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Faites Moi Sortir (chapter eighteen)

Book By: MeAndHim


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Hunter finally stopped. He left me crying on the bed and started getting dressed. I sat up.

"Put your clothes on and leave. My mom will be here any minute." He demanded me.

I did as he said and slowly put my clothes on. After that I walked up to Hunter and patted his shoulder. "I don't have any shoes, can I ride in your cart?" I asked. Hunter turned around.

"No. Get out." He hissed.

I bit my lip and dragged my feet out the door. I jogged down the stairs and opened the door. It was raining. Great. I had no shoes and the only thing I had to cover me was my sleeping gown. Maybe I could wait until Hunter's mom came. No... Hunter would get in trouble. I decided to just run home. I ran out the door. The rain was freezing cold. I was surprised it wasn't snowing.

I started walking. The rain was going down hard. I could feel the drops of water roughly hitting my skin. It took me a long time to get back home.

I was so exhausted and excited to see the little house. I couldn't wait to be warm and happy. I especially couldn't wait to hit stupid Sebastian for letting me go like that. I ran towards the house and knocked on the door. There was no answer.

"S-Sebastian!" I called. I knocked again. Nothing.

I ran around the house and looked through the window. He wasn't inside. I went back to the door and knocked harder this time.

"Sebastian!" I screamed. My feet began feeling numb. "Sebastian! Where are you?!"

Tears ran down my face. I sat on the ground and banged my feet against the door calling his name. I didn't want to hurt Sebastian anymore. I just wanted to hug him.


I stayed crying on the floor for what seemed like an hour.

"Alison?!" Sebastian's soothing voice yelled.

I couldn't move. He ran up to me and wrapped a blanket he had around me. Sebastian unlocked the door and took me inside.

"What happened?!" He asked. Sebastian put me on the bed. He yanked my wet dress off and put some of his warm clothes on me. Sebastian cuddled closer. "What happened, Alison?"

"H-Hunter... He raped me... And then I walked home in the rain. You weren't there!" I cried.

Sebastian hugged me. "I'm so sorry, Alison. I felt pretty bad for letting Hunter take you so I went out to buy you something." He explained. Sebastian took a little box of chocolates out of his jacket and handed it to me.

I slapped the chocolates from his hand and punched his face. "Really?! You let Hunter take and rape me and all you get me is a box of chocolates?! You're such a stupid jerk!" I yelled.

"No, I'm sorry, Alison!" Sebastian wined. "Don't get mad at me... I don't want to lose you!"

"Well, if you keep this up, you WILL lose me!" I cried.

Sebastian hugged me. "What exactly did Hunter do to you?" He asked.

I leaned in and whispered everything into his ear. When I was done, Sebastian gave me an angry look. He pulled a pocket knife out of his pocket and ran out the door.


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