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Walking on Air

Book By: justwin

Renee Klose - 21 years old, is in the midst of building herself and her future with current long trem boyfriend Andi, whom she loves dearly. But, things change when suddenly, Andi becomes a different person. She doesn't recognise this person. Soon, she can no longer see herself with him. She leaves Andi, or at least she tries to. You'll find love, a tiny speck of humour and friendship in this journey of Renee's. But, do things turn out the way she planned? Let's find out!

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Chapter 1

I stared at my surroundings in disbelief. A girl - or transvestite, nevermind, was dancing on the table; half-naked. Guys were falling for her charms, though. I rolled my eyes at how idiotic men could be. Put a scantily clad female on a table and guys will be ploughing their way through like a pack of hungry wolves.

"Andi, please, can we just get out of here before I lose my mind?" I asked, biting my lower lip frustratedly. "Please."

Andi groaned and got up to his feet hesitantly. Not that I would have given him a chance anyway. He really had to give up his silly irresponsible habit of drinking. I didn't fall for a drunk, last I remember. Ever since he enrolled into college, the friends he made were just 'wonderful'. Note my sarcasm, I think you get the picture.

Pardon me, I totally forgot to introduce myself. My name is Renee, Renee Klose. I'm currently a freelance artist and part-time musician. I'll turn 20 this September and Andi, my boyfriend, whose full name is actually Andreas Thran, is supposedly throwing me a huge birthday bash. In this state, I doubt he'll ever remember such a plan. Guys, they're like goldfishes; memory-wise. It was our 2nd year anniversary celebration today and Andi had taken me out to a beautiful Italian restaurant for dinner. Yes, you may think it was utterly romantic - not. As soon as we reached, he turned on his heel and headed for a completely different direction; the pub. Sure, I was displeased, insisted on leaving, but Andi wouldn't, couldn't.
He was much too engrossed in his liquor to actually care about how I felt.

"Renee, baby, you get outta here first. I'll catch up with you in a sec," Andi said, more like mumbled. He was so wasted, I felt worried for his wellbeing.

"Okay, but hurry up. We have to get you home right now." I decided to wait outside the pub for him.

Being an individual who stays clear off alcohol and ciggarettes, I felt hurt by Andi's recent likings. When we first met, he was our high school's top student who excelled inside and outside school. Now? I just don't know him anymore. It's like he's an entirely different person or he switched personalities with some thug. I love Andi, but that's the thing, I love Andi. I don't love the new Andi, he scares me; the fact that he evolved so quickly.

"Why's he taking so long?" I whispered to myself, craning my neck into the pub's doorway, trying to locate Andi. I finally saw him standing in front of a round table talking to some people.

"Andi, I was waiting for you outside," I said, injecting a hurt tone in my voice. Not that he noticed it, anyway.

"Renee, hey!"

I looked at the people Andi was having a conversation with and smiled. They were Andi's friends since they were in primary school. I sat down hastily to join in the chat.

"Hey, guys! I'm sorry, I didn't know you were both here. Nice to see you again, though!" I answered, shaking all their hands.

"Yeah, we last saw you when you and Andi were getting heated up last year," Tom said, grinning at Andi who looked like he couln't give a hoot.
"Bill, I noticed the new hairstyle. Sweet!" I complimented.

"Oh, this? Thanks. I have been wanting to get a mohawk for sometime now. Tom changed his style so I thought, I should, too. It gets boring y'know."

Bill was certainly the most adorable human being on earth, ever. My reasons? He's TOO polite. Also, he looks at you in the eyes when you're talking, not up and down at your body. Before I forget to mention, he happens to be breathtakingly beautiful. To top it all, Bill and Tom are in a very popular band called Tokio Hotel.

"What are you and Andi doing here, Renee?" Tom asked. Gosh, have I already told you how cute Tom is as well? Tom and Bill are identical twins, so go figure.

"I think we should let Andi answer that. Ey, Andi?" I turned to look at Andi condescendingly but he was nowhere to be seen. "Where is that turd?"

"Andi sure knows how to disappear from a conversation," Bill joked. "He's an expert at this, seriously. Back when we were in high school, Andi had a nack for poofing into thin air whenever we were talking to him."

"Yea, and he's really gonna disappear after this." I got up to look for him, that irresponsible mutt. Boyfriend or no boyfriend, he was getting a little too annoying for comfort.


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