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Blackheart learns how to drive!

Book By: PewDieBro

Well looks like Ichigo has done it again, making Blackheart gain interest in driving, let's see how it goes! Enjoy!

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Blackheart learns how to drive!

"Where is that fool of mine?" Blackheart sighed to herself as she walked out the lab but was caught of guard when suddenly a car horn went off "What was that!?" The half-elf said as she nearly transformed into a purloin but only the tail and ears showed up "He, he, I hope I didn't scare you too much koibito!" Ichigo said as he chuckled quietly, coming up behind the startled half-elf as her tail and ears twitched "What did you do? How?" The twitchy half-elf/purloin asked as she quickly walked up to him, trying to hide from Ichigo's, orange with yellow strips, car "Whoa! Down my little kitty, all I did was honk the car's horn." The brunet said as he started to blush when Blackheart huddled behind him "Oh, so you know how to operate it?" The half-elf/purloin asked as part of her speech started to sound like purrs "Y-Yes I do…uh…would you like to…go for a spin?" Ichigo asked nervously as he felt Blackheart's finger tips turned into claws, cutting him ever so slightly that the puncher wounds started to trickle blood, or it was the slight feeling of pride and acknowledgement of his successes "Uh…I'm…not so sure…what you man 'for a spin'…but I'll go with it for now…just…not to fast…ok?" The half-elf/purloin said as she pushed Ichigo to go first "Um…koibito, you'll be entering from the other side, ok?" Ichigo said as he pointed to the right of the car "Right, right…" Blackheart said as she gulped a wad of spit nervously as soon as she waddles to the other side and then opens the door and enters, closing the door behind her, Ichigo checked his arms "Ow, koibito, just ow." Ichigo sighed as he rolled over his sleeves to show Blackheart, opening the driver door and hopped in, shacking the car as well "N-No! Don't shack this thing! I'm not goanna die in this!" Blackheart bawled as she clung to Ichigo reacted by slapping her across the face "Calm down you scaredy cat we're not goanna die!" Ichigo said as he realized what he's done and then coughed "And wipe those tiers off your face, tisk, let me do it." Ichigo said as he pulled out some tissues from his nap sack and whipped her face as he stared at her huge kitten like eyes but Blackheart pulled away "Thanks." The half-elf/purloin mumbled "Your welcome koibito." The brunet said as he extended his right arm towards her and sis a one arm hug then Blackheart started to blush as her cat ears lowered letting Ichigo hug her "Shall we go for a drive?" Ichigo asked as he let Blackheart go "I'm familiar with that term, yes, and will you teach me later?" Blackheart asked as she gave Ichigo 'the kitten look' "Aww, sure but wouldn't it fell better if you took a dog form?" The brunet asked as he scratched behind Blackheart's left ear and then lowered her window as the half-elf/purloin shifted to a more dog like form, a mightyena to be precise, which made Ichigo very happy but yet very sad at the same time as the brunet gave as worrying smile that sadden Blackheart as well "What's wrong are you sick, Injured? Please tell me!" The half-elf/mightyena asked as she started to give of a concerned high pitched squeal that dogs give "Cleo's favored mightyena over others…" Ichigo said softly as he patted Blackheart on the head, making her bushy tail wag "Oh, so should I…?" The half-elf started but was interrupted when Ichigo flailed his arms around her "No, I told you its fine, what happened, happened, please…" Ichigo pleaded as he stared at Blackheart "Ok, for you I won't change, now let's go for a ride." Blackheart said as she stuck her head out the window with her tail in Ichigo's face "Err, do you mind moving your tail?" The brunet asked as he pushed her tail down and then started the car and drives off with the half-elf/mightyena looking about with glee "tehe, not even lessening to me are you, oh well it's getting late." Ichigo said to himself as he drove into the sun set as Blackheart head was visibly sticking out.


"Ok, ready koibito?" Ichigo asked as he sat in the passenger seat next to Blackheart who is in the driver seat, nervously awaiting instructions "Y-yes." The half-elf said nervously as her heart beat loud enough to faintly heard "Ok. Now slowly tap the gas pedal, don't worry, we are still in the park gear so do so freely." Ichigo said as his own heart sounded like it would jump out of his chest "Ok." Blackheart simply responded as she tapped the gas "Alright, now hold the breaks and shift the gear into 'drive'." Ichigo said as she tapped the gas "Got it." The half-elf said as she looked at Ichigo for further instructions "Ok, now since this is an automatic so it'll move at about five MPH by its self so let go of the breaks and use the string wheel for course correct only on this striate road." Ichigo said as he held to his seat "Eh…ohh…ehh…" Blackheart grunted as she tried maneuvering the car ever so slightly "Ok, koibito, now press the gas a little and try not to swerve, please." Ichigo said as he gripped his seat as Blackheart kept hesitating and making the car jump "Ahh!" The half-elf screamed as she put the car to a screeching halt "Koibito, are you alright?" Ichigo said breathlessly as he held onto the dash board, staring at Blackheart until he heard her say softly "I…I didn't…I didn't…" In almost a whimper "its ok, this is your first time it happens to everyone, koibito!" Ichigo said but saw that the half-elf was in total shock, so he undid his seat belt and leaned toward Blackheart, hugging her warmly as she snapped out of it "Strawberry…wha-?" Blackheart whispered as she hugged back "Thank god, you're ok!" The brunet sighed as he backed away, giving some room to Blackheart "Thank you." Blackheart quickly replied as she sat in her seat, thinking of what just happened "My pleaser, anyway…do you want to try again?" Ichigo asked as he gave the half-elf a warm and calming look "Ok…I will…I wonder how the twins are doing, what about you?" The half-elf said as she positioned herself back "Yeah, better go check on them, hopefully Chobi and Amuro got it down after we showed them how." Ichigo said as he put his seat belt on with a smile on his face, knowing what will happen next "Hang on tight! Ha, ha!" The crazed half-elf laughed as she put the pedal to the metal and spun the car around "Aahhh!" The brunet screamed as he held on to the door and Blackheart's head rest for dear life, his face went pail with fear "Ha, ham ha! What's wrong strawberry? Turning mushy?" Blackheart roared as she quickly screeched to a halt "Hah…hah…ne-never do that…again!" Ichigo huffed as he undid his seat belt and opened the door only to fall to the ground, unable to move "I'll send Chobi and Vanilla to get you so I'll have some care taking time to do with Mizu and Takashi and when you feel better I would like to speak with you when you feel better." Blackheart said as she undid her seat belt then set the car into the 'park' gear and then jumped out the open car door window on her side. Later, Chobi and Vanilla finds Ichigo on the floor, "Target acquired." Chobi said in a small voice as she holsters the unconscious brunet over her shoulder "Ichigo-sensei, are you ok? Speak to me, please!" Vanilla said as she repeatedly slapped at Ichigo's face until Ichigo woke up, about a quarter away from his bed room "Hmm…Blackheart…that…crazy…half…elf…" Ichigo said but fell back to his previous state "Ichigo…what happened?" Vanilla asked herself as she looked at Ichigo worriedly "Blackheart must have been driving again and something set her off to go berserk like so." Chobi said as she opened the bed room door and gently placed Ichigo on it "I'm goanna see what I can do here Chobi and thanks for the help." Vanilla said as she quickly walked into the bath room and came out with a bowl of Luke-warm water and a small towel roll "I'll be seeing you then." Chobi said as she left the room the way Blackheart always did "Monkey see, monkey do." Vanilla giggled. Later, Ichigo wakes up "Wha- Blackheart, crazy lady! Huh, oh, she's not here…what time is it?" Ichigo asked himself as he looked at the digital clock on the dresser "Good evening, Ichigo!" Yumi chirped as she danced around on the dresser "Yumi do you know where Yami is?" Ichigo asked as he got to his feet and walked up to the dresser, picking Yumi up "Yami was picked up by your wife, Blackheart, for his lullabies, clever girl." Yumi said in a funny Australian accent as she sat down on Ichigo's shoulder "Where are they?"Ichigo asked "They are at the nursery, shall I highlight the fastest rout there?" Yumi asked as she waited for the response "Yes, but I would like you to whisper in my ear so I can surprise her, ok?" Ichigo asked as he exited the room "Ok!" Yumi said as she raised her arms up. Later, at the door of the nursery "We have arrived!" Yumi said quietly as Ichigo walked up to the door "Thanks for the assist but I'll handle this for now, ok?" Ichigo said as he patted the mini persecoms head "Then get going already!" Yumi remarked "Ok!" Ichigo said as he opened the door to reveal Blackheart asleep on the extra bed in the center back of the room while Amuro and Chobi, with the assistance of Vanilla, are taking care of Mizu and Takashi "Hi, every one." Ichigo said as he walked in "Oh, hello Ichigo-sama!" Vanilla said in her usual cheery voice "Where's Yami?" Yumi asked as she jumped off of Ichigo's shoulder onto Vanilla's arm's fur "He's with Blackheart, Ichigo I'd suggest you wake her up, she seemed to have wanted something." Vanilla said as she placed Yumi on her head "Ok," Ichigo gulped "I'm goanna wake her up, everyone take cover! "Ichigo said as he slowly reached for Blackheart's arm to shack her awake "Mmm…oh, good evening Ichigo." Blackheart said as she let out a big yawn "Why is everyone hiding?" "Oh, no reason." Ichigo replied as he signaled every one back "Before I forgot, I need to talk to you…alone." Blackheart said as she peaked behind Ichigo "Guys, do you mind?" Ichigo asked as she pushed them out "Now, first I would like to apologize for what happened today and wanted to say thank you for the courage you gave me to drive again." Blackheart said as she gave him a sincere look "Why did you stop?" Ichigo asked as he gave a puzzled look "I killed my last husband in an accident." Blackheart said in a cold, creepy voice, lowering her gaze "Wha-!?" Ichigo jumped in surprise to what she said "Kidding!" Blackheart giggled as she quickly kissed Ichigo on the cheek and left the room "That wasn't funny!" Ichigo wined as he half heartedly shuffled out of the room, still a little dazed from what was just said.


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