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Chapter Six:Not What she Expected

By: Lillianblood

Page 1, Fionna\'s thought about the kiss\"not as I Imagined\"

4:25:Mashall Lee watched for a moment and quickly looked away.His heart had shattered and so had his dream.He had fallen hard into reality.He drifted away to a near by tree and thumped his head with no rythm.He held back the tears of pain,for he was too strong to cry.
"It looks like she found somebody else,"Ashly spoke in a soft tone,putting her hand on his shoulder.Marshall Lee hissed and pulled away."Ya' know Mar-Mar,she doesn't love you back,"Ashly picked up his hand and put it in hers,and slightly whispered,"But I do."
Marshall whipped his head to her.She smiled and fluttered her eyes.He stared at her and growled.
"Sick with gross sauce,"he floated away to the party and paused."I'll never love you and i'll never stop loving Fionna...F.Y.I,you're head is half bald,again sick,"He entered the castle and joined the party.Ashly ran her nails throught the tree bark.If he hadn't loved her.....than he can't love another.Especially,a human.
Fionna's thought scrambled in her head.What the Glob was happening?Did he finally kiss her like her dreams?She stopped thinking and felt the kiss for awhile.It wasn' all what she imagined.Her leg wasn't up,and on top of that......HER EYES WERE OPEN!Then it struck her.She had been worring and spending so much time with Marshall Lee that.....
She didn't Love Gumball.....
She loved Marshall Lee.She loved his pranks and how he was always energetic.She loved him.Fionna pulled back of the kiss.
"I'm sorry Gumball,but I....I don't love you,"she hurried downstairs to Marshall Lee.She would explain her feelings for him.Marshall Lee spiked (sucked the red from)the punch.He drifted around feeling like a ghost.Fionna ran up to him."Hey Marshall Lee!"
"What do you want?"He growled.He knew she was going to tell him about the kiss.No thanks,he thought,I'd rather forget about that.Fionna got a confused look on her face.
"What's wrong?"Fionna put her hand on his shoulder.Marshall Lee's eyes turned pitch black.
"You don't think I didn't see you kiss Prince Gummybutt?!"His voice was low and angry.Fionna was shocked.How did he see?"I did ,so you don't have to rub it in my face."He floated away from her ,but she followed.
"Marshall Lee!I wasn't going to tell you about that.I didn't really enjoy his kiss,anyway."Marshall Lee stopped and listened."I was going to tell you...that I.."Ashley broke the castle wall and screamed at the top of her lungs:
"IF YOU WON'T LOVE ME MARSHALL LEE,YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO LOVE HER!"Marshall Lee Stepped in front of Fionna.Fionna pulled him back.
"You can't hit a girl...or an ugly guy,but I can."Fionna drew her sword.Good thing she had brought it.Finally,she thought,a good fight.

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