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Here in Heaven Chapter 3

Book By: HalleEllen

Life for Kaylee was miserable. She was in a very dark place after her beloved father had passed away. To make things worse, she is bullied mercilessly by the popular kids at school. Everyday she goes through the same thing, embarrassment, pain, and torment until one of the popular kids stand up for her. Never in her life has she had a knight in shining armor that would save her from this horrible life. She soon begins to trust him, and soon enough love him. But just as the sun seems to be shining down on her dark life problems at school become far worse than ever before. Will their love last?

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I never really could understand why he thought my idiotic dancing was "beautiful" but I liked the comment. They always made something inside of my light up, make me happier. But the feeling was only a temporary thing, never lasted for a long time, not even as long as I needed it to. "You think my dancing is beautiful?" I asked quietly, I turned my head to look at him, he just stood there looking at the dust from the dirt he kicked fly into the air. I watched it too, it swirled and waved like the trees did; it was pretty. "Well you do dance better than me, I can't dance at all. Watch, I'll show you just how stupid I look when I dance." I watched him carefully, he spread his legs and his head fell forward. He then just began to dance, I held my breath, was he doing the robot? He was right; he was a very bad dancer. But I liked it, his bad dancing skills made him unique, someone that nobody would really like to be around when he exploded into the eighties dance; except for me. "Well, you do know how to do the robot, so that's good. So technically you do know how to dance." "Right, are you always so technical?" He began to chuckle as he spoke, he was so weird, but so funny when he was weird.

We stayed by the lake and talked for hours on end. We talked about our likes, and dislikes, and some embarrassing childhood memories. I didn't want this day to end, it was too perfect. We even went for a swim, even though he pulled me in the cold lake water after I pushed him in. That was the best part of the day, when the sun began to set; we knew we had to leave our little paradise. I tried to distract him by asking to go on a hike or something before we left, but he wouldn't budge. With damp clothes and dirty feet, we hopped into the truck and headed home. We were having so much fun today that I didn't even notice that I was starving and my throat was dry it burned when I would swallow. "Do you want to stop and get something to eat? I'm buying." I shook my head in agreement. Fast food sounded really good right now. We stopped at the first burger joint we saw, I didn't care what the place was, just as long as they had something to eat. When we got to our table, a waitress from across the room began to look at us with a curious expression that I didn't like. I watched her examine us from the corner of my eye. Her short red hair up in a small pony tail bobbed up and down with every move of her head. She was pretty, but that didn't change the fact that she was being rude. I hated it when someone stared at me for a long period of time. It made me feel like I had something on my face or I smelled. I kept my eyes on the menu when she came to our table. "Hello, I'm Penny and I will be your server for this evening, what can I get for you?" I looked at Derrick; His gaze met mine at the same time. I nodded my head in the waitress's direction. "I'll have a Pepsi, and she will have a Coke." I watched her pen scribble all over the pad until she finally stopped. "Alright, I will have that right out for you." I wrinkled my nose at her stench. Ugh, too much perfume! I started to cough to get rid of the disgusting taste that now invaded my mouth and lungs. "Are you ok?" I looked up at him slowly, he looked worried but it was hidden by a smile. "That waitress' perfume was too strong, I can taste it and everything. " "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought it smelled nice, but she wasn't standing right by me." Before I could give him a dark look our waitress came back with our drinks.

. As soon as she set them on the table I took mine and gulped it down, I didn't realize just how thirsty I really was. The cold wetness felt good in my throat, it soothed the burning from not drinking something for so long. I didn't stop until I hit the ice cubes; I inhaled a big gulp of air and let it out in a long sigh. The waitress and derrick stared at me in amazement, I just shrugged my shoulders "I was thirsty; you would do the same thing if you haven't had anything to drink in eight hours." Derrick just let out a big "hah" in agreement. There was a long pause after that, kind of awkward, really, but annoying all the same. I broke the silence by ordering a burger and fries and derrick followed. The waitress scribbled on her pad and shook her head as we told her what we wanted. "Alright, I will have that out for you in a little bit." "Thank you." I said. After the waitress walked away, the awkward silence came back. I had nothing I could say, let alone start a conversation. I was never good with talking to boys; I barely talk to my big brother Andrew that lives in Florida. I mean I can talk to him in person, but the talking doesn't last long. Even when I feel like talking I keep it short, just so I don't babble on forever. He calls it weird; I call it getting to the point. I just don't like to be one of those girls that gush over how great their life is, or how they got a whole new wardrobe with their daddy's credit card. I think that is the best way to scare guys away; Girl talk. I hate girl talk, especially when it's with my mom. She tried to have "the talk" with me once when I was fourteen, it didn't end very well. I remember how weird I felt when she started talking about it, just to hear her talk about it grossed me out. The thought still sends a shiver down my spine. She tried to get me to listen after I told her I didn't want to hear about it. She said it was a natural and beautiful thing; Ewe was all I could say without losing my dinner.

I pushed that thought out of my mind and looked at derrick, he was staring right at me, his eyes following my every move, and it was kind of creepy in a way. "What are you staring at?" "Have you ever noticed just how beautiful your eyes are? Or how they sparkle when the light hits them? So pretty" I looked down at the table, I felt the heat radiating off of my cheeks as all of the blood rushed to them. How would I know about my eyes? The only thing I know about them is they are hazel, a mixture of greens, yellows and blues that make an emerald green. "I don't look at my eyes in the mirror, but thank you."

I chew on my lip as I think about certain things, like how my mom always tells me that my eyes are what remind her of her mother, my grandmother. My Grand ma was a very sweet and funny person, although she was highly concentrated on watching the Catholic channel, she always had time to brighten my day. I remember sitting on the old couch that had the usual smell of aging furniture, I would sit there silently and watch the Price is Right, grandma and I would make our own bids on items and see how close we were. She would sometimes tell me how she has a "crush" on the host of the show Bob Barker. That would make me laugh, and I would tell her that he is perfect for her and then we would laugh again.

As I think about this I look a Derrick that seems to be concentrating on something as well; me. "What?" I say in a chuckle. Derrick just stares at me; he opens his mouth to say something but then closes it. I was getting impatient. "What are you staring at?" "Your face, it's not so messed up anymore." I raise my hand to feel my cheek, he's right. The welt on my face is gone, but I'm sure I will have a lovely black and blue ring under my eye. I frown at the thought of it, the stares I will get, the rumors and the snickers. They will spread like wildfire, a fire that I cannot control or prevent. But what really worries me is when the rumors reach Alec and his sister Maria, that's when the fun will really begin. They will say the mark on my face is of their doing, and then they will tell everyone that I was so weak that I didn't fight back. I hate rumors, I hate high school, I am thankful that I only have next year and I can leave and never look back. Finally the waitress comes with our food, it smelled amazing, I scarfed down the burger. It tasted just as good as it smelled, and the fries were good too, but I liked the burger better.

Now that I was full I was ready to leave, I left the waitress a five dollar tip even though she was nosey and rude. The ride home seemed short and very quiet. We both got out of the car and we slowly walked up the path to my house. He stopped me before I could get up the first step. He then pulled me close to his body; my heart was pounding faster than it ever has gone before. He slowly raised his hands to cradle my face. I knew what was going to happen, but I was still worried about what he was going to do. His hands were very warm, not sweaty at all, his skin smelled of some type of cologne. I liked the way it smelled, I inhaled his scent that radiated off his smooth olive-colored skin. I looked into his sensitive blue eyes as he leaned toward me. I held my breath as our lips locked together, moving in unison. Time was standing still at that moment, nothing mattered; it was like the dream I had last night. So peaceful, and amazing we were in our own little world during that kiss, I had to restrain myself from going completely crazy. He leaned away then I felt lightheaded, but in a good way. "I will pick you up tomorrow.'' He whispered I nodded, too dazed to speak.

I walked into the house with a grin on my face and my feet tripping over one another. I liked the way this felt. Even though my head was spinning and it was making me a little queasy, I finally got to my room and I let my body fall onto the bed like a ragdoll, flopping and wiggling as the bed took the impact. Today was the best day of my life. I cannot remember a time when I was this happy.


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