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Becoming Unknown- Chapter 1

Book By: Justice131

Tags: Aliens, Love

Nora has been abducted by another species from another universe. Only her and another boy, Collin get's away. Nora and Collin is now being tracked down by the aliens...and to make matter's even worse one of them is Nora's old boyfriend, Quinn, and Collin's little sister, Jody.

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I opened my eyes and seen something bright. Where am I? I tried to stand up but I couldn't move. My legs and arms were strapped down. What the-

"Hello? Help! Is anyone there?!" I screamed. My voice echoed through the building. I wiggled in the seat my wrist scratching against the tight ropes. Then I heard someone else breathing...maybe more than one and someone moving...No, struggling.

"Hello?" I asked again. Someone mumbled something that I didn't quite get. Sounded like a boy. "Who's there?"

"Huh? Where am I? Jody," asked the boy. Who's Jody?

"No. My name is Nora," I answered. Then I heard a piercing scream. Sounded like a girl. Was that boy screaming like that?! What was happening?!

"Shh. Don't scream," shushed the boy.

"I'm strapped to a chair and you're telling me not to scream!" she cried. I tried to look over my shoulder at her.

"Just calm down," I said. Her screams turned into sobs.

"Huh,"asked another boy. How many of us are there?

"Quinn?" I asked, automatically. That's who I remember being with last.

"What?! No. I'm not Quinn. I'm Ethan," he said. Oh no...Where's Quinn! Tears began to form in my eyes. "Where am I?''

"I don't know," answered the other boy.

"Is anyone else here with us?" I asked. I heard someone struggling and grunting.

"I don't see anyone else," answered the boy. "Hey. I'm going to turn you around. Okay?" Was he talking to me? My chair began to slowly turn around. It was only four of us. The girl had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Just from her sitting down I could tell that she was very tall or maybe it was the high heels she wearing with her skinny jeans and black cut off tank top. She looked about 16 or younger. Her face made her look younger. The boy I accidentally called Quinn had dark brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes. He looked older maybe 18 or 19. He had this wild look on his face...confusing. Then it was the boy who called me Jody. He had black hair that fell on his forehead and gray eyes. He looked pretty calm and it reminded me of Quinn. None of these people looked familiar to me.

"Does anyone know what's going on?" asked the boy with gray eyes. I shook my head lightly. "I'm going to get us out of here." He wiggled in his seat for a while. Before I knew it he was freely moving his hands.

"Me next!" I gasped, like a little child. He untied his feet then he began to help me. When I was no longer tied up I felt free. We started to untie the girl until we heard something. We all froze.

"Shh," whispered the gray eyed boy. I listened more carefully. Footsteps! The boy grabbed me by my arm. "Act asleep." He told the others. They let their heads fall to the side and closed their eyes. Me and the boy ran behind some boxes in the dark part of the room.

The door opened and two figures walked into the room. My heart was racing and the boy's hand on my arm was really sweaty...or maybe it was me.

As they came in the light I could see their faces. Just by looking at them I knew they weren't human. They had shining silver eyes that seemed alert to everything around them. The skin on their cheek was translucent and they both had the same scar on the see through cheek. Wait..They weren't even scars! They looked like metal plates like they were robots or something. I steadied their faces even more.

Something about the boy was familiar too me. It was like I knew him. Oh God! It was Quinn!


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