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The Hell Called High School: Chapter 4

Book By: grandturkrocs

The hell called high school chapter 4. Enjoy!

Submitted:Oct 20, 2011    Reads: 118    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

Katelyn's POV

1 hour earlier.

I laid down next to Jake,continuously looking over at him as he was to me. I couldn't believe Candy hit me,but I knew deep down inside that I deserved it. I mean,they did for three years and Candy never did anything wrong. Satisfied Jake perfectly whenever he needed to be,even cleaned for the guy sometimes. Let's just say she was probably the best girlfriend he could ever have,including me.

Jake and I started to date in their third year,and it started off as a one night stand that we could have never told Candy about that happened in the second year and by time we wanted to stop,we were having mixed feelings about each other and let them over us.

Wow,I can't believe that of all the people who could have hurt Candy that I was probably on the top. I couldn't take the silence anymore.

"She'll never forgive me" I said as my voice cracked.

I was about to cry.

"Don't say that babe,I saw her on the beach and left a note on the porch, knowing Candace she always looks at my place when she's coming from the beach."Jake said unsure of himself.

I nodded and then he crawled over to me and whispered,"I know what we can do while we wait,"He said and kissed my neck.

I moaned and in seconds,we were undressed and he was sucking at my sweet,wet spot. He ran his nose in my pussy and then his dick was on edge and in me. I screamed. His name and clawed my fingers into his back. We kissed as he pounced inside me continuously and then,something we weren't prepared for totally expected but unexpected.

We heard a gasp.

Candy's POV.

As soon as I walked in Jake's room I wish I never came. Did he want me to see them have sex? Their heads snapped in the direction of the door where I stood. They quickly broke apart and Jake pulled on a basketball pants while the whore who I called friend actually had the sense to pull on my black silk robe I left here for when I slept by.

I ran straight out of the room and for the stairs,but Jake caught my arm just as the tears hit.

"How could you???"

"Candy,I can explain"

"Fine,I'll give you one second to talk before I fuck up you and your whore!!!"

Katelyn ran out the room that second with tears in her eyes.

"Whore? Candy I'm your best friend. You have to listen to us"

"No! You were My best friend. What type of best friend sleeps with her best friend!"

By this time we were downstairs in the kitchen and it looked like it wasn't cleaned in a while. Dirty dishes everywhere and the floor had crumbs and ants. The tea kettle was on and it was signaling that the water was superhot.

I ran out of the house just as the two idiots took their eyes off of me,but turned back and poured the fucking hot water from the kettle all over from head to toe and then,feeling satisfied,ran out of the house to be greeted by the sunset.

I ran onto the sidewalk that would lead to the little dirt path to my home,but ran straight into a group of people because neither of us were paying attention. But when I saw who it was......


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