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Inappropriate love

Book By: Hazel Darkshadow

Astrid is the vampire princess of the undead sector which is one of the many sectors which make up the kingdom of Camelot which was ruled by a male known only as the 'chaos lord' - The undead sector is the sector where all the ghost's, Zombies, Mummies, Vampires and Skeletons live. One night Astrid was out in the heart sector where the chaos lord and all his personal servants and the people who helped him run the kingdom lived aswell as holding entertainment and night-clubs.ect for all of the sector's people to come and enjoy. However as she was walking along to head back to the undead sector she is attacked by a group of five powered human boys until a mysterious male saves her and takes her to the castle where the chaos lord and his advisors lived aswell as his servants. Though it wasn't until the next morning she realised that her saviour was indeed the chaos lord himself....

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Astrid stands in her bedroom in the onyx palace of the undead sector, looking into a mirror where the frame which held the mirror was made of ebony and decorated with all kinds of expensive gems. She examins her makeup - black and purple as normal and done just in the way she liked it - She smiles and fixes a dark red fake rose into her hair above the plait she wore her hair in before she pulled down her skirt slightly and adjusted her tanktop before she turns and sits on her bed and pulls on her black ankle boots she favoured. Once she was finished doing up her boots she stands and exits her bedroom into the black and red passage way her room was along and turned left heading outside into the courtyard of the onyx palace and strode across the clearing into one of the pathways which went straight to the heart sector where all the best entertainment was for people of her age - her mother hated her going to the heart sector because it was where people of all the sectors could go but Astrid liked to meet people of different sectors and have fun -the heart sector let her do both at once.

She steps out the alleyway into a square full of lights and large buildings holding all kinds of entertainments for the younger generations like herself. Grinning she turns right and walks to the far side of the square where a large round tower building stood - every floor held a different place giving host to different activities - Astrid always went to this building when she was in the heart sector and she always went to the top where there was a high class nightclub where often the royal prince's and princess' of the sectors went to talk and hang out with each other and a couple of rich, high class citizens of the sectors. Astrid walked to the bar ordering a glass of rum before she looked around trying to spot anyone she knew - She spots the prince of the animal sector and the princess ofthe water sector and holding onto her glass tightly she goes and sits down opposite them. "Hey Astrid" say's Jake - the animal sector prince - with a grin. "Hey Jake, Rosa" Astrid says smiling back as Luna - the water sector princess - gives a nod being her quiet self as usual. The three sat and talked until 11:30 at night and Jake says "We should all head back to our homes - before it get's any later" Luna nods in agreement but Astrid scoffs saying "You two are so tame! Im going clubbing!" Jake looks at her and starts "Astrid you know........" but before he could finish his sentence Astrid had gone and was out in the square again and heading to the other side where the more louder, nosier, ordinary clubs were. Before she had covered half the distance a group of six human boys had surronded Astrid saying "What's a pretty little vampire girl like you doing alone in the heart sector?" Astrid glares at them saying "I dont want any trouble...." The boys grinning saying "Too bad - your too pretty to let go"

Shaking her headAstrid runs and tries to get past the leader of the group despite the low chance she had of getting past. Soon she feels the boy's rough hands close around her arms and grab at the fabric of her clothing as she struggles against them and claws at their faces with her un-usually long nails and tries to bite them. Just as she felt herself weakning and her body weakning a twenty five year old male appears and starts to pull the boy's off her with a look of thunderous anger on his face - As this happened the leader of the group had Astrid pinned between his bodyand a wall whilst he forced his lips onto hers and kissed her, in a second the leader was ripped off her and his arm dislocated, his head hitting the floor and knocking him unconcious as the mysterious male took ahold of Astrid gently - as if she could break with even the slightest amount of pressure - and picks her up into her arms as her eyes slide shut and she passes out in his arms.

Early the next morning Astrid's eyes flicker open to see her saviour sitting beside the bed she had been laid down on under the cover of a thick black and red blanket. "Who are you?" she questions sitting up slowly to find aches in most parts of her body and especially her head as she waits for a response. "Me? It's not important...." The male whispers pushing a strand of stray hair away from Astrid's face. "Please - it's important to me" she says taking hold of the hand which brushed her hair from her face, a soft persuading smile on her face. The male nods and whispers "Ok.... just please, dont freak when i do tell you?" Astrid nods saying "I promise i won't freak" Smiling the male takes a deep breath and says "..Im the chaos lord" Astrid looks at him in shocks and lets go of his hand but doesn't freak - as she promised. "i had no idea..." she whispers feeling confused and almost pained as now the fear she could not be with this man she had fallen so deeply in love with in such little time... The chaos lord looks at Astrid and knows the look in her face and pulls her into his lap whispering in her ear "I wont let anyone keep us apart Astrid"

She looks up at him and asks "Do you promise?" Smiling the Chaos Lord nods and says "I promise - but now we have to go and soothe your parents worries and find a way to persuade them to let you stay here" She smiles and nods as they stand and the Chaos lord leads Astrid out the room and down through the passage ways to the main hall. Once in the hall she see's her parents talking in hushed whispers - worry in their voices and body language - Astrid runs over to her parents and hugs them tightly as her mother says "You're never going near the heart sector again Astrid!" Astrid looks up at her mother and then to the Chaos lord who walks over and says "Rosa i know you wish to protect Astrid and you are very set against Astrid being in the heart sector but i was thinking of allowing her to stay here and do some training with me until it's time for her to take over the undead sector?" Rosa looks at the Chaos lord and nods "if you think that would be benificial for Astrid's training" The chaos lord nods saying "I do" as him and Astrid exchange secret smiles "I'll send her stuff over later...." Rosa says as her and her husband hug Astrid goodbye before they teleport out in a swirl of darkness.

The chaos lord nods and turns to Astrid who was smiling slightly "I told you i'd find a way to let you stay didnt i?" She smiles and nods as they hug gently before the Chaos lord says "Follow me to the training ground - i want to see what you can do" he takes Astrid by her hand and leads her through the Castle and out into the training ground where he lets go off her hand and asks "Do you use any elements Astrid?" Nodding her head she says "I can use the elements of Fire, Blood and Darkness" The chaos lord nods asking "Can you do any necromancy?" Astrid looks shocked but nods her head whispering "yes but only the basics..."


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