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This Is My Love Story 1

Book By: Intell

A 15 year old teen high school boy gonna be a freshmen. Everything he wanted in middle school he gets it in High school. And expeceince new feelings and met new people and learn throught all of it and how will he surive the drama.

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Ok my name is Mike Cloud, i'm a 15 year old boy. It bearly August and almost time for a new school year. I already finshish my 8 grade year now a going to be a freshmen in Dependents hight along with my old school classmates and crushes. Yor probarly wonder why the story name is "This Is My love Story" well you see when you read all the series you figure ut out during the series. There 7 Series, so read along.1

Now here where it all began... Mike walk to his school dependent high school where there tons of sports and clubs. They have high students and won last year best school tropie. My went in the office down the right. Alots of kid are there sitting at the seats waiting. Mike went up to the lady and was feel neverous and unexcited.

Hello how may i help you? said the lady in red dress with cruly hair about around her 40s. I'm here for my schedule. Then she went to the stack of papers for the students. What your name dear said the lady in red. Mike Cloud. Oh here your are Mike i'll see you around with a sheppish smile. Ok said Mike confused. Then Mike went to the other door to the hall and went to the next door that said "school campus". Mike went in and saw the teens and look at his schedule.3

1 period Mr.Zuckerman language arts, 2 period Mr.Zuckerman English, 3 period Mr.Zuckerman spelling, 4 period Mr.Kayren P.E., 5 period Mrs.Heliey History, 6 period Mrs. Sherry science, 7 period free, 8 period free, 9 period free, 10 period free. Wow likes of mr.Zuckerman. Mike looks at his watch. Well it looks like the it almost time for 1 period. Then Mike start walking Mr.Zuckerman class. Then Mike walk in and he look around and he start to have a surprise face. And then all the students in this class a went to the back of the room.4

Who's he, he's cute "giggle" said a couples of girl at the corner. Then Mike looka at the students. Attention class ok everyone i have made a a steating chart. Everyone pay attention.5

First Andrew Martinez, second Jacob Riverview, third Maryjoe Gonzales, Cristal Enquinze, Sam Andenson, Next roll, Fatima Martinez, Ashley Rekemon, Daisy Tang, Valerie Castillo,Jeorge Martinezz, Next roll Karina Cruz, Jessina selina, Mike Cloud, Peter Virgo, Jason Alfter, Next role Eli Velet, Blance Rodgriuez, Kevin Renson, Tony Gruittez, Kristy Regan.6

Ok class you are all seated now, ok class My name is Mr.Zuckerman not Suckerman or Fuckerman. Alright class. Now here are the rules no throwing paper in the class, no gum, don't leave your seat without permission are you will have to sign a paper and if you sign it 4 time reffreal and detetion. Now who want to be priesident for homeroom 109. Kristy raise her hand. Anyone else said Mr.Zuckerman? Well ok Kristy as priesident. Vice priesident. Sam and Jessina raise their hand. Well you guys rather be class priesident. Ok Will a group of hand that want Sam to be Vice Priesident? 15 rasie their hands and the other 5 rasie there hands for Jessina. Class you may now get to know your calls mates since it the first day. Well after all the 5 were Jessina friends.7

Hi, my name is Daisy Tang said the girl from left with curly hair, black hair with orange highlights. Mike look at her blushing and disapointdly. We alright met each other said Mike smiling and disapointed. Really i don't remember said Daisy confuss. Who are you said Daisy. Its, me Mike Cloud from Skylake middle school. Mike said Daisy? Yeah Mike. No way stop joking. Um... i not joking. Daisy look at him and pause for a moment. Wait now that i look at you, you kinda do resembal Mike but way more different. Your really Mike said Daisy confus. Yeah it me Mike. Ok wait i'm going to ask you some question that Mike would know what my last name? Tang. What my first period in 7 grade? Science. My middle name? Mila. Ok you are Mike sorry for questioning you.8

Wow you change alot Mike you don't look the same as you were in middle school. Sorry for not reanizing you. It alright. Hey your Mike said the girl on Daisy left said. Yeah and Mike look at her. Maryjoe? Are you really Mike. Yeah he is Maryjoe said Daisy. Oh hi Mike wow you look so different. Yeah i know said Mike. Hey your really Mike said a girl behind Mike. Valerie said Mike. You know my name and you remember me !? said Valerie. Yeah you used to hang with me, mess with me punch me and play around with me in middle school and plus to prove remember the when you bite me and it left a scar? Yeah. still have it. Oh you really are Mike dang you change from this to that pointing at the middle school photo. yeah who did you do over your summer vaction said the three of them. computer, football, basketball and working out because of my dad. Wow you play sports?! said Valerie. You work out said Daisy and Maryjoe. Yeah. Wow you change this much over the summer!? Wow you dad must have work you. Yeah.


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