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Faites Moi Sortir (chapter seventeen)

Book By: MeAndHim

Hunter and Alison

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Sebastian pulled me away.

"Alison will not have sex with you!" He yelled. "Only I can do that to her!"

"Wow, thanks..." I sarcastically smiled.

"Yes I can," Hunter smirked.

"Well, that's called raping!" Sebastian scowled.
"No, it's not. I'm sure Alison would love sleeping with me." He said while giving me a glance.

"I wouldn't... But I would for Sebastian." I blushed.

"Well then, let's go." Hunter grabbed my hand.

I gave Sebastian a sad look as we exited through the door. He just gave me an uneasy smile and waved goodbye. That asshole.

Hunter didn't have a cart, so we had to walk about a mile all the way to his place. As we walked, I noticed how gray the sky looked. Maybe it was going to rain. I ignored it and followed Hunter into his home.

It was big. I think it was even bigger than Paris's house. Well, duh... Hunter was the mayor's son and all. He took my upstairs and shoved me into what seemed lke his room.

"My father is at a meeting and my mom is over a friend's house. We have enough time." Hunter said while locking the door.

"Oh," I frowned.

Once the door was locked and the lights were off, Hunter sat next to me on the bed and kissed my neck. He rubbed my arm and licked my jaw. I held on to his head and prayed that it would all be over soon. Hunter pressed his lips against mine. We stayed like that for a moment. Finally, he stuck his tongue into my mouth. We made out for a few minutes, then things got serious.

Hunter pushed me against the bed and unbuttoned my dress. I nervously covered my chest. He moved my arms and plaved with my breasts, letting out quiet moans from me. Hunter yanked off his shirt, along with his pants. We were both half naked. He kissed me some more and pulling down my underwear.

My face turned into a bright red. He grabbed my hand and made me touch his privates. It was so hard. He sat me and up and pulled his underwear down. I shut my eyes.

"Suck it," Hunter demanded me.

I slowly opened my mouth and licked the tip of it. He grabbed my head and stuffed his penis into my mouth. I moaned in pain and he thrusted into me. I pulled away and gasped for air. Hunter pressed me back down onto the bed and put it deep inside of me right away. I screamed loudly. Hunter went in and out roughly. Saliva ran down on mouth. Sweat from Hunter fell upon my face.

"S-stop... it hurts..." I begged.

He ignored me. Hunter started going faster. My whole body felt numb. I could feel a strong pain in my stomach.

"Sebastian... Sebastian!" I called. "Sebastian!"

"Shut up!" Hunter hissed.

He harrassed my neck and went in deeper. I squealed.


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