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A little closer to fame

By: hpatel

Page 1, Isabella Valentine begins her journey into the world of high fashion modelling but will she be able to handle the pressure? (incomplete,not proof read)


Chapter one

Isabella Valentine. The one girl that knew exactly what she wanted and always got what she wanted. ‘Maybe a closer shot of just my face’ She suggested to the photographer as both of them crouched over the screen that was a few meters away from the set. The full length shots were breathtakingly good but she needed more focus for her bulging portfolio to showcase at Vesper Black modelling agency that had earned a respectable reputation internationally. She had dreamed of having a career with the agency ever since she was introduced to them during her college years.

‘Your shots are amazing Sylo’ Bella complimented her photographer, ‘you can work magic with them lens’

‘Well...I have such a beautiful creature to capture, you were made for this, They going to love you’ He said reassuringly, eyes meeting with the hair stylist, recognising the cue, she scooted towards Bella spraying hairspray over her voluptuous espresso coloured bouncy curls.

‘Thank you’ she told the extremely helpful hairstylist making her way back to the set. The key in the shoot was simplicity, simple snow white drapes draped everywhere with miniscule fairy lights hidden between the pieces of material. Bella’s dress was an ivory Venetian style gown that ended with a long trail. She smiled straight ahead the lens, flashing her pearly white teeth that looked remarkable against her full lips. Her best asset was definitely her eyes, big mesmerising emerald green eyes, giving her a sense of innocence.

‘Angle a little to left darling, just stay relaxed’ Sylo called out to her, his short, stout body moving across to another camera standing on a tripod. The camera flashed continuously, at the beginning the lights used to almost startle her which was only two years ago, but now she remained immune to it.

‘Beautiful, perfect’ Sylo praised as he captured more images. Bella had loved Sylo’s photography and he had captured majority of her pictures overtime for her portfolio. She loved his technique, the way he made sure the light hit her at just the right angle.

‘Let’s call it wrap’ Sylo called out to her, raising his hand to signal the assistants that the shoot was dismissed. Bella smiled, walking over to him, looping her slender arms around his neck in a light hug.

‘How about a mocha? You’ve done a great job’ She congratulated him, pecking him lightly on his cheek in a friendly manner.

‘No sugar for me’ He laughed, rubbing his apparent beer belly. Bella chuckled, patting his stomach.

‘Enjoy, that’s one of the perks of not modelling’

‘My wife isn’t pleased with my pregnant looking stomach, She always says I’m about to give birth’ Bella shook her head in laughter.

‘No sugar it is, I’ll change, see you in the cafe in a hour’ She told him, giving the helpers a small wave as she left the set, scurried through the wide hallways until she reached a dressing room which she had been assigned to for the day. Pushing the code in Sylo had given her; the musky smell of perfume attacked her. Bella hurried to her phone, searching for Flyers name in her contact list. As the dialling tone rang in her ears, she slipped of the seven inch heels that had left her feet feeling sore.

‘Hi, good news’ she squealed on the phone as his sleepy voice seeped through her phone. He must have only got up which was no surprise. ‘My final shoot is done, I’m all prepped for my interview at Vesper’s’

‘That’s great princess, I want to see all the images of today’

‘Of course, I’m just going to grab a drink with Sylo after I’m changed out of this dress, so I’ll see you tonight maybe’ She asked him, perching herself onto the stool in front of the mirror.

‘I’ll have to check my diary’ He said sarcastically ‘hey hang on; you’re changing so does that mean you’re naked right now?’

‘Very funny, I got to go’ Bella scoffed, relieved after telling her best friend the good news. She closed her eyes taking it all in. This was her chance to shine, if Vesper took her on, her modelling career could really go to new heights. No doubt she loved her current job at Model Mayhem but the work she was receiving was very repetitive and lacked imagination. Shaking her out of her thoughts, her phone vibrated to show that Flyer had sent a message. ‘I know you’re naked’ the message read with a cheeky wink emoticon that followed it. She laughed to herself and began undressing out of the gown.




Bella’s eyes flicked over the few people that sat in the cafe that was situated on the ground floor of the building. The cafe had a strong wood smell that gave it a cosy, comforting feel to it. She took in the smells and scents of the place as she waited on a side table with her milky coffee and Sylo’s sugarless mocha. The heads of a few strangers kept turning around to glance at her which she secretly loved the attention.

‘ date?’ The waiter asked opposite her in broken English as he cleared away the table noticing that she was sat on her own with two cups of hot drinks.

Understanding what he was implying she replied flashing the foreign waiter a smile ‘My photographer, he’ll be down in a few minutes’ She taken shorter amount of time than she thought to get changed, but then again she had casually thrown over a pair of dark washed skinny jeans, crochet top and some platform shoes.

‘A model...beautiful lady you are’ His English was so cute, Bella thought responding to him with a compliment. Just then, Sylo’s stout build entered the cafe, walking over to her with a file in his hands, which were undoubtedly the images from the shoot.

‘I saw you’ He whispered as he scraped the chair legs against the wooden cladding on the floor.

‘I have no idea what you talking about’

‘Mmmhmmm, as someone whose complete comfortable with his sexuality, I agree he is hot’ Sylo laughed, as both of them glanced over to the waiter who still had his eyes locked on her.

‘We were not flirting’

‘Really? I would die for some sugar’ Sylo complained as he took a sip of his hot mocha.

‘Yes really, and here have mine’ Bella offered, pushing her coffee towards him. He pondered then nodded his head.

‘The wife’ they both chorused at the same as Bella read his thoughts.

‘Your shots, you might want to have a flick through, and pick three for your portfolio, you know I’ll miss working with you, other models are’ He snorted, handing over the file to her.

‘Firstly I haven’t even secured a place there and secondly if I did, I want you to always have some jobs lined up for me, promise’

‘Promise, but come on, you know you going to get it’ he gave her a toothy smile which made her feel confident about this position she wanted. Both of them fell into a mindless conversation as together they selected images to portray in her portfolio.




Flyer sat up in his cosy, messy bed dragging the cigarette from his thin lips and putting it out in the ashtray. He had got in extremely late yesterday night and for what it’s worth, he didn’t remember much of the night. His caramel blonde hair was matted and strays of it fell close to his misty grey eyes. Sleepiness showed on his face. The girl whom he had presumed stayed the night had left a note on the cluttered bedside table with her number.  He smirked, ripping the note from the table and trying to make out her name amongst the scribbles. Laticia, he figured.

His laziness had stretched on for a few weeks now and his dad had been hassling him more than ever to go to office. Flyer had been given a generous share of his father’s business, Arlington Hotels, the finest and most recognised hotel all over the world. Currently, Arlington was operating in more than 85 countries. Whenever he wanted, he could easily jet off to any one and spend in his nights in the luxurious suites, enjoying a continuous at hand service. Coincidentally, his mobile rang loudly next to him, his father’s name flashing on the screen.  

‘Hey dad’ He greeted his father as he answered the call knowing what was to follow.

‘Son, you’re never in office, you better have a good reason’ His dad’s deep voice was slightly raised, with a slight annoyance.

‘I’ll be there Dad, tomorrow’

‘You bet your fucking ass you will be, anyway I need to introduce you to someone special’

‘Special? Dad, you just had your fifth divorce three weeks ago’ He pondered for a second at his father’s familiar behaviour to his self ‘Impressive’ He cried out, knowing she was probably the typical money- grabbing- big- breasted –half-his-age woman that his father tended to fall for hopelessly.

‘So I was thinking this weekend, and bring Bella’ His dad ordered, cutting off the phone, leaving Flyer dumbfounded. His mother had passed away when he was younger, and since then his dad had never seriously committed to a woman.

‘Rise and shine!’ Bella’s sweet voice screamed from the bottom of his stairs. He could hear her small footsteps as she fled up the staircase.

‘Is it all decent in here?’ She asked before entering his room.

‘Let me check...yes all clear princess’ He told her sarcastically as his best friend entered the room looking all flustered. She dived on the bed, wrapping him in an affectionate hug. Her warm scent caressed him and her long hair fell over his face.

‘Your hair, it’s in my mouth’ He laughed as she pulled back, tucking her hair behind her ears. Her whole face was lit up, like a child who had just been given candy.

‘Tomorrow! They want to see me tomorrow, can you believe it?’ She cried out, lying down on the warm bed next to him. He was confused, her interview wasn’t meant to be for another week.

‘Fuck! How so quick’

‘I don’t know, they rang and ask if I was prepared for tomorrow’

‘Forget that, why are you still in bed’ She nagged, jumping off the bed to slide the blinds open, allowing the light to seep into the room. The sudden impact of light hurt his eyes, causing him to cover his eyes with his hand.  She snatched his hands away from his face, and looked at him not so amused.

‘You’re so lucky, you have everything, it wouldn’t kill to get your lazy self out of bed and go into the office for a few hours every day’

‘I had a late night’ He complained, a grin appearing across his face as he remembered the note. Laticia.

‘I bet you did’ She chortled, taking the note from the bed and holding it up to him. ‘Only one, awww that’s not impressive at all’

‘What can I say, I’m a one man woman’ He boasted, taking the note from her without much effort remembering his conversation with his father. ‘My dad, he wants to introduce me to someone special, and you’re coming with me’

‘Already?’ Her face displayed an expression of shock then turned into an I-saw-it-coming-look.

‘Don’t look so surprised, how about you make me some tea, please’ He asked her sweetly, cleverly flashing her his deep right dimple which most girls squirmed to.

‘No’ she said dryly, ripping the moonlight black duvet off his bed. He felt the cold surround his semi naked body as she did so but reluctantly swung his strong athletic legs off the bed.

‘You’re a bitch’ He said, hitching up his boxers.


Bella let out a deep breath as she stood nervously in front the globe shaped glass building. She was here in front of her dream. Everything she had worked for and here she was. Get in there and kick some ass, she told herself as she composed herself and stood calmly in front of the automatic doors. The wind whipped around her deer like bare legs sending a shiver through her body. 
'Could I help you madam?' a polite voice asked her as she reached a desk stretched out in front of her. The woman at the desk scanned her from head to toe with her Chinese like eyes.
'It's a competitive field, I wish you all the best' she said analysing that Bella was a model, giving her a sweet smile, ‘third floor, first office on right, you can't miss it, I'll alert them to let you know you've arrived, you can go straight up'
'Thank you. And I hope to see you more' Bella gave the chubby receptionist who wore the red bob cut surprisingly well a nod before she walked over to the escalators. With a ping, the doors flew open revealing a luxurious escalator, the size of a room. Wow, she thought to herself as she studied her hair in the mirror; she had pulled it back in a sleek ponytail with a soft puff at the front. Her stomach churned as it reached the third floor and the doors swung open to a group of people dressed in formal clothes waiting. One of the males gave her a cheeky smile as she walked out, her heels making a tapping sound against the floor. 
Bella's head looked towards the right, her glance falling open a door with Vince scribed across it in gold lettering.  Vince, so that's who would be managing her. Vince Hart, she had heard about him, he had worked with Alyssia, Candice and many other high fashion models that she worshipped.
A tall thin women with skin the colour of chocolate emerged from the room extending her hand forward, 'Hello, Sylvia Pars, you must be Isabella Valentine' 
'That's correct, lovely to meet you, Bella is fine by the way' Bella chuckled nervously shaking her hand.
'Isabella, Mr Hart is ready to see you' she said dryly and scurried off behind her. Okay weird, Bella thought as she pushed the door open, bracing herself for what was to come.
A plush office unfolded before her eyes that was by far, a lot better than she had imagined. Majority of the office was white giving it a spacious feel with hints of black. A tall, lean man dressed in an immaculate suit stood up from behind the glass desk. She noticed his jaw line was very strong and his jet black hair was almost strand perfect. It contrasted sharply against his pale, whiteish skin. He eyes locked with hers as he cleared his throat.
'Isabella, take a seat' he gestured towards the oversized leather chair opposite from him. No handshake, she thought as she obediently positioned herself on the chair.
'Bella is fine thank you, it’s an absolute pleasure meeting you, you've worked with some of the greatest of models' she rambled on, noticing he looked a lot younger and fresher than he did in pictures. 
'This is a beauty driven business' Bella stopped in her tracks realising her comments had been thrown over his shoulder. She swallowed, was he implying she was ugly?
'Beauty, you have that' she sighed with relief; his eyes were directed at the table rather than at her.
'Would you like me to present my portfolio, it’s an up to date compile' she said fishing for her folder from her leather bag.
'Not now, tell me why us?' He questioned her, now looking up at her. 
'I first heard about the agency when I was at college, I’ve always been quite confident and comfortable in my own skin...' Vince cut her off, leaning back in his chair, his eyes now fixated on her.
'Not so rehearsed, just talk' Bella gulped, hoping she hadn't sounded like a parrot.
'It's my dream, I know I have what it takes to makes this company proud, and you wouldn't regret it'
'Quite confident' he said surprised, studying her. Bella could feel her nerves but hoping they didn't show as she held her posture well.
'Confidence is key in this industry, words of Alyssia Digrani' 
'I give it to you, you know your research, portfolio' he added giving her a cue to pass her portfolio over to him. She sat in awkward silence as she flicked through and studied the pictures. He took a momentary pose then lifted his head to meet her eyes.
'Your features are strong, we like that here at Vesper’s, you're photogenic but you're work is very minor, how can you be sure you're cut out for the real world?' Bella felt her heart dropped.
'Whatever is thrown to me, I give it my best, I enjoyed my previous work but I know I'm capable of more, that’s why I'm here, although I have only ever done lifestyle modelling' 
Vince pursed his lips the flipped the book closed. 
'You're height, 5'7 can be a concern, most our models start from 5'9, any shorter are only exceptions picked by myself or Sylvia'
'Heels are second nature to me, I even dance in them' Bella said proudly, but the flat expression on Vince's face made her regret it.
'Your dress, who picked it out' he asked pointing to her navy blue pencil dress. Baffled at the question, she felt her mouth open then close.
'Myself, I'm sorry if you feel it’s not suitable for this interview'
‘don’t apologise, its great' confused Bella smiled awkwardly at Vince.
'Okay, that’s it, we'll be in touch within the next few days' Vince pushed her portfolio back into her hands.
'Is...Is that all?' She asked, not sure as it had been a fairly short interview.
'That will be all' with Vince's response, She pulled her bag over her shoulder and took her file into her arms. She could feel his eyes burning into her as she made way towards the door. He was possibly analysing her, how she walked, how she carried herself, would she need to change her diet.
'And Bella ' She spun her head around upon hearing her name, 'you do walk well in the heels'
'Thank you, have a nice day Sir' Bella mumbled as she stepped out the office letting out a deep breath, her heart race slowing down. The interview, it was over.

Flyer let out a sigh of relief as he received Bella’s message that the interview was over. He knew everyone would love her there; she was born to be a star. He reclined the chair further back, stretching his legs which were aching from his gym session in the morning.  Unfortunately, he had pried himself out of his cosy bed to reach office today. The paperwork had been piled into a large messy stack next to his computer on which his email account was displayed.

‘Your coffee sir’ the secretary walked in with a steaming hot drink. As she placed it down shyly on the desk, he took a glance at her breasts, small and perk. She was fairly young, a round face mismatched with her extremely thin frame.

‘You new here?’ He asked her, sitting up straight, reaching across to her barely touching her hair.

‘Yes, I’m Anna’ She mumbled, a blush appearing on her pale skin. Flyer smiled, the way she looked at him told him she was fairly inexperienced.

‘How about I leave this coffee, and we have one together to later’ he suggested as he felt a stir down below. Fresh meat was something he couldn’t resist.

‘Sure’ she briefly met his eyes and turned around to exit the office. Flyer congratulated himself thinking about him and Anna later. His wolfish grin disappeared as his eyes set on the paperwork.

‘For fucks sake’ He cursed under his breath taking the first few papers from the file and skimming through.

Time droned on at his lonely tiresome time at the office and he barely done anything as his thoughts were otherwise focused. Tired, he switched off his computer and cleared the desk off the several papers he had spread out. Taking his tie off, he placed it into the top drawer, unbuttoning the first two buttons giving him a more relaxed look. Slipping his keys and wallet into his back pocket, he switched off the lights, clocking the office behind him. To his surprise Anna was stood there in her black Mac coat, a bag in one hand and umbrella in the other.

‘I just clocked off’ she told him, recognising his expression. She was nervous, her fingers fidgeting with the items in her hand.

‘Do you mind going to Valentino’s?’ He asked as he placed his hand on the small of her back, guiding her out the building towards the car park. His baby was parked in the private car parking space, his deep silver Aston Martin one-77 which his dad had gifted him with. Anna widened her eyes in approval as he held the door open for her.

‘I’ve never...never sat in such a...’ She managed to get out as her eyes scanned over the interior of the car.

‘It’s an Aston Martin, she’s a beauty isn’t she, just like you’ He complimented, making her nervous driving in the direction of the coffee bar which he loved.



Flyer acknowledged that she didn’t talk much throughout their date, but rather listened to him babble on. She was cute, that was word. She also never ate much, but nibbled on the muffin that she had reluctantly ordered.

‘You need some meat’ He laughed, watching her as she played around with the muffin.

‘I’m not hungry’ Anna muttered pushing it away from her. His eyes roamed her face, it seemed as though she had a lot of stress in her life, possibly relationship problems.

‘Well...if that’s the case, then I’ll get to the bill and drop you home beautiful’ He said, pulling his wallet from his pocket as he gestured towards the waiter. He dropped a generous tip in the book then pulled her coat over her small shoulders.

‘Thank you for coming’ He whispered in Anna’s ear as she did so. He breathing went shallow at this whisper and shyly she held his hand as they walked out the coffee place.

The street was completely deserted. Instinctly, he pulled Anna towards his chest and met her soft lips with his hungry ones. She was hesitant at first but as he ran his hands through her short brown hair, her lips parted allowing him to roll his tongue over hers. He pulled away from her lips and smiled.

'You must be freezing, let's get in the car' He told her rubbing his hands over her coat on her shoulders to warm her up. As a gentleman, he held open the door for her, giving her a quick peck on the lips before he stepped into the driver seat.

‘So, where do I drop you?’ He questioned, turning his key to warm up the car a little before he drove off.

‘Roseway Avenue’

‘You live alone?’ He asked, pushing the car into gear trying to figure out if she was single or not.

‘No’ she muttered avoiding contact with his eyes, whether she was single or not was going to remain a mystery for him.  Her short, direct answer told him she was in a complicated relationship.

‘In that case, I’ll give you your goodnight kiss now’ He told her, placing the handbrake and leaning over to meet her lips. She was more confident this time, running her small hands through his thick hair. The kiss grew hungrier, and he flipped open the buttons of her coat to cup her small breasts from over the material of her shirt. Her skin was warm and her heartbeat was racing faster than normal.

‘Can I take it off’ He asked huskily, tugging on to her shirt buttons. She looked at him expectantly. Without hesitation, he freed her from her shirt, leaving her in her cotton navy blue bra.

‘Mmm’ he groaned, his lips sliding down her neck towards her breasts. Switching off the engine, he crawled over to her seat, pushing it back with the lever so he could lie down on top of her. With one flick, he unfastened the clip of her bra, tearing it off. His tongue rolled over erect nipples making them wet. He looked up; her eyes were now filled with lust. Cupping the back of her neck, he took her in for another kiss, biting her small lips.

‘If you want me stop just say’ He whispered into her ear as he reached down towards her trousers, pulling down the zip. He could feel the warmth and wetness as he placed his hand over the material of her panties. She panted and let out moan as he did.

‘No, don’t stop’ with her signal, he moved aside her panties and slipped his fingers insider her wetness making her squirm and moan. Her body quivered as slid another finger insider, rubbing them over clit, touching all the right spots. His erection was hard and throbbing, pushing against his trousers like a rock. Her moans were sweet, reaching a higher pitch as he pushed his fingers inside her hole.

‘Aaah’ she trembled, wiggling out of her trousers. He loved having a naked woman beneath him; she was so vulnerable under his touch.

‘I can’t wait any longer’ He groaned, undoing his zip, allowing his stiff member to unveil from his tight black boxers. She parted her shaking legs as a signal to him, her hands above her head ready for him to attack her. She let out a scream at his instant penetration insider her, his pulsating cock against the warm walls of her vagina. His pounded thrusts followed the motion of her hips, his hands kneading her breasts. Her moans grew louder along with his groans as he pushed hard inside her. With a final scream, her seed dripped around his penis, he pulled out, his cum dripping on her flat stomach.  Flyer collapsed on top of her quivery naked body, wrapping her in a hug.

‘That was one hell of a goodbye kiss’ He exclaimed, tracing her bare shoulders with his fingers. She winced almost suddenly embarrassed at being naked, scanning the car for her clothes.

‘I took them off, I’ll put it back on’ he told her, taking her bra from the driver seat. She allowed him to dress her as though she was a fragile doll, kissing her softly as he did so.





Bella strolled along the kitchen clearing away the mess on the marble tops. The time read 9pm and she still wanted to watch an episode of her favourite programme, and then do a late night grocery shopping to avoid the hurdles of people.  Sylo had left her several messages, to reassure her about her interview. Vince, he was a confusing man. Replaying the interview in her head, she placed the lettuce into the fridge compartment. She knew her height could hinder her chances but he did praise her for carrying herself well in heels. She shook herself out her thoughts to answer the knock on the door.

‘Hiii’ Mickey’s chirpy voice sang from the doorstep. Mickey was her neighbour. He lived with his son Luke who Bella absolutely adored.

‘Everything ok darling?’ Bella asked him wondering the reason for his surprise arrival. His electric blue eyes look tired, he single handedly cared for his son along with working tiring hours. He sunk his hands deep into the pockets his leather jacket and leaned against the door frame.

‘Luke’s got a school fair tomorrow, I completely forgot about it up till now and you’re the one person I know that can make mean cupcakes’

‘Of course, anything for Luke’ Bella said happily making a mental note to get the ingredients when she headed to the store.

‘You’re a star’ Mickey beamed, smacking a kiss on her lips. Bella smiled ushering him inside for a chat.

‘Maybe another time...and thank you thank you thank you’ he cried out as he made his way back to his house. He had a rough patch last year and Bella had supported him through his divorce and gaining custody of his son. He deserved happiness. Closing the door as the cold had given her goose bumps; she decided to put her programme on record and head to the store.

Late night shopping meant she wrapped a coat over her tank top and shorts, pulled on suede boots and fastened her hair into a messy up do with the support of a bobble. Her bare face made her look younger but regardless she felt confident in her own skin. She grabbed her keys and bag as she pulled out her house, locking the door behind her. She decided to enjoy the fresh air instead of taking her car to the grocery store.

The wind stung against her face, strands of hair falling into her eyes. The streets were silent and the only noise that could be heard was the rare passing car and her heels softly hitting the pavement. She regretted wearing her shorts and vest under her coat as the cold attacked her making her shiver.

A familiar wolf whistle surprised as she heard a car stop just behind her. She swivelled her head around to see Flyer’s face popping out his window that he had just rolled down.

‘Hop in princess’ He told her, she watched as he leaned over to push open the passenger door from the driver seat.

‘I thought I would walk to Waitrose to do some shopping’ she explained as she turned up the heating in his car. His hair was slightly messy and he wore a look on his face that was recognisable ‘You’ve got your sex face on’

‘What? No...No I just finished work, how was your interview?’

‘You’re changing the subject, I recognise that face Flyer’

‘I do not have a sex face’

‘You do, you’re wearing it now, at yours or hers hmmm’ Bella teased, knowing she would be grilling him for all the details on this hot encounter of his. Flyer turned into the car park of Waitrose.

‘Neither’ at his response, Bella stopped in her tracks then gasped realising what he meant.

‘You did it exactly where I sat didn’t you’

‘O fuck yes I did’ he snickered. She squirmed and jumped out the car as he finished parking. His face was plastered with a grin which he often wore when annoying her.

‘I’m sitting in the back once we’re done’ she laughed as they walked towards the fairly empty supermarket. The new stock had been filled a few hours ago and the aisles looked busy with products. The cashier waved at her as she walked in which she returned. Flyer grabbed hold of a trolley for her, following her as she placed items into the trolley filling it up quickly.

‘Anna, she’s a new secretary’ He told her, stopping in the baking aisle. Bella searched for cake decorations which she could use for tomorrow. The fact he remembered her name was a plus. She sighed and turned towards him.

‘Pleasure and work, not a good combination’ she warned him pulling the trolley from the other end to go further ahead of the trial.

‘It was just a bit of fun, plus she’s not single’ Bella shook her head but it was of no surprise. Flyer loved women and women certainly loved him but he had no intention towards commitment.

‘Aaah! Shocker!’

‘Hey, I didn’t know till later on in the evening, anyway the interview, who is this Vince’

‘He’s the one that’s on nearly every single Vesper magazine I leave lying around’

‘I don’t read your magazines,’ Flyer smirked receiving a glare from Bella, her big eyes widening at him.

‘Of course you just look at the women...anyway so Vince, he’s a bit of a confusing man’ Bella told him, gesturing Flyer to scoot the trolley over to the tills.


‘One second he’s patronising me then he gives a compliment but in a very weird way’

‘Maybe he wants you’ Flyer exclaimed, teasing her. Bella predicted that he would give a remark like that placing the contents of the trolley onto the conveyor belt.

‘No, not like that’ She snapped, pinching him on his arm. He winced in pain.

‘You’re so fuck worthy, it wouldn’t hurt to get laid’ He taunted her saying those words a little too loudly. The part time teen worker looked up at her, his lips curling into a smile. She knew he had heard the comment Flyer had thrown at her.

‘I do get laid’ she hissed at Flyer who was helpfully placing her shopping into carrier bags.

‘Come on, cheer up, I was just kidding’ Flyer said, walking out back in the cold air, his hands filled with shopping bags. Bella wasn’t annoyed at his comment but rather the fact he was right. She had many men craving her attention but sex was something she only shared with those that felt she had a connection with.

‘You’re a man whore, you do know that’ she snapped at him crossly, helping him place the bags into the boot of his car. He chuckled at her comment, pushing down the boot, leaning against it with his hands reaching in his pocket for a cigarette and light.

‘One day, I’ll settle down, but that’s not now, life is for living’ His tone turned serious as he began to inhale the smoke of his cigarette.

‘I know, marriage, kids, all that is dream away at the moment’ Bella stepped away from the smoke a little bit, hoping it wouldn’t catch on to her.

‘Whoa, marriage, hell no, fuck! You know that’s bullshit’

‘You really are serious about this whole no marriage life plan aren’t you’ Bella thought that was something he had been saying over time due to his commitment issues but his face was serious and genuine.

‘Two people love each other, that’s enough’ He smiled at her and threw the cigarette to the ground, half still not smoked.

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