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This Summer= Complicated

Book By: littlerose33

This summer is going to be complicated. Why?? because Melanie Carter has fallen in love with Joey Larkin..

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This Summer

I was determined to forget this summer, but I'll remember it. I'm certain I will…

Welcome To Camp Sunset

I rolled my eyes at the bright, cheery sign as the bus drove inside slowly. The eighteen kids around me suddenly rose, their arms flailing about wildly, and I grumbled. Being a camp counsellor was not going to be easy, I thought. I stood up, unbuckling my seatbelt, to fight off the crazy kids and wrestle them to their seats. Jason Lucas, the black haired, brown eyed troublemaker was the hardest target. "Sit down, please. Just say in your seat until we ask otherwise." I sighed, groggily. Jason stuck his tongue out, which I guess was the worst thing you could do to anyone at age six. Always the strongest, I raised my middle finger. I put it down quickly, covering my face. I checked back at Jason, hoping I had made him cry (I was not good with kids!) I heard a snigger from the front of the coach, and I looked to see who it was coming from. Perched on a seat lazily, was a beautiful, brown haired, blue eyed guy. I retreated to my seat, and hid my red face from his view. Sat beside me, almost more excited than the kids, was my best friend Lara Everett. She had worked with Camp Sunset for a long time, but she decided to drag me along this year. Oh joy. "Who is that at the front?" I asked her, she was familiar with all the camp counsellors. She pressed her pink lips together and said "That is Joey Larkin, he's the camp "flirt"" Lara addressed, a twinkle in her always wide green eyes. Jonathan Green, the head of Camp Sunset, walked towards the front of the bus.

Funny. I thought the head of a camp with such a cheery name would be cheery, but Jonathan Green was far from cheery as he got the eighteen kids off the bus and into the camp. He placed his fingers to his forehead and said "It's only 8am and I need an aspirin." I sniggered at him, and made my way off the bus. Lara said to pack lightly, but my Mom thought otherwise. I remember the day we packed, I rolled my eyes anxiously as she tumbled countless sweaters, t-shirts, jeans, and hoodies into my small brown backpack. "Really Mom?" I said to her that day, jokingly. She laughed, her kind face wrinkling slightly, and said "Just in case." I lugged the heavy backpack through the white doors of the camp, and turned to Lara "Where's the cabin?" I asked. Lara and I had a shared cabin, but the counsellor's bathroom was for all of us. It was simple, two beds with dressers and a wardrobe. I smiled at the simplicity. "Oh," Lara said, cutting out the minute of silence. She fumbled through her jeans pocket until she found a crumpled up piece of paper, and handed to me. "Here's your schedule." I got rid of the creases, and squinted at the small writing:

Breakfast starts at 7 AM prompt

Beach visit 8:30 AM- 10:00AM

Lunch 10:30AM-11:00AM

Activities 11:30AM-12:00AM

Afternoon: Free Time

Dinner at 5PM

Counsellor meeting 6PM-9PM

I smiled slightly at it. We dressed for the beach and quickly gathered the kids up. "Hey," Lara said, tugging on my arm. "You'll love this beach!" I smiled at her. I grumbled, dreading the coach journey ahead. Fortunately, the beach was only 3 miles away. We left the rowdy kids to make sandcastles and play in the sea. The camp counsellors all sat together, on separate sun beds of course. I smiled slightly as I caught a glimpse of Joey's torso, which was perfectly toned. I blushed as he came towards Lara and I and said "I hope you girls don't mind, it's a hot day today." he droned. Lara rolled her eyes, shoving him aside. He picked himself back up, wiping the sand off his shorts. "Come on, Lara. You know you can't resist me." I sighed. He flexed his muscles and Lara laughed, I sunk deeply into my sun bed, and placed my sunglasses over my eyes. The sun suddenly left my view and somebody's shadow covered it. I lowered my sunglasses, and saw Joey standing over me. "Hey.." he said, wondering what my name was. I smiled at him and said "My name is Melanie. Melanie Carter." He smirked at me, flirtatiously. "Wanna take a walk?" he offered me his hand, I took it.

The cold water tickled my feet and I ran from the waves. "So," Joey said, staring straight at me. "Tell me about yourself." I shrugged. There wasn't much to tell: I was fifteen, I came from California, I live with my Mom, I have one close friend- "Tell me about you first." I said. He flipped his hair aside, and looked at me. He smiled and began "My Dad. He was the biggest inspiration to me. My Mom, she decided she'd take her life when I was born. Jonathan's my Uncle, and my guardian. I gave up school, took drugs, slept with- well many girls. Jonathan decided I'd better start this camp counselling, and- I guess you could say I've turned my life around." His words were so powerful, so heartfelt, and I fell into his arms. "Actually, I have loving parents, a great life and I just decided to join Camp Sunshine. I just wanted to hug you.." I frowned at him, punching him in the ribs. He smirked, picking me up. I shrieked. "Put me down!" I begged him. He whirled me around, kicking water at me. He finally released me. His body came closer to mine, and he whispered into my ears. "Tonight. We stay here. My treat." I nodded, parting from him. I made my way back to the sun beds, and Lara rushed towards me. "What are you doing?" she snapped, her eyebrows arched. I shrugged, she had seen everything. "Joey has a girlfriend, and she works here-" Her speech was cut short, and we were confronted by a big, busty blonde. Joey's girlfriend.

"Lara, sweetie, it's great to see you.." She said, planting a kiss on Lara's cheek. She looked at me, giving me the once over. "And.." she paused, putting a manicured finger to her lips. "Melanie." I said. "Melanie. What a pleasure." Her slug like lips parted as she spoke and I shook her hand. "Word of warning," she said. "Joey Larkin is mine." she pulled my hand away, and made her way back up the beach. I sighed heavily. What had I done?? I looked longingly at him, wishing that he looked at me. His girlfriend looked at me, she had caught me looking. I had already fallen madly in love with him and I didn't even know who we was….

The first day passed quickly and soon it was the meeting. I couldn't meet his eyes, I didn't want to look at him. I couldn't look at him. Especially when she was giving me daggers.

One thing I knew was that this summer was going to be complicated. Very complicated.


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