decision but what? I screamed the first thing that popped into my head.

"Wait! Can I at least know what I am having first? Then i will decide what i will do."

Okay it was right around the time for you to find out anyway's However you must choose one you fine out.

"Iicried inrelafebecause I Finally got what I wanted


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