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Three friends and a choice Ch.3

Book By: elliotwritez818

chapter three and with more to come

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Chapter 3

When I woke up, I was staring at the ceiling above my bed. I could hear voices around me, they sounded muffled, and everything was in a blur. I sat up and felt the blood rush to my head. I was about to fall back into the pillows when I felt a pair of strong hands come around me, keeping me from falling. I looked up into the face of Blake.

"You ok?" he and James looked tired, they had bags under their eyes and their clothes were wrinkled. They looked like they could use a good shower.

"Yeah…I'm fine….how long was I out?"

"About nine hours. Its six o'clock in the morning, James and I have been talking about the pregnancy problem."

"What do you mean pregnancy problem?" I looked up at them in confusion. "Wasn't it all a dream?" I stared at them, and then, realization dawned on me "it wasn't a dream was it? It all happened…I'm really pregnant."

"Unfortunately, yes." My hand instantly went to my belly. Placing my hand there, I noticed the lump forming in my throat. I felt my whole world starting to shatter. The life I knew, the only life that I had, was gone, just like that.

"What are we going to do?" I whispered in a voice that was barley audible, I looked at them, as if expecting them to have the answer.

"That's just it; we don't know what to do." Blake said, "James and I have been talking and we figured that, if we stayed here, Judy and Bob would find out and make you get rid of the baby for sure. Also if we ran away we wouldn't know where to go-"

"I got it!" James turned around so suddenly that Blake and I both Jumped. "We could run away from the city and go to that little farm town. Chervil, it's not that far away from the city. We could still be close to home, it would be great!"

"James," I looked at him with a smile that I only smiled when James was talking about one of his crazy schemes. "We can't go out to the city; we don't even know what's out there."

"But that's just it! You don't even have to know. We can go out there and then we can stay in one of the motels and I can get a job until I can afford one of those cheap apartments in town. It's brilliant!" Blake and I looked at him like he had just grown another head. James was bold, but he had never had a plan as crazy as this.

"Are you crazy?! Do even know what you're saying?" Blake shouted to James

"Please, just trust me on this. Besides, this isn't our choice, its Onyx's; she's the girl with the living baby inside of her." They both looked at me.

"Well Onyx…what do you say?"

I looked at them, trying to look like I was deep in thought, but even then I could not stop my mind from wondering, and a slow smile creeping up by the sides of my mouth. "Well, I think, there's nothing that we have to lose. Let's give it a go, how bout you Blake?" I looked at him strait in the eye, "I'm in if you are"

Blake sat there a minute, silent, then he cracked a smile. "Well, when you put it that way, what DO we have to lose? I'm in."

"All right!" James jumped up in the air and grabbed us in a bear hug. "Let's get planning!"

James and Blake left the room to let me get some rest, even though I couldn't sleep. James and Blake were going to plan how we were going to get out of here but right now, I hardly cared. I was going on a life changing adventure with my two best friends in the entire world. I didn't know what the future would hold, but with James and Blake by my side, and the child in my womb, I could do anything. I hope.


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