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Chapter Five:Please.....Fall In Love with SOMEONE

Book By: Lillianblood

Make your move Marshall....or you'll loose her...

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Cake put Fionna's dress on her.Fionna blushed.
"Don't worry,it's only me!"After Cake got her dressed,she got the gloves and some matching shoes.Fionna groaned.She hated dresses,they were never easy to fight in and move around!"Ok we're all set!"Cake grabbed her mini purse and headed out.Fionna grabbed her retractable sword.Just in case,and ran out to catch up to Cake.
Marshall Lee paced around worring about how he was gonna tell her."Do I just..tell her straight out.Or make it romantic?"He ran his hands through his hair.He hated being all mushy-lovey-dovey,but for Fionna...he'd do anything.He floated around to try to enjoy the party until he "swooned" Fionna.He chuckled as he slurped the red out of Prince Bubba's strawberries."I can imagine his wussy face now.."Prince gumball passed by the bowl of gray lumps.He stopped.
"Marshall Lee!Please,no hooligan tricks tonight!"Marshall Lee smirked.Man,this guy was the ugliest girl at this party.He smiled at the thought.He floated away and ate the red from his strawberry where....he saw it.He dropped the strawberry to the floor.
Fionna stood in the most beautiful white dress,up to where her normal skirt went, and her shoes golden.Marshall Lee stared at her until she blushed at him.He snapped back into reality ,but still looked at Fionna time to time.He floated towards her."H-hey Fi,"Marshall Lee tried to stop looking but,she was just so....Beautiful.Fionna blushed.
"Hey Marshall Lee,you look nice,"Marshall Lee thought of what to say.
"Not as much as you."Fionna froze.Did...Did he just compliment me?She smiled as she saw the red in his cheeks.Prince Gumball walked towards her.
"Fionna ,you look beautiful."Fionna's face turned red.Aw GLOB!Marshall Looked between them.He had to snatch her away quick!"May I see you on the balcony?"Fionna nodded and followed.Marshall's face darkened.He turned himself invisible and followed."Fionna,listen,I don't know why I haven't said this before ..but..I-I Love you."Marshall Lee was stunned.WHY TONIGHT GUMBUTT?!He kept away from loosing his cool.
"Dude,is this a trick?Did Marshall Lee put you up to this?"Fionna shook her head.Marshall Lee smiled,at least she thought of him when pranks occured.
"Does this feel like a trick?"Gumball leaned into Fionna.Marshall Lee stared....Fionna was kissing Gumball....the one ....she loved...


Prince Gumball sat at his dinner table.He ate only the freshest candy....AND NO IT DID NOT MAKE HIM A CANIBLE EVEN THOUGHT HE WAS MADE OF CANDY.He took a drink out of his pink substance that had eyes.It tasted funny....not as normal as....he fell asleep.Ashley floated to the sleeping prince.She whispered."Fionna is your love,for you shall sweep her off her feet,tonight."He nodded.Ashley grinned,she was cheating,but what can you expect from the bad character in the story.She floated into the darkness and snapped her fingers.The prince awoken.He smiled as he thought of his love.............Fionna.


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