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Tempting Mistake

Book By: Maisy1996

It was a spur of the moment which made 18 year old Ethan Black, a shy young man first approach 17 year old Avery Scarlet, a easily angered but sweet sometimes girl. She's the girl that people were intmidated by, he on the other hand is the type that may look like a Golden boy but it's another story. The two form a strong realtionship that consequently causing them both pain in the end

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Chapter 1

He sat across her whilst putting down his tray of food carelessly on the table, swiftly he took out the squashed tuna sandwich out of its secure plastic wrapping and began munching away at it. Completely aware the girl was staring at him with a mixture of awe, confusion and irritation, Ethan continued eating his tuna sandwich.

''Sorry to come across rude or anything; do I know you by any chance?'' The girl questioned, her voice was soft yet a slight harshness could be heard. Was that concern in her voice or was she slowly judging him? Ethan thought to himself, he finally looked across to her, the first thing that met his eyes were her's. A hazel brown colour, they were warm yet he felt them locking on to his with a certain intensity, It felt as though she was giving him a full check-over- Ethan didn't enjoy the uncomfortable scrutiny.

Ethan felt heat flood to his cheeks, to be honest he hadn't really thought of a liable excuse even though he planned of this day to finally build up the guts to just sit in front of her.

''Not that I know of'' He finally replied back. She looked at him as though she was about to say 'well what are you still doing here?' but she just kept staring at him, her stare becoming much harder. ''I just thought it's unfair for you to have this whole table to yourself, that's all'' He said, his voice slowly drowned out, feeling his excuse was nonsense Ethan kept his gaze averted to the ground.

''Well I guess that's true'' She shrugged, and continued eating her own lunch, like she did before Ethan approached her. '' So what's your name?''

''Ethan Black'' He said with a sort of smoothness to his voice he didn't even know he had, and ever so slowly he extended his hand towards her, Ethan didn't really understand why he did it because there was a large possibility that she would leave him hanging. But to Ethan's surprise, tentatively she reached out and took his hand.

''Avery Scarlet'' She replied back, but her expression was jaded as though she hadn't wanted to tell him, because it was too much of a drag.

Their was a warmth from her skin immediately which enveloped him. Avery must of felt it too, Ethan though, because she quickly snatched her hand. Completely startled, her eyes widened slightly as though she was caught off of guard. Ethan couldn't control it but a faint smile passed over his lips, just a second ago she looked bored but now she must of felt something special.

Avery stood up, her face was slightly flustered and her expression changed from relaxed and open to shut and on guard. ''I have to go'' She scooped her tray into her arms and didn't look back.

At with that she was gone.


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