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Forgotten Pain

Book By: Haineko14

The Hutson family move into their ancestor's mansion house, when Eve’s father went missing a few years back. She wants to know the truth about his disappearance, but was told there was nothing she could do. Trying to forget about this incident she tries to get herself to lead a less dramatic life.

This all seems to become a little hard when Eve starts hearing a plaguing voice in her mind and dreadful nightmares. Not to mention the other new transfer named Kris who acts, a bit strange?

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Chapter 1

It was Friday the 13th, but this didn't mean anything to Eve as she didn't believe in such superstitious nonsense. The sky was dark and cloudy, but yet held a mysterious glow of mist around the scrawny willow trees that surrounded the area. In the distance stood a large old Georgian mansion, which looked grey from dust and had made an apparently lovely home for the silky black crows that hovered above the roof-top.

The Hutson's Jeep drove slowly into view of the mansion that stood before them, and then screeched to an abrupt stop directly in front of the old building. The young girl, who was now sixteen and had slightly wavy blonde hair now only had one thing to say "You're joking right?" Her mother from the front of the jeep made a grunt "No Eve this is not some joke" and then added "This is where we will be living from here on out and if anyone dares to object to this, they can go and walk all the way back to New York city along with all their belongings by themselves." answered Eve's mother in a tone that was clearly annoyed, but not for no apparent reason. Linda Hutson had been driving now for over seven hours in their silver SUV Jeep with her three children who had been doing nothing but arguing the whole way there. This consisted of such lines as "The house is going to be so cool!" and "No, It's going to be a crumbled, broken down house that no one uses anymore for good reasons", and for any parent on a long travel, the old classic, "Are we there yet?" Eve's eyes gazed back at her mother who looked stressed and had bags under her eyes that could possibly carry an elephant. This caused Eve to heave a long drained out sigh.

Ryan, the first of Linda's children in the back seat who was going to be eighteen soon replied "We'll all try to be good, and I'll look after Max and well you…" he pointed a finger gesturing towards Eve. "Will look after myself" mumbled Eve, knowing well how her mother considered her to be an independent woman. Ryan and Max were the first to jump out of the Jeep. "Wow!" Max shouted. Max was still only nine years old and was the only member in the family who was totally obsessed with things that were haunted or just plain creepy, especially when a place had a some sign over it saying "Enter at your own risk", though he looked like the type who would run away as fast as his little legs could carry him, if he were terrified enough. Max always held this cowardly face and big goofy smile, which made you, want to smile along with him too. His hair was like a golden halo colour of blonde which both he and his sister Eve shared in common; Ryan their only older brother had always seemed jealous of this fact and felt cheated that he was the only one in his family who did not get to share this colour hair. Then again, Ryan had always been egoistic; because Eve knew when it came to hair he refused to comment about his own mousy brown hair, even though he would give everyone else smart remarks about what they were wearing or even how they looked.

From inside the Jeep Eve could just about hear the faded sounds of her brother's voices, "It's not that great, but it's OK…"said Ryan in an unsure voice and added "Well I guess it's to be expected, sense our Great, Great, Great Grandmother lived here." The two brothers were now on the porch staring in through the cracked framed windows "I bet this place is haunted!" Max squealed like a pig. Eve found herself not wanting to come out of the jeep for some strange reason. She could feel goose bumps make their way up her arms to her shoulders. Something was wrong about this place; she thought and couldn't help but shiver. Linda turned around from the front of the jeep to face Eve. "Are you coming? Or do you want to stay in here all night, it's getting late." Eve could only nod in response. Looking out the jeep's window she could see the sky suddenly darken as if deadly shadows were threatening to block out any sign of light that came its way. She jumped out of the jeep and headed towards the mansion. As she looked up at the second floor, at the very corner of her eye, she could have sworn she saw someone through the glass framed window.

Chapter 2

It was early morning when Eve looked out her new but yet obviously old bedroom window after waking up from a dreadful nightmare, which had been constantly plaguing her for the last three weeks straight. The nightmare consisted of her alone in a dark forest and the wind howling, reminding her of a banshee's cry warning her of the death of someone close to her. The branches of the trees would poke Eve's shoulders and arms, but as she turned her pastel green eyes to focus on her pale shoulders, she saw blood oozing down her right shoulder to the end of her arm. A sudden pain seeped through her whole arm, while at the same time a whispering tone of voice gained access into her mind "Worthless" the voice that did not belong to Eve said, "Just worthless…" and with that, the wind cried out again, but with an even more deafening screech. Eve could feel both her ears ringing with pain from the shriek. Suddenly startled from the nightmare she would find herself sitting up in her small single bed, sweat pouring down her forehead, tears flowing down her flushed cheeks and her heart pounding against her chest. Eve thought she would be used to this by now.

Having unpacked many of her belongings and sorting out what was what before she went to bed last night; she had noticed a small wooden chest covered in a thick layer of dust on the still decomposing windowsill. Eve had been too anxious to open the chest last night when it was dark out and decided she would properly investigate it in the morning. Well, that was if it was locked or not. However, she was wrong in thinking it had been locked and opened it with ease.

Inside was not what she had expected, but instead a single pocket watch. Unexpectedly Eve some how recognised this exact watch before. The pattern was a unique one. At first glance it seemed as though the pattern was too complicated to deceiver, however looking at it directly there seemed to be some sort of flora outline. The four petals in the centre looked as though they were deadly staring eyes, which would put anyone off from buying such an antique. Eve could have sworn she had seen this pocket watch before, "It looks nearly the exact same as that one" she said. "Ah maybe that's why it seems so familiar?" Eve then carried the pocket watch over to the single bed and threw it down, turning she made her way over to her wardrobe and pulled out a cardboard shoebox from the far back of it. Tugging the old masking tape off, the cover opened and what had been very precious to her was revealed once again. The photos were about nine years old now and still made Eve feel as though they had just been developed yesterday. Her closest friend that she figured had always understood her small worries as a child, smiled along with her in all the photos. The pocket watch that he had given as a goodbye gift was wrapped clumsily. She undid the wrapping and placed it on the bed to compare them. The numbness of shock, hit her in that moment because it seemed as if it were a fact they really, really looked a lot alike. In fact, it was as if they were part of some sort of set. Picking up her own watch she packed it into her schoolbag. Noticing the time she, paced out of her bedroom doorway, leaving the other watch to patiently sit on the bed.

As Eve made her way down the wooden staircase with a dusty red carpet layered over it, she noticed how nearly every step she took creaked from under her feet and how her fingertips traced lines on the banister. Ryan was the first person to pass her by as she suddenly rushed down the stairs and into the wide open hallway, thinking of the time. Her brother was wearing slightly ripped pasty blue jeans and a t-shirt with words put in capitals"LOOK AT THIS HERE". Eve thought it fitted him perfectly. "Nice clothes, sis" Ryan smirked at her, his grey eyes scanning her casual blue jeans and checked shirt. "Thanks for your sarcasm this early in the morning" said Eve who was not in the mood and wondered did he even realize what he was wearing. "Look, what time is it? I think I slept in…" she yawned as if to show how truly tired she was. Ryan rolled up his sleeves and looked at his bare wrist as if he were checking the time on a watch. Eve instantly noted the small tattoo on his wrist. "What's that about" she said abruptly, her eyes aiming at the tattoo. Ryan hastily pulled his sleeves back, his eyes lit up with shear terror for a split second and then unexpectedly he grinned " Its for the chicks, of course!" he laughed and stuck out his tongue, "Anyway it seems to be exactly 7:45am" he smiled again and added "and I'm about to leave for school" he gestured to himself. "Stop trying to annoy me, I'm being serious" she said. "AHH, But the watch never lies" Ryan winked. "Oh, and I'm actually being serious too" then he walked down the hall and headed out the doorway while looking quite amused. Eve felt too tired to scold him about how he was the oldest and should know better than to be going out getting a tattoo just for the girls and then teasing his younger sister on her first day at a new school.

Then hurriedly she sped into the large open spaced kitchen and ran around it grabbing random school books from taped up cardboard boxes, and at the same time throwing a single slice of bread into their newly bought toaster, and seemed to be the only electrical item set up in the whole house. It looked quite awfully out of place in a house that was possibly over a hundred years old now, this thought made her want to laugh a little to herself.

It took Eve nearly a total of ten minutes to finish packing her school bag and eat the half-burnt piece of toast. By the time she was even out the large wooden double doors in the front of the house, she knew how late she was. Still, in her mind was the notion of what she had found earlier. Eve still didn't know what to think of the clearly old pocket watch that was held inside the old chest. Then instead of thinking about it too much, Eve decided that there was no need to over-think about such small things.

Outside it was a bright sunny day as Eve walked along the side of the unused road. The sun was like a beautiful diamond only now making its way into the clear blue, cloudless sky. This place, thought Eve, is a lot different from New York City, where it seemed everyone was busy and had no time for family or friends. The buzzing sound of traffic nearby and the great towering skyscrapers that blocked most of the natural sunlight from lighting the many dull alleys along buildings and streets. She was now in the small tidy town and decided to start running. It would have been easier to get to school if the mansion had been built in the middle of town, instead of being in the middle of forestry and woodland where no one even goes. The school was in view now, she ran faster and eventually arrived at the large door, breathless from running. The building wasn't at all fancy, it was just made from red bricks, which colour had faded over time and was quite small compared to her last school. Eve hoped with all her heart that she could start new by moving here and that things would turn out different, than before. Just as she caught her breath, she heard to bell ring from inside. It started to suddenly rain, like the sky was crying tears. "Let's hope this goes well" she mumbled to herself with a nervous shaking laugh.


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