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Dream Catcher (4)

Book By: Meganclaytor

oh ya

Submitted:Jul 22, 2011    Reads: 7    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Jared and I walked back to camp. I sat down and looked at Jared.

"So what are you exactly?" I asked.

"Well Luke and I we are well werewolves."

"So what is that suppose to mean?"

"Its suppose to mean we are werewolves duh!" He laughed and hit me upside the head.

"Yea duhhh."

I playfully punched his arm. He smiled at me. He is being way to weird today. I layed down and noticed the su was startig to rise. I yawned and looked at jared who was putting out the nights fire.

"dang its morning already." I yawned then stood up.


Luke walked back to camp. He seemed cold and mean at this point I couldn't blame him. I walked over to him and looked into his eyes. He looked away from me. Even if he wouldn't show it I know he was aching. I know want he wants. He wants to be cared for. He wants someone other than us someone greater who can give him what he desires.

"Luke?" I said he ignored me.

"Lucas she said your name don't ignore her." Jared said.

He ignored both of us but signaled us to keep walking. I trailed behind both of them. Jared slowed down then pulled me behind his back hiding me. It was like he was protecting me.

"What is it?" I said

Before he could answer i peeked around him. Only to see something that I thought I would never see. There Luke stood in wolf form. He was bitting at trees he was lashing out. At this point he had no idea what he was doing. When Luke walked over to me he strated growling and snapping at me. I backed away scared of what Luke was doing.

"L-Luke what are you doing?" I said backing up running into a tree.

He growled and started galloping towards me. I sank to the ground as his teeth sank into my flesh. I bit down on my lip so hard that it started bleeding. Once Luke bit me he must have snapped back to reality because within 5 seconds Luke was in human form and kneeling next to me. Everything started to go blurry thats when I realized I was crying. I wasn't crying from the pain he had brought me. I was crying from everything my family dying, a gun being held to my head, Havery dying, and I was crying from what Luke has become.

"Ally I'm so sorry." Luke apoligized.

"LUKE LOOK WHAT YOU DID!! YOUR HURTING EVERYONE ME HER AND YOURSELF!" Jared threw the words at him like 100 bricks.

I couldn't say anything. I just sat there held my arm and cried. I have never had this many things happen so soon to me. My friend Jane and my family was all I had that I could be sad about but now it was all to much.

"I'm sorry."


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