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The bane of Olympus

Book By: Jtrocks8

Please tell me if it's good it helps a lot

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'It was a normal day for Justin as he lounged lazily on the thick field of green blanketing the parks ground, the angry hum the bee hive that perched just a few metres above their heads wrapping him in its song. Alex continued to pluck grass from the crumbling dirt in front of her, bending countless blades in half underneath her stomach as she sprawled out over the flattened terrain. He had never thought he'd seen anything more beautiful - not just the serene day that rarely graced the suburban town they both resided in, but her. He couldn't get the niggling question out of his brain on why on earth she had picked him. Even at the meek age of fourteen, he knew he loved her. He also knew that if she wasn't aware of the real him and had - thankfully - accepted that, he wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to develop such strong feelings for the brown haired beauty that graced him with her presence everyday.
The only unnerving thing that disrupted their daily routine was the grime-soaked Adidas shirt that attempted to blend into the trees, and the equally as dirty owner of the garment glaring at them. Justin had succeeded at his efforts at ignoring the obvious staring, but Alex was less keen on showing her outrage of being observed.
"Why is he staring at us?" she blurted out loudly, letting her distaste sink in to each word. The track-pant and sneaker clad man lip's tightened as her voice echoed into his hearing range, and he cocked his head to the side in an attempt to intimidate her even further. Alex looked to Justin for an answer to her question' which was actually more rhetorical than curious. He responded with a simple shrug, - not wanting to embarrass the man even further by ganging up on him - the sharp rising and falling of his shoulders offering a simple 'I don't know' kind of vibe.
"Excuse me, I was wondering if I could speak with you for a moment?" a voice asked loudly from behind them, and Alex bolted upright. Her hand immediately found Justin's arm as she crawled closer towards him. She didn't like surprises, and Justin was always the safety-blanket she looked to when she was in an uncomfortable situation.
"Relax Ali - what can I help you with?" Justin asked politely, squeezing Alex's arm gently with his fingers in an attempt to comfort her. She had a bad feeling brewing at the pit of her stomach, and when she looked to the strange man on the park bench the bad feeling only intensified into terrified suspicion when her eyes told her that he was no longer perched there. She'd glanced away for a moment - how could someone move that fast? She recalled no flash of orange that would appear in her peripheral vision if he had run into the trees, and he was stood nowhere in the maze of playground equipment that consumed half of the park in itself.
"We need you to talk to Chiron." the black-suit-clad man requested bluntly, the only sign of secrecy in his appeal showing when he glanced at Alex with a look of distrust swirling in his light brown eyes. He looked almost like one of the business-men Father's of the squealing three year olds that sprinted around the park in games of tag, scraped their knees on the concrete basketball court littered with pant-sagging teenagers, slid down the squeaky bright green slide and receiving carpet-burn-like wounds on their decent.
"No, I think we're okay where we are. But thanks anyway-" Justin attempted to protest with a forced grin, smiling at Alex in an 'I told you to trust me' sort of manner. Alex instantly saw through the mask, noticing the restrain he maintained as his eyes avoided hers. How did he know? No, no - he didn't know anything. Myths were make believe. Centaurs weren't real... or were they? After all, he was real. He couldn't really refuse the logical knowledge if he was living proof of another world, now could he? He thought for a moment, not knowing what to make of what the man had said. "The centaur from the myths?" Justin inquired with a sliver of innocence in his voice. The mans tone got deeper as he hissed "De graecorum diss, ut scias et semidei." Justin thought for a few seconds translating Latin to English "Yes of course!" Justin claimed "How do you know that?" Alex asked with a mix of worry and curiosity "It translates to- So you know the myths? in Latin?" They had both learnt about the Greek gods and goddesses in Latin class. The man in the black suit "The boy is right." before going over to talk to the dirty guy in the orange Adidas shirt. "What was that about?" Alex asked Justin hoping he would know- He didn't know. "Well whatever it was you seem to know a lot about it." Alex said with distrust in her voice. The two people came back as the guy in The Adidas shirt said "I am Grover, and this is my friend-" the man interrupted "Boss you mean." "This is my boss Dionysus." Sounding a bit annoyed. Alex thought to herself- Dionysus, like the god of wine? She glanced at Justin who was just twiddling his thumbs. She knew he wouldn't have answers but he moved his shoulders as to say' I'll tell you later. Alex asked the two a question "So what is this about Greek gods and goddesses?" Dionysus' face got red and she regretted asking. Grover warmly said trying to change the subject "So Dionysus should we head back to camp." Dionysus nodded to Grover and Grover said it was a summer camp for demigods. Alex was too astonished to speak so Justin said "Wait so that means that we're demigods? Like half god half human?" Dionysus nodded. Justin still had mixed feelings for Dionysus, he was trying to decide if he was friend or enemy. "How do we get to this camp?"Alex asked. It was the first thing she said in minutes. "We walk!" Grover said. "Well where is this camp?" Alex asked. "Oh it's in Long Island about a 3 hour walk from here." Justin nodded respectively at Grover. Grover started walking after about an hour of walking the sun was already setting. Dionysus finally got tired and said "I never liked walking anyway." and he disappeared in a cloud of purple smoke. As the sun set Justin could see the skyline of New York and Justin and Alex stayed behind Grover by a couple meters. Justin said to Alex looking straight into her sparkling grey eyes "I meant to do this earlier-" he leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Alex was surprised, she didn't think he would do that. They caught up to Grover and Alex asked "Where is this camp?" Grover pointed to some hills in the distance. So close but so desperately far. Alex told Grover that she had to go to the washroom. They were right outside a grocery store. "Hurry up and maybe we can make it to camp before the bonfire." Grover said. All three of us walked into the store. Grover was sniffing the air like he smelt something. While Alex was in the bathroom I said to Grover "Is it normal for me to know Latin?" "Most demigods can but not as fluent as you." Grover told him. Justin glanced at the washroom, Alex just came out of the bath room. Next to Alex was this employee her name tag said "Stheno Gorgon." Grover was looking at that too. She glanced back and saw Grover and Justin. In a matter of seconds she had turned from employee into a woman with snakes for hair. She was getting ready to fight Alex when Grover yelled "Run!" By that time everybody had run out if the store except Alex, Grover, Justin and the Gorgon. Grover yelled at Justin to me click you watch. I clicked the on a button and a two foot long blade made of tempered silver appeared in Justin's hand. Justin had never used a sword before but his reflexes took over he ran up behind Stheno and hit her with the butt of his blade she fell onto her knees. She got up quickly but Justin was quicker. He slashed the gorgon right through her neck. Stheno disintegrated into golden dust. Alex's has dropped and Justin fell to his knees. The fight had taken a lot out of him. The sword turned back into his watch. And Grover explained what happens to monsters when you slay them. How they go to Tartarus to reform. They continued walking until they came to a hill on the top of the hill was a pine tree with a dragon wrapped around it. They went on top of the hill and looked down the other side there was a mass of cabins a sky blue barn house, a basket ball court, stables, an arena and I giant fire in the middle of it all . Grover told us to meet him at the fire. They surrounded the fire waiting for Grover while they were waiting Alex said "So about that kiss-" and she quickly pecked Justin on the cheek. While that happened everybody started both of them they didn't realize what was going on until Grover walked towards us with a centaur. "Chiron?" Justin guessed and the centaur nodded. Chiron studied both of them. Then he said to Justin "Grover told me that you killed one of the gorgons. "Yes sir." Justin said. Chiron announced to the camp "We have two new campers please welcome Justin Toth son of Zeus and Alex Levan daughter of Athena. Justin and Alex looked up. Above Justin's head was a blue lightning bolt and above Alex's head was a grey shield. Chiron said loudly so everyone could hear "You have just been claimed!"


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