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True Lies Part 2 Of Chapter 3

Book By: gwenlover123

Anna finds out something truely freaky about Chris!!!

Submitted:Apr 6, 2010    Reads: 59    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

What did he need to say that was so important?!?" Anna.........I'm a vampire".Woooooowwwwww.Did he just say Vampire??? I sit down uncomftorablly.I think about this for a minute.Well,If I say we can't be friends anymore,than,he would NEVER I repeat NEVER speak to me again!! But for right now,i'm pretty cool for having a vampire for your crush."Chris,you might think i'm weird for saying this but,I like you".He smiles.I reach in for a kiss and we meet eachother.It feels like I just got transfored to a beautiful,nice body.It goes on for what seems like minutes,untill we hit the ground.l plump l.His hands on the ground and mine on his waist,we seperate nicely and look at eachother like we've known eachother for years.".............Hey,I need help studying for the test tommorow.Is it ok if I come stay over for dinner at your house"? I nod.We kiss our final kiss again and then go back to the school. Chris's POV. I walk into my nice house with my phone in my hand.I should be going to Ann's house in about one hour.I enter the livingroom to find Talia,our mom,and our baby sister,Charlie talking to eachother."Where have you been young man"?? I hate when she calls me that."Ummm.........at school..........learning".My sister glares at me."Do you even look at the calender in the kitchen?Today we had a meeting in the Veltouri"!!! I gasp.Damnitt."Well sorry.If I had not went to school today,I would not have kissed the girl of my dreams".They gasp,while I huff."And in.....A half an hour and two minutes,I got a study date to go to".I scram to my room and pick out some clothes:A black skeleton t-,and a pair of black skinny jeans.I scruff my hair to the side a little,and walk to the mirror.Perfect.I then take my bags and start walking to the kitchen. Anna's POV. Today,since my brother went out to do arrangs,I had to walk home.I stopped by Biggie B's to have some coffee and a dougnut.I then walk by some pretty worned out houses.Some guys come out and start following me.I start speed walking but then the blonde haired one came up infront of me."Why hello gorgeous.Why aren't you at your house"?I try to run but he trips me and looks down.His fangs come out as he picks me up by my waist."Do we have to do this the hard way or easy way"?He and his friends lurk to the side of me and take out their fangs.It's silent for a moment untill I hear;"I guess we have to do it the hard way".I see those red eyes again.It was Chris."Chris don't-"!Before I could finish,I get blasted to a bench right next to a little brick house."Anna Go In The House"!!! I go in at my knees and find a corner.I hear scratching and screitching.Then I hear foot steps come in."Wow.You get to be vampire bait alot.And geuss who comes to save you....This guy"!!!!!!! I laugh.He lays down and I sit by him.We kiss and kiss and kiss untill we remember,we have to go study!!!! Thanks for watching!!!! Plz sign!!!


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