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Death Dream

Book By: PoppyFlower

This is about a woman that has a serial killer after her and it's someone from her past, will she live or not?

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I was running, running and running. Someone was following me....... or something. Suddenly I hit a wall, a brick wall. I was trapped, and the 'something' was coming toward me. I could hear heavy breathing, deep heavy breathing. Cold winds swept over my body and I shivered.

"Wake up!" I screamed pintching my arm, but it did nothing.

"Why can't I wake up!" I screamed.

Suddenly my body was spun around, and the person faced me. The body was a black shadow and I screamed when the shadow went up in flames, leaving the ashes near my feet.

I woke up in a cold swet alone in my apartment bedroom, and I could still hear my screams echoing in my walls. My heart was beating fast and my sheets were wet so I decied to get up. I slipped my feet in the slippers that were besdie my bed and grabbed my slik wrap around gown. I let my hair down and dried it out with a towel. I checked the time, five a.m, good time to wake up, watch the sun rise.

"Time for breakfast." I said to myself as I walked over to my little kitchen and turned on the coffee maker, walked over to my fridge and picked out an apple, sour green, not the best but it would have to do. The coffee was done after I took the last bite of my apple. I poured the coffee, I liked black and I was the only person I knew that liked it that way, plain and simple.

"Lets see what I can wear today, since I have to go into work....... I hate monday's," I groned and went back into my room. "Let's see it's summer and I have to go to the work where all my family works, fun."

I went into the same closet and pressed my winter clothes to the back and pull the summer clothes in the front. My hands were passing through the clothing and stoppped when they found a outfit they liked. A plain red sweater; I worked in a flower shop it's cold, and black leging's with knee high black heel boots. I found tear drop earing's that were also black and a necklace that matched that. I placed the outfit on my bed and went into my bath room.

I stepped into the shower and turned the hot water on, washed my hair and body than turned the water off. I wrapped a towel around my wet body and plugged my blow dryer in. Dried my hair and styled it, stright, my blond hair alway's looked better when stright. Long with side bangs, it took my five years to make it the length I wanted. Holding the towel close to my body I took my clothes into the bath room, dried my body off and changed.

I checked the time again and found it was six-thrity, laughed because of my dream and why I was so scraed. I had to be at work by seven, sooo early, no store's open that early. But our family flower shop did. I picked up my black purse and put my smart phone, wallet and keys in the bag. I turned off all the lights, appliances and locked the door. I catched the six-fourtyfive subway and made it to work in time.

When I opened the door to the flower shop I turned the alarm off. I placed my bag under the conter and went to go check on the flowers, if anyone came in the store I would hear them, I had the bell up, you know the ones that go off when you open the door. Well if anyone tried to steal anything I would hear them first and really why would anyone want to steal from a flower shop?

"Why did I get sucked into this job?" I asked myself as I checked on the flowers. They were fine so I went to the front again. I sat down on the stool they had behind the front desk and took out my phone. I was just about to call my brother, Jack, when he came inside the store.

"You're late." I teased.

"Just by a few minutes." He wined.

"Yes but as mom would say, 'A few minutes could cost you a sale'."

"You would be dead right now if mom heard you."

"Whatever." I said and put my phone back in my bag.

"Did you check on the flower's yet?" He asked moving toward the back.

"Yup, they're fine."

"What time did you get here?"

"Seven like anyother day." I asked.

"You are a workaolic, do you know that?"

"I am not! I just woke up early and I couldn't get back to sleep."

"Sure you did, did yah have a bad dream........ you did, tell me."

"You don't want to know."

"Yes I do."

"Fine, you want to know I'll tell you," I said bringing him over to the conter. "I was running in a back alley way and than I hit a brick wall, cold wind swept over me and than I was spun around." I paused.

"What'd you see?"

"I saw a shadow man."

"Is that all?" He said leaning on the conter.

"No...... he went up in flames! That's what happened and than his ash fell on my feet."

"Wow girl I think you may have some problems, go to a shrink."

"You are one."

"That's right I am, so how do you feel about the dream?"

"Oh shut up." I said and laughed.

"No really are you frightened by the dream?"

"Again,shut up." I said and got up off the stool. I walked across the floor and fixed the flowers in the show room. Jack followed me and placed his hand on my shoulder. I stopped fixing the flowers and turned to face him.

"I'm serious Sue, are you okay?"

"Yes I'm fine." I said and took his hand off my shoulder.

"Are you-." He broke off when he saw the face I made, my really pissed off face.

"Okay I get it but if you want to talk you know my number."

"I do but I won't need it."

"Maybe you will? You never know."

"Please, like I would really coem to my brother for help." I said.

"If you need me I'll alway's be here for you."

"Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll pass."

"The offer's alway's on the table."

The afternoon wasn't busy so I left early and my brother didn't notice or cared. When I walked into my apartment building main lobbey I took out my mail key and slid it in the key holder, unlocking it I found bills, bills and more bills, but than there was something diiferent, a letter. I took it out with the bills and locked my mail holder.

As I entered my room and locked the door I threw the bills on the kitchen conter and opened the letter. I noticed that it had no return adress as I was tareing the top off. Inside was a plain peice of papper folded up. I unfolded it and sat down. It read,

'Hello Sue, I've been waiting for you and still am. How's everything at the flower shop? And your brother, Jack, how's he? I hope his job is doing well, he's a shrink right? Well I just wanted to say hi and that I'll be watvhing you.'

I placed the letter on the table and was about to call the police when my phone rang. I hesitated to pick iti up but I did anyway. Pressing the talk button I heard heavy breathing, deep breathing.

"Hello Sue," I gasped at the man's voice. "I left you a present you'll want to find, go to forty one street, the thrid floor in the old destirted warehouse."


"Don't talk just go and call your friends at the staion if you want, to be safe. But I can promise you that I will not be there." He inturupted, than the line went dead.

I quickly called Ben and Jerry at the staion and they agreed to come with me, great friends, I placed the note in a plastic bag and took it with me. I met them at the warehouse and they drew there guns, I was even more frightened when they did that, but I went inside after them.

We went to the thrid floor and were overwelmed with a riviting smell. I wanted to puke but they Jerry said, "Don't! This could be a crime secne."

I nodded.

"I'll go svope out the left and you go to the left." Jerry said.

"Yup." Ben said.

"Stay here." They both said.

"Fine." I said.

They moved there seperate ways and I stayed in the spot where I was. Suddenly something fell on my head, wet, and when it dripped down I saw that it was red. I looked up and found a dead body, a blond woman about my age, twenty-three or four. I screamed, and was caught by Ben before I could faint.

"Sue what's wrong?"

"Up......" I whispered.

"What?" Ben asked, but than understood as he looked up.

"Oh god," Jerry talked into his waky-talky. "We have a 187 down on fourty-one street the old destieted warehouse thrid floor."

"Understood sending unit's."

I was sitting out side the warhouse in a cop curser with a blanket around me because I was shaking from the sight of the dead body. The paramedics had already checked me out and said it was just shock, and I was thankfull it was just shock. Suddenly there was a man coming up to me, tall about twenty-five or six, tall with dark brown hair and light blue eyes. He had his notebook out with a pen and leaned against the curiser.

"Sue, my name is Detective Mallone, and I want to ask you some questions."


"How did you come across the body?"

"I got a note, my friend Ben has it, the one that was with me when I-I found the body," I started. "And than there was a phone call, it was a man and he told me to go here and said I could bring my cop friends, that's when I found her......" I drifted off.

"Did you know the voice?" He asked.

"No I've never heard that voice before in my life and......"

"And what?"


"Sue anything you remember could help us bring the killer to rest."

"In the note he said he was 'waiting for me and still am'."

"Really....... do you think he's watching you?"


"And do you think he's going to try and kill you?"


"And what gives you that idea?"

"The girl I found looks alot like me, and he pratcily siad he was following me so I'm assumeing he want's me dead."

"Okay." He said than left my side and went to some other officers and than came back to me.

"We are going to set up a twenty0four hour watch on your apartment if you want?"

"Thank you."

"No problem."

"This is officer Bentley she'll be takeing you home and watching your place."

"Okay." I took the blacket off and followed the officer to her car. I got in the front seat of the curser and she drove away. I went into my apartment and check all the windows and door, they were all locked. I checked my phone, one new messege. I hesitated to listen to it but my fingers found the butoon.

"So I see you found the body Sue, if not she'll be moved again...... but it seems you have found her, good. There will be another note next week and a new body, have fun." I gasped and almost fell over. I saved the messge and went into my bedroom.

"Oh god why does he want me?"

"Don't know." Jack said and I jumped.

"What the hell! You almost gave me a heart attack!"

"Why didn't you call me or mom when you got the note or the call?"

"How did you find that out?"


"I was on the news?"

"No they didn't want to show your face but I knew it was you when I saw the dead person that looked like you on a gurney heading toward the MOURGE!"

"Get out of my house!"

"How nice, I want to see if you're alive or not and you yell at me."

"Get out!"

"Fine," He said storming to the door. "And mom already knows she's the one that told me."


I didn't get any sleep that night all I could do was think, about Jack and my mother. I couldn't go back to work for awhile becasue I knew my mother, she would be waiting for me crying and angry all at the same time but I also knew Jack was a good brother and son so he told her and she was happy but still angry. I got out of bed when my alram went off and I wrapped my gown around me and slipped my feet in the slippers. There was a knock at the door and I jumped, but than the person identified her as officer Bentley and than I opened the door.

"Is there a problem?" I asked.

"No ma'am I was wondering if I could use your bath room?"

"OH! Yes, of course, it's just down the hall and to the left."

"Thank you ma'am." She said and moved into the bath room.

I locked the door again and the officer came out.

"Would you like some coffee, or something to eat?"

"Coffee would be great, ma'am."

"You don't have to call me ma'am any more, my names Sue."

"Okay ma-Sue."

"Thank you."

I started the coffee and took out two mugs and asked her how she likes her coffee.

"Black, please."

"Okay." I said, surprised.

Once the coffee was done and I poured the drinks I walked over to the table where she was sitting and handed her the coffee.

"Thank you."

"So......" I drifted off.

We sat drinking our coffee in slients until I asked,"Are you going to be with me all day?"


"Well I'm not going anywhere for awhile so you can just relax."

"If I may ask something ma'am?"

"Sue and yes."

"Your brother came to see you yesterday night and he left angry, is that ture?"

"Yup....... why do you ask?"

"I just wanted to be sure that was your brother leaving last night."

"Yes it was."

"Okay, didn't want to take any chances."

"You are very good at what you do."

"Thank you."

"No problem."

"Oh god what am I going to do today? I can't go to work and I don't want to leave after that messge I got."

"What messge?"

"Oh I forgot about that for a moment, here." And I played it for her.

"I'll call Detective Malone."


Than she called him and ten minutes later he was at my door. The officer opened it and I was lucky to be in my long robe. I didn't even notice that the Detective dismissed the officer Bentley. He came over to me where I was in the kitchen dumping my coffee down the drain.

"Miss can you show me the messge."

"Oh right of course!" I moved passed him and near my phone and played the messge.

"Okay than I'll need to take this down to the staion and also you."

"Me? Why?"

"I need to ask you some more question's." He said as I went into my bedroom and slipped into jeans and a sweater. I slipped on a pair of sandals and walked out to his curser with him. He had my anwsering machine in his hands and he drove to the staion.

et out!" I sreamed one last time than rushed to the door and locked it after he left.

I was sitting in the intregartion room with a cup of water and the Dectective was sitting across from me. His jacket was off and I saw the usually get-up for a Detective, overalls and a hostled gun. I didn't touch the glass of water because I knew the drill, touch the water and finger print it. I wasn't that stupid.

"So Dectective did you really have to bring me in here just to ask some questions?"


"Wanted it to be on tape?" I asked crossing my legs.


"So are you saying you think I have something to do with the murder?"

"You did find the body."

"Yeah after I got a note and a call from someone I don't know."

"The note isn't male handwritting."


"The woman that was killed, Jenny Addison, wrote the note."

"How do you know this?"

"Her tears were on the papper and it was her handwritting."

"So what does that have to do with me?"

"Did you force her to right the note than killed her?"

"What?! That's redicouals, I can't stand blood, when I get a papper cut I faint. Ho-How would I be able to kill a person and not puke or faint. Huh?"

"That is a good point."

"A very good point, wait are you accusing me of murder?"

"We're just extanding every option."

I uncrossed my legs and placed my arms on the table, hands holding up my jaw and I said, "Are you charging me with something because if not I'm going."

"We are not charging you with anything." He said standing up and sliding his jacket on. I stood up too and waited at the door. He opened the door for me but before I could leave he cuffed me.


"Sue Johnston you are under asreest for the murder of Jenny Addison."

"What I wasn't near the crime scene until I got the call."

"Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law." He said pushing me into a cell, he took the cuffs off and locked the cell.

"Hey, I didn't kill the girl and I'm intitled for one phone call," I yelled. "And I want it now."

"Get her a phone call, I want to know how she call's." He whispered.


I had to call my mother, she was still crying and when I told her I was arsseted for the murder of the girl that was on T.V she cried even more, but she did agree to pay my bale and take me home. When she came her eyes were red and so was her face. When I was in her car with her she didn't start the car right away.

"Why didn't you call me or your brother?"

"I thought he told you, he broke into my apartment and started a fight."

"Yes he did, but you should have called me too."

"I'm sorry Mom that I was to busy to call you, someone is following me and want's me dead! And the police think I'm the killer!"

"Are you?"


"What you have been distance these past couple days-"

"MOM I'M NOT A KILLER!" I screamed and ran out of her car. Kept running until I couldn't hear or see my mother's car anymore. I started to slow my pace but kept away from the road. Finally my feet gave up and I fell to the ground, I checked my pusre for my phone but my purse was to big to find it so I gave up but than I found a water bottle. I didn't remember packing one but I was thristy so I drank some.

It didn't taste weird but my head started to spin and I felt dazed. I started to get up but my limbs were like noodles. Finally something in my brain clicked, I was being drugged, but by who? The murder? The murder! I wanted to scream but nothing came out. Suddenly I heard something beind me.

"Hello Sue........ I told you I was watching you." He said and I tried to open my mouth to say or scream something but nothing came out. He came over to me and knelt down beside me.

"I'm not going to hurt you....... well not enough to kill you, just enough to damage you." He said than I was turned over, face up to the killer. My eyes were almost to run down to be able to see him but I knew he was crazy. And I saw only one thing, crazy eyes, striking hazel eyes. They looked like they were on fire and I would never forget those eyes. Suddenly there was a gabbing pain in my left side, he stabbed me but not enough to kill me. He placed a computerized note on me and left, but before he went he placed a phone in my hand and hit dial.

"Hello?" It was Detective Malone.

"Help me......" I whispered.

"Sue? Where are you, your mother said you left the car and se can't find you."

"I found him and he sent you a note." I whispered.

"Where are you?"

"Don't know?"

"Stay on the line while we track your signal."

"I'll try......." I drifted off.


That's when the drugs kicked in, he must have thought I died or something but it was nothing my mouth eyes and body, my ears still worked. I heard louds of sierns and people yelling, finally I heard Detective Malone's voice calling my name, but I couldn't respond.

"She's back here!" Someone called.

"Oh god, get the paramedics in here," He yelled. "Sue can you hear me?" I felt his hands touch my neck for a pulse and when he found it I heard a sigh.

"Lets get her to the hospital." A male said.

Than my ears went dead.

When I woke up I was in a hospital bed, hocked up to machines and bandaged. I moved my head around looking for someone but instead I heard people crying and yelling.

"What do you mean she was attacked?!" My brother.

"We found her in a back alley and we got to her in time before she lost to much blood."

"She'll be okay, right? Right?" My mother asked, still crying.

"Yes she will, she just need's some time to rest." A doctor said.

"We'll contact you when she's ready to see vistors." Detective Malone said.

"Okay." My mother said.

Than my eyes closed again. The second time I woke up Detective Malone was sitting beside my bed. He was sleeping and I laughed. That made him wake up, jump almost out of his seat. I laughed again but that time it hurt my throat.

"Hello Detective....." I whispered.

"Hello Sue."

"So do you beleave me now?"

"Yes we do, the knife didn't have your prints on it and you were drugged."

"I can't beleave you still thought I killed hte girl when I was dying myself with a note on me."

"Yes I was wrong, don't sue me."

"I won't promise." I said and crossed my heart. After I sat up, with the help of my bed.

"So you here to ask me some more question's?" I asked.

"Yes I am."

"Well you can strike off what he looks like because I have no idea, it was to dark and I think he was wearing a ski mask."


"Were you wacthing me as I sleeped?" I asked.

"Well I'm now assigned to you." He said with no grin on his face.

"I don't need any protecting."

"You were just attacked!"


"You are going to need protecting."

"Fine." I said and rubbed my head.

"Are you okay Sue?"

"Yeah I'm fine, just a little head ache."

"Do you want some pain meds."

"No I'm fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I'm sure."

"Back to the protecting part of my job, you will be coming to stay with me, I told your mother to go and pack some clothes for you."


"He won't doesn't know where I live so it would be the best place to go besides a hotel."

"I would love to go to the hotel beside your house."

"It's safer for you."

"But I would be living with you."

"I'm not that bad." He said laughing.

"How do you know?"

"Because I live with myself."

"That's ture but....."

"But what?"

"Nothing." I said and almost fell over.

"Hey watch yourself."

"I'm sleepy." I whispered.

"Go to sleep."

"Don't tell me what to do." I demanded and than fell asleep.

I got out of the hospital early and my mother or brother never got to see me and I wanted it that way. Once we got back to Detective Malnoes house I wanted to run away. But he pushed me inside and showed mw around the house, it was a bachlaor pad, he wasn't married or had a girlfriend. If he was there would be some show of her.

I went back into the guest bedroom and found mt bags on the floor waiting to be unpacked but I didn't unpack because I knew I wasn't going to be staing long. I went out of the bedroom and into the kitchen, I found no coffee and nothing good to eat. I heard the T.V on and I walked into the living room and infront of him and the T.V.

"Hey." He wined.

"If I'm going to be living here....... with you, you're going to need to buy something's."

"Like what?"

"Coffee and some furit."

"Fine I'll buy some tomorrow."

"Okay than." I said but still stood my ground.

"Could you move out of the way?" He asked trying to get a clear view of the game.

"Men." I whispered and sat down at the far end of the couch.

"What do you want for dinner."

"Are you going to make it?"

"Uh, sure."

"Than I'll pass."

"Okay I see you don't like me, but you are going to have to get over that."

"Why should I?" I asked turning around to face him.

"Because you're going to be living here...... with me."

"I didn't have a choice in the matter." I said turning back around.

"Your bedroom has a bathroom in it, I adivse you to use it."

"I will." I said than went off to the bathroom but before I could make it there I stopped halfway, a pain in my side expolded and I fell down on my knees holding it. I tried to stand back up but my legs were like Jello, so my body fell down on it's back and made itself scream.

"Sue?!" He ran to my side and tired to touch the wond but I fought him away.

"Don't touch me." I wined at him and the pain.

"You need to let me see it."

"Why?" I asked stareing him right in the eyes.

"Please I can make the pain go away."


"Promise." He said and took my hands off. Slowly he lifted the shirt up, careful not to expose my chest, and looked at the wond. "You need med's."


"Your pain meds." I batted his hands away from my body and yelled, "You already knew that?"

"I just had to be sure it wasn't something else."

"And what would the 'something else' be?" I asked, pushing my self up.

"I don't know, an infection, maybe?"

"Oh my god you are just like every other guy in this world!" I yelled forcing my body to stand up.

"And what is that supoose to mean?"

"You know what I mean, you're a guy, you love girls and their body's."

"I would never do that to a woman!" He shouted moving closer to me, and each time I backed away it seemed like he was taking a steo foward. Finally I hit the couch and his body was pushing up against mine. His fustrated expression was gone, he was staring at my eyes, looked lost in them but he would never admit that. His hand was risen, moving closer to where my face was.

Finally his fingers brushed my hair away from my face, I was looking down then but something he did made me look up and into his eyes. Those light blue eyes looked like waves crashing against sand at a beach; and I was the sand. We were caught up in a moment when time didn't exist, but we both wanted it to never end, well, at least I didn't. For some stange reason that didn't surprise me, never wanting this t end, him touching my hair and face, those blue eyes stareing into mine. But all great things come to an end and he wasn't the one to end it, I was.

I remembered something the killer wanted me to do and I screamed it out, "I have to go back!"

"What? Where?" The trance was broken.

"My apartment! The mail, I need to go back!"

"Why?" He wasn't moving from where he was and I didn't mind, though his face was very close to mine, one wrong-or right- movment would send us into a kiss.

"He said he was going to send me another note in a week." I stated, trying to move my head away from his and finally he got the picture and pushed away from me.

"It has been a week, I'll drive you back."

"No I'm fine. I am a big girl you know."

"I know alright....." He whispered low for me not to hear it, but I did and smiled when my back was facing him. "I have to drive you, he might be waiting for you."

"In daylight, that would be really stupid of him, wouldn't it?"

"It would but we have no idea what this guy is thinking, I'm driving ou and that's final."

"Fine." I wined, but was secertly glad he was coming along.

When we got to my apartment, I was lucky my mother or brother wasn't there waiting for me, but I was also kind of sad that they weren't there. Detective Malone came in with me as I went to go get my mail, but to my surprise I forgot my key. I looked around the main lobby but didn't see my tenit, Steve. So I decied to call his name and his head popped out from behind the desk.

He was in his eighty's and kind at heart, he didn't mind if you missed a rent payment but on;y if you paid him back the next time. He was smileing when he saw that I saw well and came around the desk to give me a hug, and he might look old to some people but he was still strong.

"I was so worried about you missy, why didn't you call?"

"I was kind of busy."

"But you're back now, right?"

"I'm going to be away for a couple weeks but I'll come back."

"Promsie?" He asked crossing his heart.

"Promise." I said crossing mine too.

"And who is this gentlman?"

"Detective Malone, nice to meet you." He said putting out his hand for a shake.

"Yes, nice to meet you too." Steve said than shaked his hand, and Detective Malone wasn't ready for the strength he had. I laughed under my breath and asked Steve, "I've seen to forgot my keys do you have my extra?"

"Oh course I do," He said and went back around the desk, "Here you go." And handed me the keys.

I went to my mailbox and shoved the key in, turned the lock and open the small metal box, and there it was, the next note. My hand reached inside and took the note out. It was adressed to me again and no return adress. I placed it in my pocket and closed and locked the box back up. I went back to the desk and handed Steve the key, thanked him and gave him one last hug before leaving with Detective Malone.

He drove us back to his house and I ran inside as he parked his car inside his garage. I sat down on his couch and pried the letter open, inside I found a letter.

'Dear Sue, I hope you found your next gift, I'm not going to tell you where she is but if you look deeper in the package you will find a picture. That girl has already died and the body is hidden somewhere in a maze. I hope you're healed from my last vist because the next one I won't hold back. Hope you and your new partener find her or someone else will.'

I wanted to scream, but I knew Malone would come bursting in and than he would get mad at me, so I decied that I would save that scream for another time. He came inside the next moment and I showed him the note, after he put on gloves to protect the letter from his fiinger prints.

"Okay, well, we should start hunting."

"Wait we need the photo." I said than dug my hand inside the package and found it. When I took the photo out it was like a mirror was in the place of the picture, she looked like me and than I felt it slipping from my hands. He was taking it away from me and holding it away from me. He called the station and they told him there was a body found at the town maze.

"Come on lets go." He said and handed me his hand, and I took it.

Once we were at the crime scence I followed Detective Malone and we made it to the body. The picture was the dead body and I almost lose my footing but I found the strength not to faint. Than I remembered something else he did after I found the body, he left a messge, but maybe this time he would call me. I told Detective Malone and right than my phone went off. I checked the caller ID, unknow. He told me to answer it and signaled to someone that looked like they were recording the messge or tracing it.

"Hello." I said, weakly. At this point I was sitting down near the man that was tracing the call.

"Hello Sue," I shivered. "So you didn't find the body....... but someone else did."

"Yes someone else did."

"I feel sorry for that perosn...... but you were to late on picking up my letter, shame on you."

"What do you want from me?" I asked after getting the signal to keep talking.

"Now that's a question I would be gald to answer....... but when were face to face," I gulped and he laughed. "You should really tell your friend Detective Malone that there's no point of trying to trace my call, he won't find it."

I was about to tell him, but I guess he alresdy knew because he was slaming the table, so I went back to talking to the killer, "Why do you keep killing those girls?"

"They're your gifts."

"I don't understnad."

"You will, in time," He sighed. "It's time for me to go." Than the line went dead. I dropped my phone on the table and both men were cursing, not at me, at the stupid phone call.

"Did you find him?" I asked.

"No!" He slamed the table one last time and than stood up running his fingers threw his hair.

"I'm sorry." I said, low voice.

"It's not your fault, you did your best." The other man said.

"We better get you home." Detective Malone said.

"Yeah that would be good."

When night hit I wasn't tried, but I had nothing else to do so I went to go get changed for bed. I ransaked my bags and finally found something to wear. Black P.J short's and a matching tank top that didn't cover my stomach, at all. I heard no T.V on so I thought Detective Malone was already sleeping..... but he wasn't.

As I got out of the guest room and walked across the floor- suddenly I hit someone and was caught in there arms. I looked up and saw the Detective, I broke out of his arms and covered my stomach with my arms. His expression made me blush, his wide eyes were staring at my whole body and I didn't want them off.

Finally I broke the slience that was buliding between us.

"I didn't hear a game on so I thought you were asleep."

"No I was just going to watch the game," He said and than I realized he was wearing P.J buttoms but no top. A six pack, of cousre he had one. "Do you want to watch with me?"

"Umm...... I should-okay." I gave in to his six pack.

"Do you want anything to eat or drink?" He asked as I sat at the far end of the couch.

"No thank you." I said and he sat down after getting a drink himself. Turned on the T.V and it went directly to the game, he must have it progamed, I thought. I couldn't keep my eyes off him and when he turned my way I quickly turned away from his eyes.

"Are you okay Sue?" He asked, and I wanted to say no, but instead I said, "Yeah, I'm fine. Why do you ask?"

"Well, everytime I look your way you turn away." He said taking a drink from his almost empty bottle.

"Oh that. Well I should going to bed, big day ahead of me." I said and got off the couch, not knowing he followed me.

"Wait." He said grabbing my arm. I turn around, and become face to face with a man I don't even know his first name, I thought. I looked down at his other hand, it was reaching for my other arm. I wanted to say something but couldn't form any words. No one could form any words, until he said something, "Adam."


"My first name is Adam."

"Oh, good to know."

I was pulled closer to his body, so close that I could feel his breath on my neck, and I wanted more. The game was off now, or at least the sound and I didn't want to check because it would break the locked eyes we had on eachother. His fingers were sliding up and down my arms, like lose water coming down when you're in the shower. My lips were getting dry so were his, so I licked mine and he licked his. But there was something about the way his tounge moved across his lips, it was like he was waiting for his pray to sleep so he could pounch.

Something pulled me closer to him and it wasn't his arms because they were still exploering mine. His head lowered just enough so that our lips almost touched, than finally he made the right move. He kissed me, lightly at first, but after his lips were messed against mine. I kissed him back and finally moved my arms around his neck, with my fingers running through his hair.

His lips were warm as I felt them sliding across my neck, down to my shoulder balde than back up to my neck. At that time his hands were done with arms and were on to my waist, shirt and shorts. I wanted to jump into him right than and there, but he wouldn't let me, not quite yet. Those ferice lips were back attacking my neck and his hands was sreaching my body, every part of it, right down to what was under my shirt.

"Adam....."I gasped, things were heating up and I couldn't-didn't want it to stop.

"Yes Sue." He whispered in my ear.



"Yeah." I said than was thrown on the couch. We went back to kissing on the lips but it wouln't last long, he was hopeing to get my shirt off when I said, "Wait," He stopped kissing. "We need-."

"Got that covered." He said than went back to kissing my neck. I gasped for a breath as his hands went up my shirt, finally he pulled it off and went down to my short's and pulled them off too. Finally his pants were off and did what I wanted him to do, he made me forget everything that was going on.

When I woke I was in Adam's bed, oh god last night was good. His hands were around my waist and I laughed under my breath. That woke him up, and he smiled at me and I smiled back.

"Hey." I yawned.

"Hey yourself."

"What time is it?" I asked, moving closer to his chest.

"Does it matter."


"Than you don't need to know."

"Very funny."

"I'm being funny, you don't need to know." He said and started to nibble my ear. I laughed until the phone rang and I had to break him off me. I reached for the phone, holding with one arm the sheet that was covering me body, and picked it up.

"Hello." I said and held back my giggles as Adam kissed my ear.

"Hello Sue." I forze.

"Who is it?" Adam asked.

"Don't tell him."

"Sue, are you okay? Who's on the phone?" His tone was raising.

"Tell him I'm your landloard."

"Steve's on the phone, he must have saw the news yesterday."

"How did he get this number?"

"I must have told him when we were there yesterday." I lied.

"Good job," He said. "Now listen to me, you are going to go to dicth your lover today."

"That not's good for me."

"Do it or another girl dies and this time she'll have chidern."

"What time?"

"I'll see you at one." He said than the phone went dead.

"What did he have to say?"

"I have to go over there at one aparently there's something wrong with my rent payment's."

"Oh, well I can squezze you in but we'll have to make it quick becuase I have to go into the station today."

"Don't worry I can do this myself."

"No you aren't."

"It will be daylight and there will be people around, I'll be fine."


"No but's, I'm going alone." I said shakey.


"Don't make me get into an arugment with you." I said.

"Fine," Finally he gave in. "But we have to have a code of some sort incase you get in truoble."

"Okay," I thought. "How about this, 'We need more milk?'"

"That sounds good."

"Perfect." I said and kissed his lips.

It seemed forever but once one o'ck came around and I thought I was ready for him, but inside I knew I wasn't. Adam left at ten and I was pretending to be with the landloard but I wasn't, I was walking around town, waiting for him to jump me. Than suddenly my phone went off.

I was waiting for the killer to speak but another voice came on the phone, "Sue!"


"Yeah it's me, who'd you excpect?"

"No one, why are you calling?"

"I wanted to see how the meeting with Steve went?"

"It's still going on," A lie. "So I don't know when I'll be back tonight."

"Oh, call me when you're ready to be picked up."


I was looking around for anyone that looked like he had killed two woman and were goign to again, but founf nothing. Than again my phone rang and I answered with, "Adam I told you the meeting's not done."

"That's good to know." He was on the phone.

"What do you want?"

"That no way to speak to the person holding a womans life right now."

"I thought you said you wouldn't hurt anymore if I came to you."

"I did say that........ but you see sometimes I lie."

"Than I'm not going to see you."

"You should see I have the only parent you have left in my arms."


"Yes your mommy is saying her last pray."

"DON'T!" I screamed.

"Have you reconsidered?"

"You bastard." I whispered.

"I'm taking that as a 'yes'."

"Where?" I asked.

"You should know the place."

"Don't play games with me." I scowled.

"The old warehouse on thrid line," He said. "You have thrity minutes." Than the line went dead.

I wanted to call my brother and see if he was telling the turth about my mom but I knew he wouldn't pick up the phone if he saw my number, so instead I called a cabb. When I was picked up I shouted the adress and made the person step on it.

Once I saw the old warehouse I told the person to stop the car and I gave them the money I owed them. There was a smell that made you wanty to puke up your stomach, it was dead bodies. I rushed inside and was engulfed by the smell on a whole other level. Than I heard a scream, a high picth womans scream and I rushed down the hall to the main part of the building.

The screams were louder and I sreached around for the source of them and finally I found it, a closet. Once I opened the door I didn't find my mother, no I found a CD player, and it was on repeat. I stopped the screams by hitting stop and than I got a chill, he was behind me. I reached for the CD player and threw it once I had turned around. But he wasn't there, no one was behind me.

"You think I'm that stupid." His voice reminded me of the knife cutting into my skin on that night. I strightened my back to make me look taller and powerfull, but he just laughed. A hand was brushing my hair and I wanted to cry, but whenever I got a sob in he just 'shhed' me. Finally I got up the strenght to push away and when I did he slammed me into the brick wall. My face was shoved against the ruff matearil and I felt a cold tear run down my cheek.

"Ahh, are you crying," He teased. "I thought you were stronger than that. I guess I was wrong."

"What do you want?" I begged.

"You're so oblivious."

"What do you want!?" I screamed.

"You." He whispered in my ear. His breath made my skin crawl and want to fall off.

"You lied." I stated.

"What ever do you mean?"

"You know what I mean, my mother, she's not here."

"Oh that, yes I lied, I told you befroe that I did." He said as something wrapped around my arms. Rope, he was tying me up........ to kill me? I wanted to ask but befroe I could my mouth went numb. I tried to speak but for some reason it couldn't form any words.

"The power of drugs." He whispered.

I was pushed by him and finally ended up on a bed, cold metal was all I could feel, and there was no pillow to suport my head. My body was numbing up and he decied that I was still a threat becasue he tied my legs up together. I wanted to scream for help but my mouth couldn't open. Suddenly my phone rang and I knew how is was, Adam. He went into my right pocket and answered the call.


"Oh this is the killer, and you are?"

"I know I was speachless to when I found out that I had killed, but what are you going to do, right."

"Don't yell at me!"

"Don't you want to know how I got Sue's phone?"

"You do, well I don't think I can tell you see-."

"You want to talk to sue. She's tied up at the moment may I take a messge?"

"Okay you want me to tell her to not painc."

"Okay I'll get that- Do you think I'm stupid?! No, and you want to see her alive again? Yes. Than do what I say?"

"Good," His lips twisted into a half smile and it made me want to cry even more.

My whole body was immoblie and asleep, beside my eyes and ears, I could still see and hear everything but that didn't do me any good. What was I suposse to do if I could only hear or see. Nothing, it did me nothing. He was in and out of the room all the time and the only time he was only in there for was to give me another needle, that had drugs in it. But finally he came in and stayed, watching me he fiddled with his kinfe looking like he was going to thumble and stabb me, by 'accedent'.

"Your boyfriend hasn't came yet, I guess I have to kill you," He said and laughed his crazy laugh, I wanted to scream and shake me head saying 'NO', but scream first. "What. You scared? You should be."

"I bet you have never been so close to death as you are right now? Wait, that's not ture. You were close to death when I stabb you right here." He said and placed the tip of the knife on my stomach, right where I was cut. He took the knife off and brought out another rope.

"Don't have any drugs left and you're going to wake up soon." He said and tied the rope, as tight as he could, around my chest and legs. "There, that should hold you, well until you're dead anyway." His laugh got under my skin, made my whole body be in a constant shiver.

"Lets make your boyfriend regert never coming to save you." He said right as I got my voice back. I screamed as I felt the knife jab into chest, getting caught in my ribcage. He didn't try to pull it out instead he started to walk away. But than came back and left the phone out by my ear, ringing to Adam's number. Than he was gone and I was gasping for one breath as I felt my lungs start to cave in.

"Hello." Adam's voice spoke out of the phone.

"H-E-L-P." My voice was being broked up and weak as I gasped for my last breaths.

"SUE? SUE!" He screamed.

"Sue stay on the phone with me. Please Sue can you do that?"

"Can't......" I drifted off.

"Can't what Sue? Can't stay on?"

"Breathe." I whispered.

"Why can't you Sue? Sue! Stay with me, we're coming. Okay."

"Okay." I whispered, starting to get dizy.

"Sue! Sue! SUE!" He screamed for me to stay awake but his voice kept getting qutier and lower with every passing second.

"Family...... sorry." I whispered, than blacked out from the lost of blood and the pain I was in.

My eyes were fluttering open by themself, I had no strenght in my body once so ever, but my eyes didn't listen to the pain they were causing me. Once they adjusted and I was able to see my surrounding's I noticed I was back at the hospital, with someone crying at my side and the person was holding my hand..... like my mother used to. Mom, is it really you? I thought.

"Mom, you couldn't have done anything." Jack said, he was there too. Oh god they're going to make me cry.

"This woulnd't have happened if I wear a better mother." She wined.

"What! You're the best mother ever, and if you got any better, well you would have to rule the world."

"Don't try to make me feel better. Nothing will, not until she's awake." She cried once more. They weren't even looking up at my face, did something happen that made me look like a clown? Finally, even though that it hurt like hell, I moved my finger, and that finger was inside my mother's hand. It brushed her dry palm and she looked up, she must have thought that her mind was playing a trick on her. But when she saw my eyes opened and that my fingered moved as well, she knew I was awake.

"Jack go get her doctors."

"What? Why?"

"She's awake." Mom whispered and he looked up and I forced a weak smile. He bolted out the room and brought back people in white coats. One told my mother that she needed to let go of my hand and the other checked my vitals. The one that was checking my vitals was in only scrubs so she must have been a nurse.

"Okay, Sue, if you can hear me nodd your head." Even though it felt like it was about to snap off I nodded my head.

"Does it hurt when you move?"

"Yes." I whispered.

"What about your chest? Does it hurt when you breathe?"

"Yes." I whispered and coughed.

"You just have to take it easy."

"Okay." I said and slid deeper into the bed. My chest felt like it was under a ten ton brick, it hurt to much to breath and I wanted to just stop breathing, but they had a oxygen mask on so it would give me the air I needed. My mother and brother were out of the room and I didn't know why Adam was there with me. Or at least outside the room waiting for the doctors to tell him the good news, but he wasn't there. At all. My eyes were heavy and they were closeing, I was falling asleep. But I was scared to, he might come in and kill me. But my eyes wouldn't listen to my brain, they kept closeing until I was fast asleep.

The next time my eyes opened I saw a man, I wanted to scream at the man staning over me, but my voice wouldn't come right away. Once I got my voice back I opened my mouth but before I could scream, he said something, "You shouldn't have lied to me, Sue." It was Adam. He was here, I thought, He's here for me.

"Sorry........" I whispered.

"Sue! You're awake." His voice was filled with joy.

"Thought he.......... had my......... mom." I whispered, voice cracking.

"Is that why you didn't tell me?"

"And he said if I didn't go that he-he would kill another woman....... this one with childern."

"Sue I don't know how to tell you this but........"

"He already did." I finished his sentence.

"Yes, and eight more were stoured there."

"I knew I smelt something funny when I was in there." I whispered and tried to sit up.

"Don't, you need to rest, Sue, are you listening to me at all?" He said as I sat up compeltely.

"I'm fine." I stated.

"You're so head strong."

"Is that a good thing?"

"It means you don't listen to anyone."

"Oh, I guess that's me."

"Yeah it is you." He said and kissed my hand.



"Why are you still here?"

"Do you not want me here?"

"No I didn't mean it like that. I meant have they caught him yet?"

"We did." His voice was low and hollow.

"You don't sound very happy about it?"

"We can't pin anything on him, there's no DNA!"

"You have something!"

"What do you mean?"

"I know his voice!"

"But not his face?"

"No. But if I heard his voice and his EYE'S! I saw his eyes!"

"It does!" I shouted and held my chest.

"WATCH IT!" He yelled.

"No one would have eyes like his, they looked like they were on fire."

"How do you know that they were contacts?"

"They weren't, they were hazel and goldish."

"If I brought you to the station could you identify him?"

"Yes." I said and let go of my chest.

"Okay I'll tell them to hold him until you're out." Adam said than left the room, cell phone in hand.

It was a week before I was let out of the hospital and I was barley ble to walk, but Adam helped me any possible way he could. I didn't want to rest one minute and I forced Adam to take me down to the station before I even got my strenght back up. We got to the station and before I could get to the intreagation room Adam said, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes. Very sure." I said and he helped me to the window and I leaned on the side wall, my head looking into the glass. He was inside I knew that was him by the eyes, striking hazel, like they were on fire. And when he spoke his voice sliced through me like a hot butter knife. My knees almost gave out but Adam caught me in his arms.

"Sue, is that him?"

"His voice and eyes are the same. It's him, I know it. He's the one that attacked me."

"So we have him for your two attacks but not for the murders."


"I told you we have no DNA to contect him to the murders."

"There were bodies at the place he was staying, where he stabbed me!"

"I know but he said they were placed there."

"He's lying!" I shouted and held my chest again.

"Clam down."

"I've got to go inside."


"When he see's me alive I know he'll be caught off graud."

"Your saying something that I can't do."

"Why not?"



"Because I said so." He repiled.

"That's no reason." I said back to him.

"Please." I begged.

"Fine." He gave in and told the gaurd's to open the door.

"Thank you." I whispered.

"I'm going in with you."


I was helped inside the room after Adam told him someone was here to see him. He thought it was his lawyer and when I walked inside huncthed over he was shocked and than we had him. I sat down in the chair across from the KILLER and stared him stright in the eye. He was trying to avoid my eyes but it didn't do him much good. He was sweating and fidigeting with his fingers.

"Hello." I said and leaned against the cold steel table.

"Mr. Dagwood, you seem odd are you alright?"

"Get this girl away from me!" He yelled.

"You know me," I whispered. "You killed those woman that looked like me, and you have tried to kill me two times now. It's getting pretty boreing."

"I don't know you." He whispered, angry filled his voice.

"Yes you do," Adam said. "You know her, you tried to kill her."

"Tell the truth," I whispered. "They already have you for trying to kill me, two times."

"We have you, so just tell us what hapened." Adam said leaning against the wall.

"I don't know what you are talking about, and I don't know YOU!" He screamed slamming his hands on the table. The sound echoed in my ears and I finally saw his wicked smile, the one that made me want to cry. But I held back my tears as he whispered, "You just couldn't die could you."

"Are you saying you tried to kill her?" Adam said.

"Yeah I tried to kill her, but she just wouldn't give in to death." He chuckled.

"Did you kill the other woman?" I asked.

"Bitch, you don't even remember me, do you?"

"I've seen you in my life......" Than it hit me, those eyes, "Timmy?"

"Yeah, don't look so innoceint now do I?"

"You killed those girls because I dumped you?"

"Nah, it was much worse than that. You ruined my life, you left me for Brad."


"You did this to yourself and the other woman!" He screamed and pushed his seat back as he got up and grabbed my arms. I screamed and one gaurd pilled him away and Adam pried his hands off mine. Finally I was inside Adam's arms and he pulled me out of the room.

"You did this! You and your stupid Brad!" He shouted.

"Sue, are you okay?"

"I did this?"

"No you didn't kill those girls, he did."

"But it was Timmy, he was in love with me and I broke his heart. I did this to him and I'm the reason he killed all those girls."

"No, it's not your fault."

"Yes it was!" I yelled and cried into his arms.

Everything had to go back to normal evenutly and I guessed the week after I was let out of the hospital was the time. Adam went to wrok but he dropped me off at the flower shop before he went into the station. Once I opened the door Jack was at the conter, and when he saw me his whole face lit up. He rushed to me and I we hugged until our mother came out. If she had anything in her hands it would have dropped but luckly she didn't have anything in her hands.

"Sue?" She was crying and joined our hugging.

"Mommy, Jack." I couldn't beleave that they were hugging me and I was there with them.

"I was so worried Sue." Jack said and let go of me than my mother did as well.

"I'm so sorry you guys, but they found him."

"You're safe." Mom said.

"And you will never guess who it is."

"Who?" Jack and mom both asked at the same time.


"Your ex-boyfriend?"


"He holds a grudge."

"A big one." Jack added to mom's coment.

"What about this Adam person?" Jack asked.

"Adam, isn't he the Detective?" She asked.


"So what's up with you guys?"

"I don't know?"

"Whatever, g


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