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Come find me chapter 1

Book By: kaitiekat

Jenny was dead, a stiff, a soul, the only problem was ... she didnt know it. Now off to find her boyfriend Alexander,in the mortal world. Accompaning Jenny is her best friend kylie who is dead as well. Now Jenny has to accept the fact that she really was dead and can not communicate with the real world. She embarks on a journey to communicate with her boyfriend who by the way, is still alive and in a tragic state about his gilfriends' death. Could their love go on?

Submitted:Jul 29, 2008    Reads: 120    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

"Hello, can any one hear me? Heloooooo!" I dont understand how Im in the middle of New York City and no one can hear me! "Kylie, why cant they hear me? I mean we are in Times Square!" I say getting a little louder. "Maybe because we're... I dont know...DEAD!!!" Kylie said a little to sarcastic for my taste. "We are not dead Kylie. We are alive like everyone else around here." I said a little snooty to top her sarcasim. "Oh ya? Well if Im alive, how can i do this..." She is now completleyand totaly insane. I mean she's jumping around and dancing like a mad woman! And to put the whipped cream on the cake, no one is lo... wait a minute, no one is looking at her. Whatever, maybe people are just toointelegent to even take a glance at her. Ya, thats it, they are too smart to look. Ya, im not dead and neither is Kylie. "See! no one even saw me, and ya know why? Because im dead thats rite IM DEAAAAAAD!!! And you see no one heard me!!" "You know what, we are not here, in this dirty, disgusting city for you to make a circus of yourself, no, we are here to find Alexander. And that is exactly what im going to do." After about three hours walking around, we are pretty tired and decide to take a break. " Hey Jenny Im kind of tired. Got any sleeping plans?" " Ya, lets go to my house I've been meaning to see my parents" There goes Kylie rolling her eyes all the way to the back of her head. I swear, one day those things will get stuch there. "she'll see" Kylie says under her breath thinking in her ignorant little head thatI didnt hear her. I get up and ask her, "SO are you coming or what?" "ya,I guess. I mean, what else doI have to do?" We both share a grin. "I think that that is the fist time we'vesmilied since we got here" I say softly to Kylie. "I know. Im sorry I was being such a jerk. Its just thatI get so frustratedwhen someone is wrong and don't get what my point is." "ya, i know how you feel," I say completely lying because I have no idea what she is talking about. I only hope it's not about me. I hold out my arms really wide, "hug?" "good I could use one right now." We wrap our arms around each other and it felt like the longest hugI had ever givin. "Ok, lets go." I said to Kylie. "Sure, but we dont have money for the subway" "Money? I thought we were dead?" "oh my god, you admitted it!!"

Chapter 2


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