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Seventh Grade Sweet Heart (chapter 1)

Book By: Lovelyday636

Should I continue with this? I would love feed back.

Submitted:Feb 19, 2013    Reads: 24    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

-----My 7th grade Sweet Heart------ I slowly walked up to the classroom door. It was widely opened. I peeked my head in and Zoe was there to greet me. She ran up to me heavily pressing her chest against mine while we hug. "Destiny, I'm so happy to see you :D" Zoe happily yelled "Ohio, Zoe chan." I replied It was technology/computer class. My favorite because the teacher, Mr. Arikaki didn't give two shits about what we said during class as long as we got our work done. I also LOVE to edit video and shop pictures and that's basically all we do during class. In my class there are about 15-16 people in it... Usually. I mainly focus on myself, Mr. Arikaki, Zoe, Aizel, and..... Other One. "Other One" is a bit complicated. Other On is a guy who isn't a student teacher... But he kind of hangs around class and stays after school with Mr. Arikaki. I didn't know his actual name until about 4 weeks into knowing him. Well I called him other one to his face and everyone referred to him as other one, every since I started it. During class he would pass by me once in a while. We talked some times. He usually poked fun and made jokes about me. I would playfully yell at him in return. He was much older than me. Other one was about 20-25 years old. I was in the 7th grade. Anyway, back on topic! I had some what of a crush on him. I would purposely not get work done in class so I could stay after school and finish it and see him. He was so funny and friendly. One day I stayed extra late. I got the okay from my parents and stayed till 6pm.. Of course Mr. Arikaki went home after 4pm but other one.... Lets call other one Jim. Jim volunteered to stay. It was late at night and I said I still need to finish some work but I didn't have a computer at home *lie* and the school wouldn't let us stay any longer. He, being a sweet and generous guy, invited me to come to his house and finish up. The drive was long, quiet, and awkward. I was afraid that if I said something stupid he would've thought I was weird. So I kept my mouth shut. We got down at an apartment center. Once we got to his he politely let me walk right in. I slowly put my bag down on the floor, trying not to look like I was studying his apartment for any sign of another woman. There weren't any signs. It looked like he lived alone. I wasn't sure to feel bad or feel over joyed that I had the slightest chance with him. "my computer is right there. There isn't a password so go ahead." He said with a grin. "Oh... Okay. Thank you." I said I turned it on to see a screen filled with opened up porn tabs. Redtube mostly. My cheeks turned bright pink. I turned to look at him. He quickly ran to me and used one hand to cover my eyes while the other was on the mouse rapidly clicking. He fakes a couple laughs. "Sorry, I usually don't have to hide these types of things since I live by myself." "It's totally okay" I said. His hand was still on my face. He finally realized what he was doing and he jerked away. I was getting some work done then Jim walks up to me. "I'm gonna be in the shower, okay?" "Okay." I reply. About 20 minutes later my phone rang. "Hey, omma." " Des! Be home in a few hours. It's almost curfew." "Oh okay." I say quietly. I looked at the clock. 7:30. I packed my stuff and zipped up my bag. I made my way to Jim's room. The door was cracked opened so I walked in without thinking. My jaw dropped and I regretted not knocking.


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