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accidentally in love

Book By: PewDieBro

When on the verge of witnessing a new life entering this world two close friends find out the true desire for one another.

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In the middle of a summer like day I, Ross, was called to witness my brother's and his wife's first born son. So was my brother's wife's sister, Saria, said the messenger and said she wasn't far from here so I went off to pick her up. When I got to Saria's favorite fishing spot only to find her not there "typical" I said to myself scratching my chest tuff "What's typical?" Saria said as she snuck up on me making me jump "Hah! I scared you!" Saria joked, smiling and giggling. "Ya, you did." I said sighing to myself "Anyway are we going or not?" I said crossing my arms "Ya! Let's go pick some berries first!" Saria said walking up to me a little too close for comfort.

"Uh…ya, ya lets get some berries and uh…" I trailed off as I backed up a little, Saria giggled. While walking around the forest picking berries along the way "Um Saria I think we have enough berries for every one!" I said, straining to hold all the berries "Oh! I'm sorry I didn't know your hands where full!" Saria said turning to me, trying to suppress a giggle "Then do you think we can eat some of them?" I asked just barely holding the berries then Saria walked up to me and picked up one of the berries and ate it "Mmm…ya we should eat some of them, I mean there's more than enough." Saria said with a ridicules smile across her face "Wha-why are you smiling at me like that?" I said tilting back but couldn't move "Nothing! Nothing at all!" Saria said then pushed me over with her hand, which didn't take much force at all; and I fell on my back but Saria wasn't finished yet! She walked almost like a drunk human, swinging back and forth, and then fell on me pinning my lower half and her upper half above mine, her arms used as support on the ground from both sides of my head. "Saria are you feeling all right?" I asked blushing, feverishly trying to get the lustful Saria off me "Ross…!" Saria moaned before she gave out and fell on top of me.

"Saria!" I yelled, unable to move her off of me "Ro-ss." Saria mumbled in her sleep as she started to drool. "Saria, what happened?" I whispered as I managed to roll her off me and gently placed her body on the ground. Then I placed her upper body on my lap and I placed my hand over her head to check her temperature "She has a small fever but when did she get it?" I said to myself in a hushed voice, then Saria's head turned to me her eyes opened to reveal her twinkling red eyes and locked on with my amber yellow eyes, she smirked and used her arms to get closer to my face "Saria are you ok?" I said not breaking the stare "I-I-I," Saria stuttered but her eyes lost the color and her eye lids dropped and then her body went limp.

"Saria!" I cried, shaking her awake "Uhh…" Moaned Saria as she turned toward me then grabbed me by the arm and hugged it. Blushing heavily, sweating, but then a smile broke though 'Aww' I thought to myself "Well I guess I'll carry you." I said to myself out loud setting Saria in a sitting position then grabbed her arms and lifted her limp body tilting forward to keep Saria from slipping off so I can hold her by the legs and with a huff we where off. When we finally arrived we saw every one crowding around Aram and Airi, they took one look at us and moved for me and Saria, next to Airi, I settled Saria down but she was conscious enough to grab my arm and didn't let go so, blushing, I sat next to her as she leaned on me, blushing as well.

Then we hear a cracking sound from the egg and we set our sights on the cracks, then some more cracks so the top of the shell popped off and in the egg a little Buizel! After the celebration Lugia gave Aram and Airi her blessings and played around with the baby named Ageha a little bit but saw Saria and me, Saria's upper half on my lap. Lugia must have known something was wrong because she's now moving toward ME and Saria "What's wrong with Saria, Ross?" Lugia said lowering her head to look at Saria a little better "Well, we were walking in the forest, picking berries, but then she suddenly started to sway from side to side and fell on me," I said as I started to cry "What else?" Lugia said as she placed a wing tip on Saria's fore head "well Saria became…l…lustful." I said while letting a smile slip out "Lustful huh? Well then she must have eaten a bad berry and it intoxicated her but don't worry I can fix that but you need to promise me something." Lugia said as she moved her wing tip off of Saria's head, Saria's face is now blushing heavily red.

I looked up at Lugia with tears rolling down my face "What?" I asked "She'll be out of it for a while so I need you to take care of her and never leave her side." Lugia said as she lifted Saria with her right wing and covered Saria with her Left wing, I looked at her, blushing "What do you mean?" I asked as I snuffled, whipping my nose off my arm "Protected her, take care of her, and love her." Lugia said as she uncovered Saria and placed her on the ground, soaking wet "Y-yes! Yes I'll do that!" I said as I jumped to my feet and ran to Saria's side "Mmm…Ross? What happened, ow my head, why do I feel so weak?" Saria moaned as she placed her hand on her forehead "Ross here made a promise to take care of you and love you!" Lugia said as she winked at me and smiled "What? Ross, did you really?!" Saria said as her voice went higher, he eyes wide open to reveal her beautiful red eyes.

"Yes, I did my love." I said looking at her face with a long smile on my face and Saria squealed as she covered her face with both her arms, her face bright red "Aww, such a cute couple." Lugia said as she walked away "Let me help you." I said as I wrapped my arms around her and lifting her to her feet. "Whoa, I think I'll hang on you for a little bit." Saria said, giggling "Maybe I'll carry you on my back." I said as I got ready to do so "ya, that'll be great and one more thing," Saria said as she pushes herself off of me and then collapses on me with a tight hug "thank you for being by my side." Saria said as she clings to me with her head burred in my chest tuff. That's when I nosiest that she wasn't moving any more so I look down at her to see that she's asleep standing up. So I settled us down for the cold night.

"It's a bit chilly, maybe I should find a way to keep her warm." I said to myself and then saw how her twin tails where covering her legs "Hmm." I hummed then used my tails to cover her upper half and was caught by surprise when she grabbed them and clung to them tighter like they where a plushy! "Gih!" I stifled "Well, good night utsukushii (Beautiful)." I said to the sleeping Saria as my cheeks grew warm from embarrassment.

The next morning I woke up to find myself on my side next to Saria who was curled up in a ball and so was I; we were kind of tangled in with each other "Hmm…Ross? Ross, what are you doing?!" Saria said in an alarmed voice "What? Oh! I-I'm so sorry!" I said as I tried to uncurl myself but we ended up closer to each other till our lips accidently touched. Her full, plush lips on mine made my heart skip a beat and my both of us are blushing feverishly red "R-Ross…" Saria bumbled as she leaned in for another kiss that was even sweeter than the first "S-S-Saria!" I said as I rolled over her and kissed her again, Saria started to moan.

"How do you feel?" I asked Saria as I snuggled with her with my head on her chest "Uh…uh…w-well…I…uh…" Saria bumbled as she blushed heavily "Well how about I and you go some were more privet." I said as I pushed off of Saria "Um…uh…y-yes!" Saria said as she pushed off the ground but failed and landed on her butt "Um, a little help?" Saria asked as she held out an arm "Sure!" I said as I lifted her up and lifted her by the legs so she's on my back. "Wha-what are you d-doing?" Saria asked nervously as she blushed harder and harder "I'm caring you to the next aria so no complaining!" I said as I continued to walk.

When we stopped for a brake I left Saria on a log to sit on and I left to pick berries, when I returned I found Saria with her head down "Uh…Saria are you ok?" I asked concurringly "Uh, huh." Saria replied so I walked closer to her "Let's get going, we have a small way to go." I said as I extended my arm but what Saria did caught me so off guard. Saria grabbed my hand and stood up and stared at me with her ruby red eyes. Placing her left hand on my face but I grabbed her left and right hand and intertwined them and kissed her hands making her blush. Saria then leaned in and kissed me on the nose "Ross, I…I…" Saria started, her face now heavy red and her eyes tinkled "I know," I said moving my right hand and placing it on her face gingerly, feeling her soft fur. "I love you." I finished, my amber yellow eyes gleaming at the ruby red eyes of hers. Then, with all her strength Saria pounced on me, knocking me down, and found her on me blushing a deep red like she was intoxicated again, but this time she is thinking clearly and we kissed.

This time it was longer and warmer, from all the blushing, Saria then broke the kiss and asked "Hey Ross, we should like make an egg!" She said as her breath comes out as white puffs and saliva dropping out of her mouth "First…let's get married!" I said breathlessly whipping off some saliva that is dropping everywhere "R-Ross…you're Sirius?!" Saria asked with a surprised expression "You were so was I!" I said as I lifted my head as high as I could to her face, smiling.

Saria then pushed my head back and then collapsed on me with her head on my chest "You have a beautiful heart beat." Saria said as she purred to the feel of the rhythm "Mmm…that feels good!" I purred, Saria giggled "Ross!" Saria gasped as she giggled to the way I purred "My, my, what do we have here?" mused a voice. "Sis, What are you doing here?!" Saria asked as she looked up from me, blushing "Well I went to get some berries and I stumbled upon you two love birds, so I watched, so when's the wedding?" Airi said, taunting Saria "WH-what?!" Saria stuttered, pushing back on my chest "Well I saw what you two did there and I think you two are perfect for each other!" Airi said smiling ridiculously "Well, why not?" I said wrapping my arms around her and pilled her onto mw without resistance "Heh, heh, ok we will." Giggled Saria as she hugged me back; placing her head on my chest facing a small dirt road into the forest.

Since Saria doesn't have any strength to walk so I gently rolled her off me and got up, looking at the helpless Saria with her left arm on the floor and her right arm on her stomach, she's now staring back at me with her half open ruby red eyes and a small smile, blushing. I then extended my hand to pick her up and she grabbed my arm with both her hands then used her forearms to balance out. "Are you good?" I asked, holding Saria's right shoulder up with my free left hand "Yes…this is goanna be a long walk, isn't it?" Saria huffed "For me that is. Get on my back." I said as I lowered down so Saria can climb up and lifted her up on my back "Opff!" grunted Saria as she clenches to my neck tighter and tighter "Are you ready?" I asked giving her a glance, meeting her ruby red eyes with my amber yellow eyes "Let's go!" Saria said giggling as I skipped at first then trotted like a rappiddash until I got tired. When we reached a nice spot and eat. "I'll get us some berries so I'll be right back!!" I said setting her down next to a tree "Ok but please hurry!" Saria said smiling, her eyes half open looking at me like we were a married couple, and we will be a married couple soon.

When I come back, with my arms loaded with berries, I found Saria and Airi talking about something and then giggled but stopped when I stepped on a twig and snapped it loudly "Oh! Ross your back! How'd it go?" Saria asked, still leaning on the tree "What where you two talking about?" I asked, placing the berries on the floor in front of her feet. "Well, believe it or not Airi here was sick to and Lugia used the same cure!" Saria said as she stares at the berries "Well, then we don't have anything to worry about now do we?" I said, holding a hand full of berries to Saria "Right!" smiled Saria as she took one out of my hand and ate it.

"Well I have news for the both of you!" Airi said as she brushed dust off of her chest with the still visible gray half heart mark "Lugia is going to host your wedding at her place!" Airi said, rising her arms up in the air "Really! That's awesome!" Saria yelled but she accidently lurched forward and started falling but I caught her just barely and a small gasp left her "Saria! Are you alright?" I said falling to my knees and holstered her on me then lifted her up "I…I…" Saria stuttered but then fell in a sob as she clenched to me tighter "its ok you'll be alright, it was just a little fall." I said patting her back; I could feel her tears soaking in my fur. "Ross," Airi started, as she moved to my left and looked at me "Please keep her close to you and always protect her for me." Airi said tearing up but smiling "Is this your blessing?" I asked, rocking Saria back and forth, smiling.

"Yes." She nodded, tears falling off her cheeks "Thank you!" I said, now tearing up, placing my head on Saria's shoulder. After Saria calmed down we decided to go to the place Aria had picked for the wedding, since Saria couldn't walk at the time I swooped her off her feet, my right arm holding her back and my left arm holding her legs up "Aww, you two look so cute together!" Cooed Airi "Indeed they do!" Bombed Lugia who is flying above us creating a shade guide. "Well, here we are!" Airi said, steeping aside to reveal an entrance to clear patch. When we entered what I saw was a giant stump in the center of the field of flowers, all of them different color "Wow!" Awed Saria, looking every ware "Over here!" Lugia shouted from the far right "Now, let's begin!" Lugia boomed, every one quieted down.

"Today is another joyous day for us as I unite these two for life!" Lugia boomed as she raised her wings like a fan "Now, I shall mark these two too signify the marriage vow!" Lugia boomed, singling us over. So I gently lowered Saria to her feet but she still clung on me, scared to fall again, but that didn't stop her from smiling, also crying "It's ok, Saria, just take it smoothly." I said, soothing her a little. As we approached Lugia slowly, we saw Aram and Airi with little Ageha on the left of Lugia smiling at us Airi, holding the little Buizel over her half heart mark which shimmered a bright silver and Aram's to as they held hands.

"Come." Lugia said in a loud but gentle voice as her wings lowered and then curved the tips to form two water balls and from the looks of them they were very hot! "Ross, hold Saria tightly because its goanna hurt a lot and she might faint!" Whispered Airi as I and Saria stood in front of Lugia, she motioned the balls of hot water near our faces, just around the side of our eyes, burning a crest on my right which stung horribly that tears were flowing out mow. After Lugia was done she backed up to see us and marveled at the results but then she went back in to do the half hearts. The same slow process of burning was agonizing that I almost passed out but that was until I felt Saria's full weight as she had slipped out of consciousness but worst of all we have to stay still for it so I couldn't turn to holster her up right so I gritted my teeth and waited.

After Lugia was done with the harts I immediately spun toward Saria and with a gasp from the crowed I caught her in a hug, tears running down my face from the burning pain then the crowed cooed "Aww" Lugia then surrounded me and Saria with her wings and formed a ball of water that enclosed us and solidified so now we're alone with each other to talk to. Saria's breath became visible as the ball grew cold and so did mine, Saria moaned a little just, waking up, and then hugged me back and clung to me that way till Lugia's wings revealed us to a huge nest "S-Saria wake up!" I said, unable to move, I gave a little kiss on her neck, then she moans a little more as the ball of ice turns to water then dissipated. "We are here." Lugia said in a gentle voice as her wings slowly swooped me and Aria up, making me fall backwards and Saria on top of me then Lugia lifts us up and dropped us in the center of a big nest.

"Where are we?" I asked Lugia as she monitors me and Saria, looking worried about Saria. "Well this was my old nest and you two will be spending the night here." Lugia said with a wide smile, blushing a little "Well, that doesn't sound so bad." Saria said weakly as she lies in the center of the nest then culled up in a ball "Well," I begun shuffling toward her, dragging my feet, then dropped to my knees "It's not so bad." I finished, falling sideways "Oomph!" I huffed "That was sexy!" Saria mussed, giggling "You two play nice!" Lugia giggled as she walked away. Saria then grabbed both my hands and interlocked fingers, palm to palm, her twilling ruby red eyes locking stares with my amber yellow eyes "You're so beautiful." I whispered, placing a hand over her face. Tears started to fall off her cheeks as she placed a hand on my half heart mark "Oh, Ross!" Saria cried as she rested her head on my chest, I raised her head with my thumb and index finger and then kissed her tears away from on check to the other then Saria wringed her right hand and used her free left hand to hold my face with a ridiculous blushing smile, then kissed me.

Her warm lips gave we a warm tangy feeling up my spine, as I continued to kiss her I felt her legs sliding in between mine; I then wrapped my arms around her and then I pulled her in closer to me, she started to moan. "Let's…mmm…make…an egg!" Saria said as she slid her hands off my face, to my chest then quickly unwrapped my arms from her then grabbed her wrists which are now on my waist line "Then lets!" I said as I leaned my head closer to kiss her, that night I'll never forget.

Next morning I woke up next to Saria who is curled up in a ball next to me with her tails tucked in between her legs, hugging them like a plushy. So I slowly got up but was interrupted when I see Lugia and Airi walking this way with arms full with berries, so I laid back and looked at Saria again. I gently touched her check and traced her crest mark with my thumb then remove my thumb off her face which woke her up; she slowly opened her ruby red eyes and groaned a little but then suddenly realized what she was doing and got half way up, untucking her tails, blushing a little but stopped at the sudden realization of my presence and lunged at me, knocking me back and landing on my back. Saria then leaned in quickly for a kiss "Morning, Ross!" she said as I laid there trying to comprehend what just happened but I snapped out of it and replied "Morning Saria!" in a romantic hammy way, Saria giggled. "Are you two playing nice?" Lugia chimed in, peaking at us.

"Lugia! How rude! Peaking in on two love birds!" Airi said from outside the nest "Morning, Airi!" Saria yelled as she sat up, excited with all the energy she has, and stood up but walking was the difficult part as she walked to the edge of the nest; she then fell to her knees, her arms over the edge "Saria! Are you ok?" I said getting up on my hands and knees and ran to her "Yes…I'm fine." Saria said, smiling with her ruby red eyes fixed on my amber yellow eyes which made me smile.

"Hungry?" Lugia asked me and Saria, I guess I am "Yes! Oh, I'm starved!" Saria said to Lugia, her face light up! "Ross, are you hungry?" Airi asked "Um, ya! Let's eat!" I said as I climbed over the edge lugging my right leg over first then gently lowered myself but I still fell and landed on my butt; while Saria was picked up by Lugia and gently placed down "My, my, someone must be hungry!" Airi giggled, not facing me "Ross, are you ok?" Saria said, getting off of Lugia's wings and running toward me but I got up before she could help me "I'm fine, I'm fine!" I said patting dirt off my fur.

"Here, let me walk you to the food." Smiled Saria 'you walk me? I should be the one lifting you off your feet!' I thought "Ok." I said taking her hand as she walks me to where Airi was preparing the food. "Alright! Eat up!" Airi said smiling at me and Saria as I sat down helping Saria down gently "Before we begin I have one thing to try but you have to trust me." Lugia said, now standing up "Um…Sure!" Saria said standing up using my shoulder to get up "Airi I think you remember 'sonar' right? Well I perfected it so now," Lugia said as she formed a round ball of water and touched Saria at her midriff making Saria flinch "I'll be able to tell whether you're pregnant or not, it's a lot easier than finding out a week or so later." Lugia finished "Niee!" Saria moaned at the shock of where the scanning is taken.

Lugia then moved back with wide eyes and smile "Ross, Saria, congratulations." Lugia said as she looked at them with twinkling eyes "Wha-really!" Saria said as her face lit up as her jaw dropped but still in a ridicules looking smile. "Ross!" Saria cried as she jumped on me with a big hug, tears running down her cheeks and onto me, her head resting on my shoulder "Ross, congrats." Airi said, looking at me with tears in her eyes too "I know he'll be a great father." Saria said before she fainted out of pure happiness.

One month later on a nice cloudy day under a huge tree's shade I was asleep next to Saria who is leaning her back on the tree holding her egg affectionately until they hear a cracking sound "!!! Ross, the egg!" Saria said excitedly as she shakes me awake "Hmm? The egg? What's up with it? Huh!" I gasped when I saw the egg shake and crack open. Saria gasped as she reaches in and pulls out the small Buizel "He's so precious!" Saria cooed "What shall we name him?" I asked Saria "Maybe Gilbert!" Lugia said as she materializes from behind the tree.

"How long have you been there?" I asked Lugia as she walks up to me and Saria "Long enough." Smiled Lugia "Well how about it?" Saria asked me, I blushed "Well…uh…oh why not?!" I said as I swooped Gilbert up in the air making him squeal in joy. Saria then stood up and hugged me giving me a little kiss on the cheek making me blush "Well I'll leave you to your new family, I'll be seeing you!" Lugia said as she spread her wings and flew away "I wish this moment can last forever." Saria said as she grabbed my right arm and leaned on me "Me to, Saria, me to." I said giving her a kiss on the lips.


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