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Dream Catcher (1)

Book By: Meganclaytor

when Ally is blamed for her past she finds her self running away. Running away seems to only bring back more memories.

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I was walking around the ruins of the life i use to live. The happier times before I was left alone, before I ran away, before it all burned. The sudden thought of it all mae me colder on the inside. My long black hair and ocean blue eyes they told a sob story. When the disaster happened my Grandmother use to make me wear sunglasses. My Grandmother would say I was causing un nessacary drama and sadness. My Grandmother hates me and blames me for it all.

I use to live in a farm house with a pond in the backyard and a barn with hay in it that i would jump off of stall doors and land into. A life where Mother would always make me sweets. Where Father taught me how to ride a horse. Where my sister Elza taught me how to play piano, or where my brother Drake taught me guitar. A place that got burned down when i was 8. I was playing with my brothers lighter that was left on the couch and the couch caught on fire. I didn't mean to do it. I ran out of the house. I can still see my Mothers face pushed against the window as she died. I was the only one who survived.

The pond was now covered in alge and the barn was falling apart. The house was burned to the ground all that is left is a few bricks and the dirt that was below the house. I walked into the barn thats hay that lies on the ground is turning green from age. I opened a stall door walked inside. I was having flash backs of my horse how much i use to ride. I don't know where i would go now that I've left my Grandmothers but i need to get away from here. Guilt eats away at my soul. I walked away. I was now 15 and had to live on my own and serve for myself.

As I walked in to the city I wondered if my Grandmother notices if i'm gone. I finally reach the city not knowing what to do I walk into a store this store smelled of the red hot candies. I looked around I wonder if people could see the agony in my eyes. I grabbed a pair of sunglasses. These sunglasses where impossibly dark. They were har to see in. I started walking around the store in them. All of a sudden i ran into some one knocking my sunglasses off.

"Oh I'm so sorry ma'am." A male said.

"Its fine." I looked up at the man who was rather hansome. He had shaggy blonde hair that went over his eyes. He had a nice build and a strong voice.

"I'm Luke."

"I'm Ally. Its nice to meet you." I said politely.

"Nice to meet you too. So Where are you heading?"

"How did you know I was going some where?"

"Your carrying a bag full of clothes and you have a map." He said with the worlds most perfect smile.

"Oh right. I'm going into the forest." Apparently I was now atleast.

"Thats not safe for a young lady."

"Oh uhm I think it is."

"Wait i got it. JARED COME HERE!"

A young man with dark short brown hair and muscles came out he was about 17. He was tan and matched up with Lukes beauty.

"Go with this young lady named Ally to her destination." I was shocked. Why isn't he going with me?

"Uhm yes sir'." He talked to Luke like Luke was his Father.


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