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Taming the Wild Billionaire by Eloise Du'bois part 2

Book By: Eloise Dubois


Jenny Briggs our adroable but down on her luck reporter has just met the gorgeous Michael St Claire. She is instantly attracted to him and things between the pair start to heat up. What Michael doesnt know is that his Jenny is out to get a scoop on his family. And she will use any means necessary to get her byline. But will it all be worth it in the end? Read on and find out how it ends for our two lovers.

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Jenny Briggs our adroable but down on her luck reporter has just met the gorgeous Michael St Claire. She is instantly attracted to him and things between the pair start to heat up. What Michael doesnt know is that his Jenny is out to get a scoop on his family. And she will use any means necessary to get her byline. But will it all be worth it in the end? Read on and find out how it ends for our two lovers.

##Comments and feedback are very welcome, please:} :}###

She stepped into the foyer of the opulent Plaza Hotel, heading straight towards the bar. The hostess by the main entry way of the restaurant looked up with a polite smile as Jenny approached.

"Good evening ma'am" she greeted warmly. Jenny gave her a tight smile in response, trying to quell down the nerves threatening to take over.

"I'm here to meet Mr St Claire" Jenny said smoothly, grateful that her voice didn't come out shaky,

"Certainly miss, if you will follow the usher he will lead you to your table" with a nod of thanks, Jenny began to follow the usher, who seemed to have materialised out of nowhere.

What struck her as odd was that the staff didn't seem fazed that a lone woman had reservations with a St Claire.

They were probably so used to his playboy ways; with him changing women regularly that it was the norm, she thought snidely.

Catching her waspish train of thought she scolded herself mentally, suddenly feeling ashamed of her negative feelings.

She shoved the unkind musings to the back of her mind. After all she was here for one thing, and that was to get her scoop and push her career to the next level.

She thanked the usher who pulled out a chair for her "Would you like anything to drink, ma'am?" he asked politely

"A glass of chardonnay please" was her reply.

She hoped its crisp clear taste would give her a bit of the liquid courage she sorely needed. Before long a smartly dressed waiter placed the chilled glass of wine in front of her.

She took a sip happy to have something to occupy her hands with, while she waited for Michael to make an appearance.

Taking a casual glance around her she saw that, the restaurant was buzzing, but not overfull. That's when she spotted him making his way towards her.

He exuded a magnetic sexual appeal that had her flushing in desire. From the tailored lines of his fitted black suit, to his well-groomed hair. But it was his gorgeous face that captured the attention of those around him.

As he walked closer, conversations quieted, as people stopped to stare and follow his progress. The women starry eyed with lust and envy.

While the men shot covert daggers in his direction. Jenny turned back to follow his progress through the room, he was closer to her table this time, and seemed unfazed by the reaction he had caused in the dining hall.

His wicked smile firmly in place, he stopped by her table and leaned over to give her a peck on the cheek, before taking his seat.

"You look as enchanting as ever my dear" he drawled.

"And you are a smooth talker I see" she quipped back.

Taking another sip of her wine, hoping to still the butterflies fluttering in her chest, "I am a very determined man…..especially…..when it comes to getting what I want" her stomach clenched, as he spoke "and I want you, Jenny…any way I can have you" he finished seductively.

She let out a gasp, and blushed. "Well at least your direct" she sputtered feeling offended "But I'm not for sale, or a prize to be won" she finished defiantly.

He looked at her for a moment before answering with a cocky grin "Everybody has a price, don't play coy" but before he could finish a waiter came up to the table to take their order, "Will you be having the usual Mr St Claire?" the waiter asked.

Michael responded in the affirmative. "And for you Madam?" not knowing what to choose from the menu, having only just glanced through it earlier she said "I'll have whatever he is having".

Scribbling down I his note book the waiter looked up, collected their menu's as he said "Very well" and left.

The air between Jenny and Michael began to thicken with tension.

Her heart rate kicked up a notch and another blush stole its way back to her cheeks.

He was so good looking and intense, it took her breath away she thought to herself. She was playing with fire, with a man way out of her league and if she wasn't careful she would get burnt.

"So tell me about yourself Jenny" his change in topic threw her a little, but it was the welcome reprieve she desperately needed from the heat developing between them.

Determined to regain the upper hand, she launched into a story about her family, growing up in a small town and her dreams of making it big in the city.

Conveniently avoiding the issue of what she did for a living, instead she told him the half-baked cover story of how she worked in the retail sector.

As she spoke, the conversation between them began to flow easier and she quickly found him to be a charming, intelligent and interesting man.

Before long he had her laughing at some childhood stories of the trouble he and his siblings would get into, while growing up.

Dinner was marvellous, and all too soon dessert was served.

With a start she realised that she still did not have enough information on him to get a scoop, deciding on a more direct approach she asked coyly "you're not at all what I was expecting"

Michael raised an eyebrow but didn't respond, "I mean, you always seems so intense with me… but here we are having a lovely meal" she finished lamely.

"I'm not quite the prick you seem to think I am, and I genuinely like you and would like to know you better, but that can only be when you're at ease."

He paused, and asked "are you at ease?" She licked her lips nervously and reply "yes… yes I am". An instant heat leapt his into his eyes, bringing her nerves back in a rush.

"Come, I have a surprise for you" he said abruptly, all charm gone. His eyes held a meaningful look daring her to back out. But she stiffened her spine, dabbed a napkin to the corners of her mouth and made to follow his lead.

Chapter 7

As they headed for the restaurant's main door, he turned to speak to the hostess "Put the meal on my bill",

"Certainly Mr St Claire" came the quick reply.

The same hostess who had been polite to her earlier now sent a glare her way, before shooting Michael a seductive smile.

Shaking her head in disgust, Jenny stormed off.

She had barely taken a few steps when Michael caught up to her and grabbed her arm "hey, hey there, slow down" she stopped and glared at him "what just happened?" he asked a little bewildered.

She ignored him and continued to fume silently. He cautiously turned her stiff body towards the nearby settee in the lobby "are you going to tell me why you just went all cold on me?" he asked gently.

Suddenly feeling foolish she ducked her head hoping to avoid his eyes. He gently tipped her chin back, forcing her eyes to meet his and see the desire and longing in them.

After endless moments of staring into each other eyes, she finally said "It's nothing"…. "I was just being foolish I guess, I have no claim on you, so if other women want to ogle you…. "

He brushed her cheek with his knuckles "Is that why you got so upset just now?" he asked. She nodded.

Running a frustrated hand through his hair he said "I wasn't even paying her any attention, Jenny…..You're the only woman I have eyes for" don't be afraid, I won't hurt you" …. "Just let me love you"

he paused "give me a chance to show you how good it can be between us" caressing her cheek he implored gently.

He trailed soft kisses from her cheek to jawline. It was a sweet gesture.

Taking his time, he pressed a closed mouth kiss on her lips, slowly hovering there, letting her adjust to the heat of his lips.

With the jerky he nod she let out a sigh. It was enough for Michael, he whisked them both to their feet and made his way to the lifts.

Neither of them said a word, their eyes were drawn to each other in a silent ages old form of communication, expressing their desires and passion for the night ahead.

A short charged elevator ride up and he was leading her towards the penthouse suite he had reserved for the evening. Michael had high hopes the night would end up with Jenny is his bed, but he hadn't want to over play his hand.

Opening the door to the suite with his access card he said to her "Make yourself comfy, I'm going to pour us champagne" she nodded, and said nothing more.

She walked graceful towards the couch, and took off her wrap. He caught his breath, taking her, she looked amazing dressed in the short, slinky black dress she had on. It made him want to rip it off her.

Forcing himself to take a calming breath, he popped open the champagne that was chilling in the cooler and poured them both a glass.

Walking closer, he handed her a glass "To us" he toasted.

She clinked her glass with his but remained silent.

Breaking eye contact she flicked her hair back and said instead "tell me more about yourself" looking at him from beneath her long sooty lashes she continued "what are your vices….or are you virtuous man" she finished daringly.

He silently looked at her, weighing her words and taking in the rapid pulse beating at the base off her neck. Despite her provocative words, she seemed nervous.

Giving himself time to process this he walked over to the entertainment unit to put some soft music on.

After a long moment of silence, he turned back to her "I can't claim to be particularly virtuous, but I've been known to have a vice or two" he walked back to where she was sitting and raised her to her feet.

"I want to show you something" he said smoothly, causing her to raise an eyebrow in curiosity.

Her obvious interest, caused the corner of his mouth to quirk up in a smile. He led her towards the window, where she could get an unimpeded view of New York's skyline in the evening and the widespread of central park by moonlight.

"It's beautiful" she said in an awed whisper.

"Just like you Jenny "was his smooth reply, he continued speaking

"You, are one of my vices" "Ever since the day I saw you, looking vulnerable and pissed off at the same time, it intrigued me and I wanted more, something about you just draws me in" his words sent a thrill through her body.

Looking away from the window, she turned to look at him, and began to unbutton his shirt.

Slowly seeking permission. Michael stood immobile.

After a few moments, she finished unbuttoning his shirt.

Removing his tie and tugging off his jacket.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked hoarsely, not wanting her to stop

"Yes, I want this, make love to me Michael", her soft hands deftly working to undress him were his undoing.

###More to follow####


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