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The Vampire Hunter

Book By: Lori109127

Allison falls in love with Tyler, a vampire since the moment they met. Everything is perfect until Jared rises from the dead what will this lead to? Death, misery, love, despair, sorrow,or is this all just game? There is a secret revealed that nobody thought would ever happen.
When will this secret be revealed?
When she's all alone?
When she had nobody?
Will she survive this supernatural world or will she die trying?
Allison goes through an endless journey of life But there's only one question:
Who can she trust?

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»Chapter 1«

I sink into my chair; we are in a meeting which sucks by the way. We are listening to Jane, my scary vampire hunter boss, about how to catch the vampire.

Our world is full of vampires but people don't quite know it yet. My parents always warned me how vampires are and what they do they cannot be trusted.

"Alright we need to plan, Allison would you share your idea?" she glares at me knowing I wasn't paying attention she sees my expression plain.

I look up at Jane,"Huh? What? Oh uh how about I lure them into an alley and then you'll catch it" I continue trying to not act bored "Now that I was the only one who shared this brilliant idea, Can I please leave now?" I said impatiently.

"Yes you may leave", she said softly nodding her head, my face shifts to a surprise look she has never dismissed me in a Vampire Hunting Agency meeting.

I've been working with them ever since I was a 14-year-old.

I walk down the long, white, narrow hallway in all my years I've worked here I hadn't actually payed attention to the lovely structure of this building. This building his hidden where no other person can come in other than the ones who are naturally a vampire hunter I hardly have skills but that's why I'm here. I bump into Dave the cutest black-haired, blue-eyed boy.

" Oh sorry ", I quickly apologized even though I didn't mean it. Oh what the heck he's cute that's what matters.

"It's ok I'm just heading to the meeting, god, Jane is so going to kill me", he gently sighs. I can see he's kidding.

I laugh "I think Jane already killed me. Been there. Done that" I'm serious though.

He laughs then heads to the meeting. Gosh, why does he have to look so cute? I go to the main office only to find my best friend, Leyna, she is holding a stack of papers with a pencil in her blonde hair like a teacher. I've never actually seen a teacher up close only in movies. She turns to me settling the stack of papers back on the desk her dark black eyes dull.

"Back already?" she asks with a smile.

"Yup.Hey, let me know if you need my help, I'm heading to school" she smiles, "Don't worry I'll tell Dave to pick you up when we need you".

I smile at those words she knows I have a crush on him and I hate myself for telling her.

I find my dad outside parked I smile at the sight of him his grayish eyes shimmering in the sun. I get in, no words for the whole ride which makes it awkward by the way.

I get out the car and my dad waves saying," Have a good day", I have never heard him say that before, I smile anyways. I push the glass doors and the bell rings as soon as I walk in.

I've been home schooled all my life and I come late on my very first day. I look for my class and walk in all heads turn to me. I stare at the white board that says "Mrs. Rockwell" written in red, I didn't think she could possibly be married.

"Hello, you are?" I walk toward her; her accent sort of British, I respond," Oh, umm, Allison Vail, I'm new here".

Mrs. Rockwell laughs," Everyone here is new". I knew that

I turn to the class and everyone laughs at me, I sigh "Right".

Mrs. Rockwell quickly points at the end of the class at an empty seat," Take a seat, Allison".

I do as she says and take my seat a girl pokes me on my shoulder,"Hey, I'm Sam nice to meet you by new did you mean homeschooled?" I answer grinning," Yes, how do you know?"

"I'm home-schooled too or was" I smile and quickly turn to Mrs. Rockwell paying attention to her.

I didn't want to get in trouble especially on my first day. By the end of 6th period, gym, the security guard pulled me out and said I was going home.

I arrive at the office and found Dave standing waiting for me. "Hey", he said pulling me outside," Ready for a vamp mission", he smiles opening the car door for me.

"Always", I smile back at him then he shuts the car door and we drive into an alley. I didn't think they'd actually go with my plan. I get off and pull my hair up revealing my neck the only way for a vamp to smell you is if you have your hair out the way.

"What are you doing?" Dave asks apprehensively," Relax, I'm just pulling up my hair".

He still has a worried look on his face, "We don't want to attract too much attention", I pull back a smile," We need to draw enough attention".

He clutches my waist pulling me closer to him, "I just don't want you getting hurt, Allison", I let myself smile," I'll be fine, don't worry". Yes I could actually have a chance.

Just then the vampire appears behind me, I turn he looks at me his red-eyes lighting up he smiles, "You really shouldn't be here". Yeah I don't want to unfortunately this is my job so shut up

"What you think I want to be here? Please I'd rather kill myself", I roll my eyes in typical disbelief.

"Allow me I'll make it faster", he grips my neck chocking me and throws me to the wall.

I quickly take out my knife but he manages to grab it from me, he looks at my arm, "You may feel a little pain" the pain quickly rushes in as he stabs me; I yell.

Just as the vampire was about to bite my neck Dave shoves a stick through his heart. I collapse to the floor catching my breath, Jane and a couple others arrive picking the vampire up.

Dave runs to me even though he was close, he grabs me in his arms curing me from the cut then shook his head, "I'm so sorry I hadn't done anything I was in shock he grabbed you so quickly and now your hurt. This is my entire fault". I grin, then looked straight in his eyes and kissed him, I pull back seeing him smiling, "Thank you for saving me".

Jane comes running to me, "Are you ok? I'm sorry we should've gotten here quickly". You think

"I'm fine don't worry, can I go home now?" she sighs in relief, "Sure. Thanks again".

"No problem", I nod gosh VHA would suck without me, Dave shifts his eyes from Jane to me, "I'll take you home".

I nod in agreement; he helps me up and opens his car door for me. I get in and he drives me to my house….home sweet home. I look at him, "Thank you again", he smirks, "No problem".

I was about to get off when Dave grabs my shoulder from where I am hurt, way to go grab me where I am hurt. "Hey, are you going to be alright?" I close my eyes, wincing at the pain in my arm, and nod gently. I get out of the car.

I watch him drive out of my driveway; I walk in only to see my parents in the living room with a bothered look on their face. I was tired of people asking me if I was okay, my mom stands from the couch, "Honey, are you ok?" I respond with a sigh, "Yes I'm fine don't worry", my dad shifts his expression to anger, "You could've died!" I look up at the ceiling then at him," Yes I know but I wasn't so if you'll excuse me I'm really tired so I'm going to sleep".

I walk upstairs tired; I bury my face in my pillow

I fall asleep.


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