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The Prince's Chance

Book By: EmoGothVampGurl

A handsome prince named Charles (he prefers Charlie) is in line to be the king and his father is forcing him to marry only a princess. But one day when Charlie leaves the castle he encounters a girl who's beauty stuns him and he grows feelings for her.

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I was sitting in my room reading an old book that my mother had left for me when she had died. I had all of the books that my mother had owned since my brothers had hated reading, and my father had seen interest since there just wasn't a summary so he wouldn't have to read. I usually read one of the books a day since there was probably over three hundred. I've already read maybe 102 books by now. I've read books since I was taught to read by my personal teacher. I just finished the book I was reading when I heard a knock.

"Come in," I said setting the book on the giant shelf of books.

The book shelf was in alphabetical order. When the door opened it was my maid/teacher. She wasn't wearing he teaching outfit since class was over for the day. She had her maid outfit on and had her hands folded in front of her.

"Your heiness supper is ready," she smiled.

"What're we having?," I pulled on my sneakers.

"Well your fathersuggested bar-b-que lamb," she was looking at my room.

"Something the matter Gloria?," I asked.

"No, your room is just so clean and spotless," she looked amazed.

I laughed and gave Gloria a kiss on her cheek then went down the grand staircase towards the dining room. When I walked in my father looked up from eating his lamb and snaped his fingers for someone to wipe off his mouth.

"Hey son, come in dinner is delicious tonight," my father said licking his lips of any stray bar-b-que sauce.

"Awesome," I took a seat anywhere since the table was huge and sat about forty people.

A plate was set down in front of my and the lamb was cooked very well. A servant tied a napkin around my neck aand walked back once it was tied correctly. My brothers were still arguing, but about what? I really don't know or even want to know. My father set his spoon down from eating and looked up at me with a bit of seriousness in his expression.I stopped eating and looked at him.

"What is it?," I asked.

"I think you know," he said with a slight twitch in his eyebrow.

Oh. He meant that. We weren't going to talk about that right now, but I'm sure that I'd have to talk to him about it after we finish supper and he sommons me down to his chambers. Once supper was over I was summoned down to my father's chambers immediately. I walked to his chambers and as soon as I walked in he hassled me about the fact that I had to get married very soon or others would be after the thrown. After my father mentioned that I have to meet the eligible princesses from other kingdoms I thought that was just like speed dating. I really didn't want to marry, but since I was old enough I had to. I went to my room and put on a pair a baggy black sweat pants and gray t-shirt for me to sleep in. Soon after finishing yet another book from my giant book shelf.

When I awoke Gloria was whispering my name shaking me gently and was trying to get my attention. I groaned because she had opened the giant curtains and a lot of sun light was shining in my eye. I sat up as Gloria moved away respectfully bowing in front of the foot of my king sized bed.

"Your heiness you have breakfast, classes, lunch, then you have the women you have to meet," Gloria told me my schedule.

I actually had a few changes to my schedule because I didn't want to meet any other princesses who just wanted more money and power. Since the day was purposely going by very fast at lunch I ate light and ran to my room. I grabbed my brown cloak that I hid in my closet. I went out my window and began to climb down because I knew that guard shifts were changing so I had exactly three minutes and twenty-eight seconds before someone could spot me. But I'd be long gone by anyone would even see my shadow. I didn't anticipate that a guard would be at the gate so soon so I grabbed a couple of stones and threw them to the right of me. He walked over to check the noise out and I slid under the hole that was under the wall not wanting to open the entire gate.

I ran towards the village and when I got there it seemed so very busy. I wonder what was so important. I went up to a man that seemed elderly and asked him what was going on today.

"Nothing, boy, just the yearly sale," he answered very harshly and walked off.

I had no idea that some people in the village were so sour. I kept walking since I didn't want to bring money looking like a fool with so much money in my pockets. I walked through the village and as I got deepper it seemed to get darker and dirtier. That's when I heard the screaming of a woman. I ran towards the sound and found a woman in an aggressive tussle with a strongly built man. I walked up behind the man and tapped his shoulder.

"What?!," he shouted as he turned around.

I hit him hard with a left hook. He went down hard making dust fly up in the air. The young woman was on the ground coverd in dirt and her lip was bleeding. Her left shirt sleeve was torn open and I could see a bad bruise.

"Are you alright?," I asked slowly walking up to her.

She stood up from the shadow of the wall and I could see her entire face. She was.... a goddess. Her face was beautiful and her eyes were enchanting. They were a gorgeous blue green, like the color of the ocean. Her hair was a lovely shade of golden brown which complemented her slightly freckled heart shaped head. I held out my hand to help her up all the way. She took it and I lifted her up.

"Thank you so much kind sir," she said slightly shaking.

"It was nothing," I smiled lifting her chin to get a good look at her split lip.

"I have to go, thank you again," she said about to rush off.

"Wait, don't you think you should see a doctor before anything?," I suggested.

"I would if I had that type of money," she shrugged.

"I could pay for you," I said.

"No I couldn't accept that," she replied.

"It's fine, come on," I said holding out my hand.

She slowly took my hand and directed to where the doctor was. Once we got there I paid the doctor four florins and he cleaned her wound. We said our thank yous and were off.

"Well thank you very much for everything but I really must be going home," she was going to walk away before I grabbed her wrist.

"At least let me take you to my home for supper," I suggested.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt," she shrugged.

"Great," I smiled and started walking as she walked alongside me.

We walked through the town and the thing that struck me is that I didn't even know her name. I didn't want to ponder the thought too long because she began to talk.

"By the way my name is Candice," she said.

"What a beautiful name. Well my name is Charlie," I said as we kept walking.

"Hmm. Where do you live exactly?," she asked and we walked around to my secret exit and entrance.

"I live in the castle of course," I said pulling the vines hiding the entrance and waiting for Candice.

"Wait... Your Prince Charles," she said.

"Yeah," I gave her a smile, "but call me Charlie."

"I think I should just go home I don't belong here," she said looking a little in shock.

"No go ahead in," I put my hand behind her back and pushed her in.

We walked and since it took me longer than usual to get back I had to make sure that the guard wasn't looking when we ran past him. By the angle of the sun I'm sure that guard shifts changed about 20 minutes ago. As the guard turned away I grabbed Candice's hand. Her hand was so dainty and small in mine and I know my face was heating up.

"We have to run.. now!," I said quickly catching her off guard and she stumbled and fell.

"Wait!Charlie!," she said tripping and falling on her side.

"You two stop there!!!," the guard yelled and ran over to us as quick as lightening.

"Damn," I said under my breath.

"What are you-," he stopped when he saw my face, "Your heiness."

He bowed respectfully and then looked at Candice. He gave me a quick glance then stood back up straight.

"Supper has already begun and your father isn't happy Charles," it was Damen, one of the toughest guards.

"Well I shouldn't keep him waiting any longer," I said helping Candice up and going inside the castle to the dining hall.

As soon as I got to the door Gloria was coming out. Shoot! If she saw Candice she would absolutely flip. I pushed Candice behind a curtain and covered her mouth.

"Sorry just stay quiet for a minute please," I whispered.

"Charles come from behind that curtain and bring ur guest out," Gloria said sternly.

I came out from behind the curtain and stood in front of her. Candice slowly pulled the curtain and slowly stepped out. She was like a shy little angel who just got caught for being on earth. She looked at Gloria at Gloria eyes went wide. She snapped back to reality and looked at me refocussing the issue.

"You have a lot to explain to your father," she said going into the dining hall.

We followed and my father turned around and looked at me. Then he looked over at Candice and his eyes seemed to have rage in them. My father stopped eating and stood up from the table. He grabbed my upper arm and dragged me into the opposing room and slammed the door shut.

"Charles why have you brought a harlet into my home?!," my father asked angrily.

"She's not a haarlet father," I said trying to keep calm.

"What is she doing here Charles?," he asked.

"I brought her here for supper," I answered.

"And what were you doing outside of the castle walls?," he asked.

"Okay father my made my own decision and I don't want to be set up with other princesses," I told him, "Candice is beautiful and-"

"Candice?!," he shouted, "The name of a whore!"

"No!," I shouted and opened the door to see Candice.

A single tear had left her right eye and was decending her beautiful face. She quickly looked down and wiped it away so that I wouldn't see. My father walked past me and Candice giving her an evil glance then kept walking. I held my hand out and she took it not looking up and I walked back in the room closing the door.

"Are you alright?," I asked lifting her chin and saw her face streaming with tears.

Her eyes were slightly puffy and her cheeks slightly red. I lifted her chin with my index finger. She shook her head as if saying no to me lifting her face to she it.

"I knew I should've just went home," she said looking at me.

"I'm sorry; if I'd known my father would've reacted like that I wouldn't have brought you," I told her.

"No you don't have to apologise," she said.

"I do," I replied, "I'm sorry because after I saw your beautiful face and I just wanted to look out for you and I guess I fell for you."

Tears had stopped falling from her eyes. Her cheeks were red now but now from crying. It was from her blushing and the adrenaline in her blood making it happen. I chuckled and sighed

"Do you want me to take you home?," I asked.

"Charles I believe it is too late for anyone to leave the castle," Gloria said in the doorway.

"She's right," Candice said looking up through herbangs and at me.

"You could stay in the guest room adjoining mine," I offered.

"Perfect Charles Miss Candice please follow me," Gloria said turning on her heels and leading the way to my room.

Once we were there Gloria showed Candice the guest room and opened the door. It wasn't anything too special; it only had a king sized bed, a desk, three lamps, and five bookshelves overflowing with books. I walked to my closet and pulled out a gray t-shirt and a navy blue pair of basket ball shorts. I changedquickly and Gloria quickly went out my room. I don't know why she was in such a rush, but in the blink of an eye she ran past me into the guest room. I didn't know what was going on so I slowly walked up to the door, but Gloria came out and slammed the door behind her.

"Nice try Charles," Gloria laughed at me.

"What?," I asked.

She laughed and then Candice knocked on the door three times. Gloria moved and opened the door walking back in and fixing the bed putting sheets pillows and blankets on the king sized bed. I looked at Candice and she was wearing a lavender night gown that met her mid-thighs. Her hair hung around her shoulders and she pulled it up in a pony tail having her bangs still hanging down. gloria came ouit the guest room one last time.

"Goodnight you two," she bowed once and then left closing my door behind her.

"Goodnight Charlie," Candice smiled and went back in the guest room closing the door almost all the way leaving it cracked open.

I sighed and got in bed myself exhausted and thrilled that my dad hadn't made Candice leave. I pulled the covers up to my shoulders and soon enough fell asleep. But I was awoken by a shrill coming from the guest room. I flew out of bed and yanked the door open and saw Candice was screaming in her sleep. I sat on the bed and shook her slightly.

"Candice wake up!," I shouted holding her shoulders pinned on the bed.

Somehow when she woke up my hands slipped and she shot sitting up. Her face was slightly away from mine and she was sweating and her eyes were stricken with fear. She looked into my eyes and then threw the blanket off and sat in my lap hugging me to death. She clung onto me like a starving blood-sucking leech.

"Are you alright?," I asked rubbing her back.

"Yes, just another night terror," she mummbled and kissed my cheek multiple times.

I laughed and she finally let go and I realised her gown had ridden up so I averted my eyes. She realised too and pulled it down and the blanket over her lap. I got up and went back into my room and got in the bed leaving Candice's door open enough so she could see me. I lied down and was almost asleep when I heard footsteps. Must be Gloria, but these were a lot closer and lighter than Gloria's steps. I felt my bed sink more and my eyes shot open to seeing Candice sitting away from me and lying down with her back to my chest. As she was moving I leaned my head on my elbow as she lied her head down on the pillow. when she saw my eyes she gasped.

"I'm sorry I just had another night terror and you just seemed so peaceful I didn't wanna wake you and ask you-," I put my finger up to her soft perfect lips.

"It's fine just go back to sleep," I told her.

I lied my head back down and when Candice was finally comfortable I moved away slightly to give her room. She turned her body around so that she was facing me and she closed those beautiful eyes. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.


When I woke up Candice was gone and the guest room door was closed. I could here the shower going off so I guessed Candice was taking a shower. I walked into my bathroom and pulled the shower curtain back to turn the water on, but it was already on. I'm sure my entire face was bright red and Candice stared at me her face glowing red. I turned on my heels and walked out trying not to look at anything and slowly closed the door. I leaned by back against the door and tried to get my breathing back to normal. I stood up straight and then my bathroom door opened and Candice stepped out with a baby blue towel tightly wrapped around her.

"I'm sorry I should've asked, but there was nothing to was up in the guest room shower and I thought you wouldn't be up yet," she said talking with one of her hands and the other holding the towel.

"It's okay.... um... yeah," I scratched the back of my head looking at the floor seeing Candice's small wet feet.

Candice walked around me and back in the guest room closing the door behind her. I walked into my bathroom and took a quick shower and got dressed in dark blue skinny jeans and a white short-sleeved V-neck. I walked out with a towel around my shoulders drying my hair. When I saw Candice she was wearing black skinny jeans and a very loose purple shirt. Don't know where she got the outfit from. She was looking at the books on the bookshelf and pulled out Pride and Prejudice. I've read it and actually liked it.

"Charles!! Breakfast!!," Gloria called from the hallway.

"You hungry?," I asked Candice.

"Starved," she set the book on the bed and followed me out and to the dining hall again.

As we sat down my two brothers walked in. They were hitting each other and arguing as usual. I rolled my eyes and Candice giggled. That's when the two of them stopped and looked at Candice. My older brothers both looked at me then back at Candice.

"Who's this Charlie?," my oldest brother, Kyle, asked me.

"This is Candice," I answered.

Candice smiled and waved at the two of them. They waved back and grabbed my arms dragging me away. I wiggled and started yelling at them.

"What're you two doing?," I asked as Candice and Gloria laughed at me.

Gloria had given Candice a plate of pancakes and turkey bacon with a glass of orange juice. I was dragged to the other side of the dining room and then let go. I rolled my shoulders to get my arms back in their sockets and looked at the two of them.

"So this is the princess you're marrying," the younger of my older brothers, Jake, asked.

"No," I said.

"Why aren't you going to marry that gorgeous doll?," Kyle asked.

"Because she's not a princess and I met her in the town," I told the two of them.

"You're pulling our legs right?," Jake chuckled, "There's no way that that beauty couldn't bea princess."

"No I'm not, and it's true," I shrugged my shoulders and walked back to the other side of the room and was handed a plate of pancakes and turkey bacon.

I sat beside Candice and ate my breakfast and was going to start talking whe a guard bursted in. He was tired and ran to Gloria and whispered in her ear something. She gasped and dropped the glass pitcher full of orange juice. She ran out the dining hall with the guard behind her and the doors slammed behind them.

"What was that all about?," Candice asked me.

"I don't know," I set down the forkful of pancake I had picked up and got up.

Candice got up too but I just touched her shoulder and she sat back down. I ran out the dining room and looked to see where Gloria might have gone. When I turned a corner I saw my father with Gloria and they were whispering. But even the attempts of my father couldn't hold back his thick coughing. He didn't look good at all and Gloria seemed like that she was making sure he wouldn't fall. I hid behind the corner as they got closer and then they stopped. I knew my father wsa ill, but he never seemed this ill. My father collapsed against the wall and Gloria rushed to his side. He shook his head and then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Candice.

"What's the matter," she asked.

"Umm.. my father's illness is getting worse," I answered.

"Oh," she lowered her hand and looked at the floor.

I looked back around the corner and they were gone. I sighed and walked away towards the common room. I knew I had to marry soon to a princess and take the role of my father. When I walked in everyone's head turned to my direction. Most of the princesses were smiling and twirling a strand of their hair trying to be flirtatious. I rolled my eyes and there was one princess that I met and she was a little different and unique than the rest.

"Princess Renee of Richland Castle," I said loud enough so that the entire room could hear and maybe the entire hallway.

She stepped out in front and smiled. She curtsied and I bowed my head for her to stand up again. Gloria walked in and then looked at Renee then at me. She walked over to me and smiled.

"Your father will be oh so happy that you've made a decision Charles," Gloria said as the other princesses mummbled and grummbled.

Renee stood by my side and gently clenched my arm with her hand. She leaned her head on my shoulder and I kind of felt uncomfotable but dealt with it. Reneeand I left the common room and walked to my father's bedroom where he must be trying to rest. Gloria was right behind and I could feel something was different with her. I shrugged it off and knocked on my father's door. He said to come in and I pushed the door open. When he saw Renee he smiled a wide smile and got out of bed. I quickly moved away from Renee and to my father's side.

"You shouldn't be getting out of bed," I told him as Gloria came over to us as well.

"I know, but that beautiful star had me stricken with hope," my father said with a hearty tone.

"Why thank you your majesty," Renee smiled and her face blushed a bit.

"So she is who you've chosen to marry and not that harlet," my father smiled.

"She's not a-," I stopped, "Yes father this is who I've chosen to marry."

"Excellent!," he said loudly, but then began to cough.

I sighed as Renee slipped her arm around my waist. We left my father's room so that he could rest some more. I talked to Renee to see what she wanted for the wedding when we bumped into Candice who had a bundle tied to her side. She was playing with her thumbs.

"Hello, Charles who is this?," Renee asked leaning against me.

"I'm no one you need worry about," Candice said and walked away towards the direction of the exit.

"How about I meet you in the dining hall you must be hungry?," I told Renee.

"Sure, okay," she smiled and kissed my cheek, "I'll be waiting."

She walked off and when she turned a corner I dashed for Candice. When I saw her I grabbed her shoulder and spun her around. She looked at me and sighed.

"Oh Charlie you scared me," Candice sighed.

I pulled her aside and into a seperate room. There were so many convient rooms in this place I lost track.

"Charlie what're you-"

I cut her off by mashing my lips to hers. She shut up and kissed me back tangling her fingers in my hair and stood on her tip toes. I rested my hands on her waist and kissed her harder. I knew that I shouldn't be kissing her, but I couldn't resist her. I picked her up and caarried her over to a couch and sat down. She straddled me and kissed me harder placing her hands on my cheeks. She pulled away and stood up.

"No," she mumbled.

"What?," I asked.

"I have to go home and you have to do everything possible to get ready for your wedding," she fixed the bundle on her side and ran out the room.

I sighed and slapped myself on the forehead. I was so stupid and just made the only woman I'd ever love run out of my home. I shook my head and got up. I walked back to the dining hall and saw Renee talking to my two brothers.

"Charles what happened to your other girl?," Kyle asked.

"Other girl?," Renee asked with a sort of sharp tone.

"There is no other Kyle, just Renee," I replied.

"You mean that ugly girl we passed Charlie?," she asked.

"She's not ugly!," I shouted.

They all looked at me in shock and Renee was looking furious. She folded her arms and walked up to me slowly.

"Is there this......other girl Prince Charles?," she asked me.

When I was going to speak a loud slap and a sting on my cheek. She stormed off and left me there with my brother. My brother was shoked and so he just left me there in my thoughts. Everything was going south for me all because of the fact I wouldn't pick a normal princess. Instead I got involved with a peasant that no one would approve of. I sighed and went to the kitchen and iced my cheek hoping that no one would notice what was wrong. I went to my bedroom and looked out my window. I really wanted to make things right but I'm guessing I wouldn't be allowed to leave the room let alone the castle ever again. I opened up the windows and changed my clothes to my "other clothes'. I climbed out the window and stood on the part of the roof that stuck out and steadied myself so that I would not fall. Of course I looked down and I swallowed the bile in my throat.I slowly climbed down the castle not caring if anyone saw me. I was spotted by one of the new guards and they shouted at me.

"Hey you!! Get down from there!!," he screamed and was aiming a rifle at me.

I climbed faster down and heard the first shot that hit the wall pretty close to my hand. I was startled and slipped. I was lucky I wasn't too far from the ground and fell on my back. I got up and ran out the gate hearing more shots being fired. I made it out and was running through the streets and people were yelling at me. I made it to an alley way and hid in the shadows hoping no one really saw who I was. I sighed and pulled the hood up so no one would be able to see my face. I looked around and started walking and asking people if they've seen Candice. A lot of people were helpful and told me one direction or another. I was going through the busy market bumping one person and then another. I bumped into a girl hard and we both fell to the ground. Everyone was laughing, pointing, and simply walking away.

"Sir I'm so sorry I wasn't looking where I was going and I was rushing," it was her and I was glad she couldn't see me.

"Oh it's fine," I said trying to add a rasp to my voice so she wouldn't know it was me.

I got up and gently helped her up and she pulled me aside out of the way of all the people walking through the market. We were in a disclosed dark shaded area and she smiled.

"Anything that would help explain my apologies sir?," she tried to look under my hood to see my face.

"You there!!," one of the guards yelled, "stop him!!"

"Run," I said grabbing her hand and we both ran from the guards.

She was keeping up as best as she could stumbling here and there and I kept pulling her back up to her feet. We were loosing them and when I saw they were out of eye distance I turned sharply into a building and we went down into the basement. I pulled Candice to me and made her face away from me and covered her mouth with my hand. I could feel her hot heavy breath on my hand and her chest quickly rising and falling. When I thought they were gone I slowly lowered my hand and sighed leaning my head on the wall. She turned around and pulled me from the wall and yanked my hood off. She gasped when she saw me and stepped away from me. I looked at her and she didn't say anything to me.

"Charles what the heck?!," she shouted.

I quickly covered her mouth again so no one would hear. She looked angry in body language, but her eyes said an entirely different story.

"I can explain," she yanked my hand off her mouth and hugged me.

"Then get to explaining or I'll scream for the guards," she threatened.

"I don't know why they're chasing me because they weren't even able to see my face and couldn't make me out," I said trying to get her off.

"Charles you're the prince! What do you think is going on in their heads if they saw a mysterious person leaving your window?," she loosed her arms a little.

It made me think and then the gears in my head started to turn. I looked at Candice and she gave me the 'of-course-you-know-what-I'm-talking-about-look'. She let me go and was about to leave when I grabbed her hand and didn't let go.

"Charles what're you doing?," she turned around and faced me.

I slowly got down on my one knee and her face went into shock. I reached in the pocket of my pants and pulled the little black box out my pocket. I sighed and she began laughing. I looked up at her in confusion as she keeps laughing with little tears running down her cheeks. I stand up still holding the box and wraps my arms around her hugging her. She stops laughing and sobs quietly.

"Charlie are you serious?," she whispered in my ear, "please donn't play with my heart like this."

"I'm very serious Candice," I whispered softly.

She laughed and cried at the same time reaching in my hand and taking the little black box from my hand and opening it. She gasped when she saw it. 24k diamonds on platinum ring and she slipped it on her finger. IIt was the perfect size yet it was my mother's ring before she passed away. She smiled and hugged me tightly and then we were both yanked upstairs and back outside into the sun. We fell to the ground and they couldn't see my face.

"Who are you and what have you done to the prine?," the guard shouted.

I turned and saw them pushing Candice around and swa her ring and were about to arrest her. That made me furious and I stood up and bellowed.

"I am the prince!," I shouted at the guards in anger.

They all looked at me in fear and said very many apologies and were backing away from me.

"And that's my bride you're shoving around!," I said even angrier.

They apologized even more and they let Candice go and ran away in fear and terror. Candice looked at me and I ran up to her and embraced her.

"Are you hurt?," I asked.

"No I'm ok Charlie," she wrapped her arms around me.

I sighed and took her hand and went back to the castle. When we reached where my father was and he saw me with Candice he had no emotion after that. I guess it was because he was so disappointed his old heart gave out and he passed away right there on the spot. Everyone mourned and cried for days including the entire town. I, on the other hand, did marry Candice. My oldest brother ruled and I moved out with Candice and Gloria came along because she made a promise to my mother. I don't know what that promise was, but she was sticking to it.

Candice and I now have two children, a girl and a baby boy, and have moved far away from my old home. We live happily ever after..........with remorse.


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