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The two are love birdies.

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Chapter 1

Kent threw Reha on his bed than leapt onto her. He kissed her softly on the neck. Reha took off his shirt then whipped it to the floor. Reha and Kent made out for a few minutes. Kent's whiskers from his beard tickled Reha's cheek. She enjoyed it when his whiskers touched her face; she felt secured. Kent ripped open Reha's button up shirt. Kent went under the covers than pulled Reha under with him.

All of a sudden Kent's mom came into his room. She stared at Kent and Reha. Then she asked, "What are you guys doing?"

Kent replied "Nothing."

Kent's mom walked over to the bed and pulled the covers away.

"Some nothing," said Kent's mom, "Why?"

Kent replied "Mom, it's o-"

Reha after saying nothing for a while she cut in "Susan, we did this because we wanted a child."

Kent's mom put the covers back on the two then crossed her arms in front of chest.

Kent's mom said "So do you guys love each other?"

Kent and Reha looked at each other and both replied "Yes."

Reha showed Kent's mom the ring on her finger. Kent's mom then just walked out of the room saying nothing.

Reha hopped out of the bed and exclaimed "I can't do this! Sure we were about to do it minutes ago, but then your mom came in."

She grabbed her shirt then put it on her arms. Kent got of bed and walked to Reha. He kissed her than started buttoning her shirt.

"It's probably for the best. Maybe we could do this some other time when we are alone."

He kissed her again and she returned the kiss. Kent knew she would.

Chapter 2

"Let's get an apartment together. A nice apartment with a friendly neighborhood." Kent said. Kent looked deeply into Reha's eyes and did a goofy grin that Reha adored.

"I'll do what you want. Then maybe we can work our way up to a house." Reha replied.

Kent excitedly boomed "Exactly! When we start having our kids we'll have a nice house. This way we will have privacy. Our first child we'll live in the apartment with us."

Kent jumped up and picked a newspaper up. He scanned the text for the apartments for rent. He found the column then read over it. Apparently he found a good place! He showed the place to Reha.

Reha gasped. "It's perfect!"

"On the outside it is perfect. Let's inspect the inside first." Kent said. "It's got two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a working washer and dryer. I like it! We just have to look at the inside and make sure there are no problems."


Kent and Reha walked into the building. They were looking at the apartment they saw in the paper yesterday. The landlord led them to the room which was on the second floor.

"This apartment is locked and requires a key to get in. The one you two were looking at in the paper is on the second floor to the left." The guy said. He unlocked the door and revealed an empty room. He held the door open for Reha and Kent as they walked in.

Reha asked "Jack is there any problems in this apartment? Like rats, mice-"

"Gas problems? Terrible plumbing?" Kent cut in.

The landlord replied. "No. Everything is modern. The water is city water. An exterminator comes every month to check if there are any rodents. This place is well protected as well."

"That's good. Kent, do you want to check out the bedrooms?" Said Reha in a really quite tone that no one heard.

Kent grunted as if he didn't hear her. He opened the cabinets and took a look inside.

"Well?" Reha asked a little louder.

Kent looked at Reha and mumbled "Well what?

Reha laughed a hysterical laugh then just walked to the bedrooms herself. Jack watched Reha leave then looked at Kent turn on the faucet.

"What's her problem?" Jack asked Kent.

Kent replied really slowly "She is a little", Kent paused, "weird."

Jack looked at his watch. The watch read it was noon.

Jack mumbled "I'm going to check on her." Jack made his way to the bedroom where he found Reha looking out the window. The land lord had an evil idea in his head that would not be appealed by Kent or Reha. He was thinking "If they really like this place I could make a deal. If Reha has sex with me, I'll give these two love birds free rent for a year. I'll keep doing it with Reha every year and give them free rent.

Jack put his hand on Reha's shoulder, startling her. "I-I didn't see you come in Jack. This window has a beautiful view of the lake."

Jack waited a couple seconds before responding, "I'll make a deal with you. Do you really like this apartment? Well, I could give you a year a free rent if you like."

Reha started out excited "Really? That would b-." Reha went stern with a bit of coldness in her voice, "What is the catch?" She crossed her arms in front of her staring Jack down.

Jack grabbed Reha and pulled her close. "You and I have a night alone at my place and we could do it."

Reha head-butted Jack then escaped out of his grip. She gave him a punch and he collapsed on the ground. "I would never sleep with you! Why would you even think I would?" Kent was standing in the door way now but Reha didn't notice, "I've just got in engaged to a perfect man. You are not him nor will you ever be. Good day sir." Reha turned to the door to see Kent standing in it. "Let's get out of here Kent. Jack isn't a very kind land lord."

Chapter 3

Kent was reading a very interesting book but he couldn't keep his mind on it. He was thinking about how he can't get people to back away from Reha. His girl. His fiancé. He has asked her out. Still guys came to her. He kissed her. Guys have still come to her. He asked her to marry him. Guys would not leave her alone. What do I have to do to get people away from her?

Kent knew the answer but he didn't want to do that until they had their own place.

I would have to get her pregnant if I want guys to get away from her. Maybe that would work. No it wouldn't. Reha would still have guys begging at her door. The only thing that would work was to.

Kent couldn't bear the thought. To do what he was thinking was mean beyond all reasons. He couldn't possibly to that to Reha. He couldn't make Reha ugly for him. For his benefits of not having other guys go after her.

I'll just make her pregnant. No guy likes a woman that is pregnant and not his. I hope. There wouldn't be a down side either. Reha does want to get pregnant and have children. I do too… but I have more than a reason to do it. I will do it for a child and too get other men away from Reha.

Why am I so jealous? Reha said I was perfect. She wouldn't cheat on the perfect man. Will she? She loves me and I love her.

Chapter 4

Reha pounded the table with both of her fists. The anger in her was welling up. Then without warning, Reha collapsed to the ground. She fainted. This very rarely happened to her. The last time this happened it was seven years ago.

Kent walked into the room and saw that Reha's body was sprawled on the floor. He bent down and patted Reha's cheek.

He smoothly cooed, "Reha wake up. It's not night time. Wake up baby."

Reha's eyes fluttered open. She grabbed Kent's hand.

"Why were you sleeping?"

Reha hoisted herself up to sit up. She looked into Kent's eyes. "I wasn't asleep, Kent. I fainted."

"How and why?"

"I don't know. I was just angry at my brother. Then I fainted. This hasn't happened in so long. Almost seven years."

Kent stared at Reha questionly but didn't say anything. He slid his arm under Reha's leg then put her arm around his neck. He lifted Reha up and carried her to her room. He dropped her on her bed and then sat in a chair.

"Thank you for helping me watch my brothers today." Reha commented.

"No problem. They're pretty easy. Anyways Terry went to hang out with his friends." Kent remarked.

"Henry is still here though." Reha began, "We still have to watch him.

Reha moved the ring around on her finger. She thought about the wedding and when could happen. Kent did say she wanted to marry her but when did he want to.

From downstairs Reha could hear Henry screaming her name. She sat up then trudged down the stairs followed by Kent.

"What's the matter Henry?" Reha said when she reached the bottom of the stairs. Kent crashed into Reha by accident causing her to fall. Kent fell on top of Reha. "Ow!" Reha screamed out. Kent quickly got off of Reha and apologized. Henry pulled Reha up.

"Rain is here." Henry said while pulling Reha up. "She's outside waiting for you."

Reha looked out the window and saw that Rain was waiting by her car. Rain gave a little wave. "I'll be back in a minute or two." She opened the door and went outside.

Rain said "What's up?" She limped to Reha and gave her a slap on the back.

"Rain what happened to your leg?" Reha commented while staring at Rain's leg.

"Oh this. I thought you wouldn't notice that. I was in a fight."

Reha's eyes went open in surprise. Seriously, Reha thought. Again? This is the sixth time in the past two days.

Rain continued, "Never mind that. Check out my ride." Rain patted the car. "It's a beauty!"

Reha looked at the car "This is yours? A beauty indeed." The car was light blue and was a Mustang. "Hey listen, I can't hang out today. I'm watching my brother. You can come into house if you want and hang out with my brother, my boyfriend and me."

Rain stared into Reha's eyes. "Sure thing, no doubt about it. Of course I would have loved only you hanging out."

"Don't be such a complainer. Come on." Reha patted Rain on the back and pushed her lightly to the door. Rain and Reha walked inside of the house. The house which now held Reha, Rain, Kent, and Henry and soon to be much more of Reha's friends would soon become a party without knowing it.

"This must be Rain!" Kent boosted.

Five hours later Reha's friends found out Reha was in town and they all came over. Reha was a not so popular person but when her parents came over they were beyond mad.


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