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Nina Fox

By: Katie Bailey

Page 1, Nina Fox


Spark's Fly


Nina bust through the big wooden church doors panting. Patch stood at the alter with his hands behind his back, a small smile playing at his lips. As Nina raced up the aisle, her yellow summer dress billowed out behind her, her brown hair flowed gently down her back and tears sparked her eyes. Everyone stood with horrified expressions and gasped quietly as Nina took Patch's hands in her's. “Don't marry her.” She whispers looking up into the dark grey eyes with a small smile in return. Patch closed his eyes and sighed “Oh Nina. I knew you'd come for me!” He whispers back, opening his eyes and wiping her tears away with his thumb. Nina's shoulder's shake and Patch takes her in his arms without hesitation. There is hushed whispers and Nina raises her head too look Patch in his eyes again “You were just a dream but now, I'm here. Touching you for the first time?” She chokes “How? Patch-!” She stops and sobs with Patch's arms still tightly fixed around her. There is a small, horrified scream and when everyone turns, Ella, who Patch was supposed to be marrying stands with her white veil in her hands. Mascara runs down her cheeks and she saunters forwards shaking her veil in Nina's face “How dare you Nina Fox?!” She shouts as Patch releases Nina and takes a step back with a satisfied frown. Nina wipes her eyes “I'm sorry Ella. I couldn't let it happen, I'm in love with him?!” She whispers looking over her shoulder at Ella's family with a sad expression. Ella giggles but tears still flow down her face “You ruined my wedding you horrible little brat!” She hisses turning and facing Patch, lifting her bouquet, she throws it and it hit's him straight in the middle of his chest “Burn in hell.” She hisses again before turning and running from the church, her dress gathered in her freshly manicured hands with a scream. Nina looks back at Patch and relaxes instantly “I-!” She stops when he puts a finger to her lips then pulls her quickly and swiftly into his arms. The church is emptying now and they stand waiting silently, intently watching each other. After a few moments, Nina gets up onto her tip toes and gently kisses Patch's cold lips then whispers “I love you.”

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