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Mrs. Moxie

Book By: GenuineJewel

Tags: Love, Moxie

Is this really some sick joke? Or is there really some guy admiring me from afar? Too bad if he was a real man he would come up to me and ask me out. That’s exactly how you have to be with people No Bull; straightforward and honest is that too much to ask for really?? Never will you find me beating around any bush as the cheetah girls said it best “I’d rather rescue myself.” Will Amaryllis Jeventie’s Ambition mixed with her up front attitude get her into trouble or will Ms. Moxie scare Mr. Right off before her eyes?

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Chapter One

"Tuesday's flirting turned to Thursday's Complete and Utter FAIL"

I could feel his eyes on me from the back of the coffee shop he was just there stealing meaningless glances constantly looking at me. We have been here for almost an hour playing what I call eye tag him, waiting to see if I will come over and me doing the exact same. It had become our thing since this past Tuesday and now again on Thursday at my ex-boyfriend turned best friend Cameron's shop. Just as Cameron came to acknowledge the fact that he knew I was waiting for him in the front by the bookshelf. He looked as geeky as he always did with his glasses and his shirt tucked in, his dark hair pulled back in a low ponytail. The stranger walked with a huge grin on his face towards my little area.

"Sorry Amaryllis-"

The blonde Adonis unknowingly interrupted Cameron. "Hello, I wanted to know if you could tell me who does your hair coloring." The strangers clear blue eyes looked so gorgeous that until he opened his mouth and the most feminine of voices came out.

It took me a second to properly understand exactly what he just asked. "Excuse me?" I couldn't believe I had to be hearing things my ears had to be playing tricks on me.

He simply put a hand through his blonde hair and restated his question. "Who does your hair coloring?"

"Oh, it's natural but I can cut you off a piece if you want it that bad

"No thanks" he slowly walked away and turn after his first four steps. ." I hated being rude to the guy but seriously you couldn't ask me that two days ago. My face quickly went from demure to ashamed in seconds.

"Well hello to you to a second ago you were just fine." Cameron cooed looking suspiciously excited for once.

"Cameron you saw that guy right?" I asked nodding over to the blonde haired blue eyed cute guy.

"Yes Mary I saw Bill he comes in and waits for his boyfriend my employee Jacob." Cameron spoke as though he wasn't in clear ear shot of what had just happened.

"You know, I just have the worst possible luck ever with guys it's like I'm good and apparently straight guy repellant now." He gave me an unsatisfied stare. I knew immediately as always he was thinking of how we used to be.

"Well excuse me, Madame." He snorted jamming his hands in his pockets.

"Let's just go Newsom, besides you know I wasn't talking about you we just didn't fit you know that as well as I do." He gave a reassuring nod as we walked out of the shop. It was the only thing his parents left him after they died last year in a freak car accident.

"You ever think maybe you shouldn't look for it so hard and just let it come to you." He stated as we walked to his blue Toyota Camry.

"Never have you known me for two years now, I'm a hopeless romantic and the perfect guy for me has to be out there somewhere and I have to find him."

"Perfection is in the eyes of the beholder." I could sense a speech coming on in the tone of his deep voice.

"Don't you mean beauty?" I corrected him knowing he tended to mix sayings together a lot.

"Amaryllis I meant exactly what I said it works both ways. Regardless don't you have anything else to be ambitious about?"

"Currently no I have an amazing job that I love all my bills are paid, I have food in my refrigerator, plus I still have a little left over to go shoe shopping with Monica tomorrow."

"I still think you sho-"

To block the sound of the annoying speech about to be preached I turned the radio on as loud as his car would allow. Funny how the song that came on was Everybody Talks by Neon Trees. His face as we drove down the street to the apartment was truly priceless; with his beet red cheeks and his lips were pressed in a tight thin line.

"I was not about to speech at you Lessie I was just saying you should find something else to get all obsessive about your ambition is amazing sometimes I wish I had it. You didn't have to turn the radio on." His feelings were hurt I could feel it in the air as he held open the door for me to our apartment.

"I'm sorry Cammie, okay?" So sensitive he was with all of his almost feminine like emotions.

"Let's just drop it." He murmured walking to the kitchen after locking the door.

"Cameron you can't do that to me. I am a fragile creature you can't just whine and then shut down every time we have a disagreement." Times like these reminded me I yearned for the old him. The one I remember from when we were dating and before his parent's death. He was so close with the both of them he always called them his true strength ever since they left he had been acting like this.

"I'm not Amaryllis now can you stop pouring salt in the wound and calm yourself down. Sorry I care too much." He raised his voice more towards his last comment and all I heard after was the bedroom door slam soon after.

He always got so mad at me after I told him to stop being so soft. I lay back on the living room couch stretching my legs as I rubbed my temples trying the headache I always got after an argument with him. After about a solid twenty minutes of silence I removed my heels and trudged over my room which resided on the opposite side of the apartment that Cameron's did.

Feeling the buzz of my phone in my back pocket I couldn't guess who would text me about now.

The words unknown number popped up on my phone with a text connected to it. Opening my iPhone yes I am an IPhone lover, reading the message out loud. Come down stairs a special surprise awaits you-Secret Admirer

There is no way this could possibly be Cammie he happens to be terrible with phones as well as computers. I'm the closest he has to a tech savvy and I all I ever used a computer for was work. Sitting down on my plush red sheets I was debating on whether to really go downstairs and possibly get killed or go downstairs and possibly get flow-.

Before I could even finish my thought in my head I was racing down the stairs and right at the bottom stood a bouquet of red Amaryllis flowers. They were my absolute favorite flower because not everyone knew about them yet they were so beautiful with their strong resemblance to Lilies but they had their own special flare to them to make them unique; which happens to be the exact flowers I was named after. Picking the gorgeous bouquet up from the floor there was a note stuck deep inside. I grabbed the note and slid it in my pocket before I ran back upstairs to my room.

The only thing that would be able to stop me from being so giddy and so happy was the one thing I truly loved more than love itself, giving advice about it. I normally did about five letters a night and my editor would be just fine this time I wasn't feeling so up to it. I decided one letter before I made my way to my snuggly bed.

Opening the email it read.

Dear Ms. Moxi,

I can't seem to stop my boyfriend from cheating I've read think like a man twice and he a cross between a mama's boy and a terrible cheater. I really have fallen hard for him and I can't see myself leaving him for anything in this world. Is there special tricks or ways I can make him behave and stop listening to everything his Mom says. -LexxiBee

Dear LexxiBee,

There are no tricks of any trade that can keep him with you. What you need to do is run! The opposite direction of whatever your head is telling you when it comes to this guy. If he wants to listen to his mother let him. If he wants to sleep around and sew is oats let him do it. Just make sure there is no you in the picture while he is doing it you are only hurting yourself by letting him treat you that way so grow some courage of your own and don't walk RUN away from this tainted and terrible situation - <3 Ms. Moxie.

Yes I know, weird situations for other people I can handle no problem when it came to me personally that was just a different story. In this town I was unknowingly to all Ms. Moxie the girl to ask about any and all type of issues. I turned my computer off and with a huge smile on my face ran my bath water. Letting myself soak into the warm and delightfully sweet smelling room, I could see my Amaryllis all the way from my restroom looking amazing beautiful and just so peaceful. Only thing I could think of was that whoever this was they definitely knew my first name at the least. Flowers or not this person still has the option of being a crazed killer, with expensive taste at that.


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