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Faites Moi Sortir (chapter six)

By: MeAndHim

Page 1, Just read to find out what happens -_-

Faites Moi Sortir



I fluttered my eyes open and looked around. I was still in his room, and still in his bed. The sun was shining through the window, I sat up straight and looked down at myself. I was just in my underwear! I looked around, all I could find was my dress, but no bra. Then Sebastian grunted. I turned around and watched as he sat up.

"Morning," He yawned.

"What happened last night?!" I asked.

"Don't you remember? He did it..." He laughed. I blushed and covered up my chest. "There's no need covering those. I saw plenty of them yesterday,"

I slapped him and sighed. "Where is my bra?!"

"Umm... over here..." He said behind me. I turned around and nearly fainted. Sebastian was pulling my bra out of his underwear.

"What is it doing in there?!" I asked.

"I don't know..." He said with a serious expression. I snatched my bra from his hand and put it on.

Once my dress was on, I headed out to go clean downstairs. The first place I decided to go was the kitchen.

Silone was there. She was poking around throught things. She seemed pretty surprised to see me.

"Hmm... There you are," She snarled. Silone cirlced me and wrinkled her nose. "You know, I was looking for you, yesterday. There was a digsuting rat in my room, again! I was looking for you everywhere, but you weren't in your room. And when I went to go ask Sebastian, his door was locked. I heard noises in there, though... Like moaning... I don't know if Sebastian was having sex with another boy again, but I have a feeling it was you."

"What? No! I was just... taking a walk..." I lied.

"Really? At ten at night? People could jump you! You could have gotten stolen or raped." She hissed.

"Alright, I won't do it again..." I sighed.

"Yeah, you'd better not," She growled. Silone walked a few feet away and gave me ne last sassy look. "I'll be watching you, A-li-son." She said, then she was gone.



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