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Ghirahim's Love Story Part 3

Book By: GhirahimGirl26

As Ghirahim looks for Zelda and Lily uses her new powers to make Link cough up why he is so protective of Zelda. Warning: Lots of rude words.

Submitted:Jun 17, 2012    Reads: 91    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Lily stares down at her hands and razor sharp claws replace her fingernails. Her teeth grow like a vampire and her eyes turn red. She can run for a full 52 days until she becomes tired. Whether it's -1,097° or 5,6421° she can survive 42 hours. Lily smiles at Ghirahim. "I want to stay here with you but I have something to do", she says. Lily now can teleport like Ghirahim and she goes to Skyview Temple deep within Faron Woods not in the heavens. "Bloody hell! I can't believe that Link can defeat all my servants! I didn't train them like crap! Damn I need MORE!", she cursed. She walked into the last room. Lily was wearing a black dress with long sleeves with a cape with two sides bolted to her arms. To match her dress and capes she was wearing black high heel boots that were easy to walk in. Someone opened the door. Link. Lily had her back to him. "I can sense her. Before we fight I'm sure you will want me to explain", Lily said. Link didn't say anything. "You must be wondering what the hell is going on. Well, let's do it the quick way. I fell in love with Ghirahim and so did he. Ghirahim wanted me to marry him making me his demon princess. The only thing that stood in his way was Demise. The god of evil, Demise was his master. The king. His father. Ghirahim had to ask him for I to marry him. But to revive him from his monstrous state we needed Zelda. You were way too protective of her and slid out of our hands. So we both decided to give me powers so we can capture her in a much easier way. But to do so it is easiest to just kill you so my hands can slither upon her face. Oh plus my tougne too. It's extended as long as Ghirahim's. Exactly half a kilometer long. Don't ask me how it fits in my mouth. And that is half the reason why we stand here. To find Zelda. Tell me Link, why do you need her?", Lily says. Link felt more comfortable around Lily than Ghirahim. Knowing Lily half his life made him answer the question. "You love Ghirahim don't you? Well I love Zelda!", he shouted. "Well one is more than two!", yelled Lily as loud as a human could raise their voice to. Lily turned to face Link. Her claws, teeth , eyes and powers came. Lily's cape disappeared. A black sword came into her hand as Link pulled out his sword and shield. "Let's play, wimp." Lily fell to the ground and the lights turn on. "You, YOU BEAST! NEVER SHALL YOU WIN AGAIN! But it doesn't matter. You didn't hurt me and Zelda, her holiness's aura has gone. She's not here!", Lily said and teleported into Ghirahim's arms. Link steps into a Triforce room. It's filled with shallow water so shallow you can walk in it. Flowers are blooming and tiny birds chirp happily as they somehow know evil's aura is gone. A big statue of the Goddess is in the middle of the water. Fi floats out of Link's sword and says the ancient text of the Goddess. "The Goddess shall choose a servant to guide her across the land and choose the Chosen Hero to defeat all evil and bring the land into peace", this is one of the Words of the Goddess. Fi tells Link to spread his arms and he catches a stone tablet which he inserts into the statue. A red beacon like Faron's one lights up in the sky opening a way he can dive into the fire of Eldin Volcano where Zelda's aura is detected.


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