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Next Door To The Player

Book By: QuietTeardrops

"Mother please tell me you're joking!?" I asked her as panic started to rise within me. She shook her head and laughed "Oh darling don't be silly! Of course I'm not, you heard me correctly the East family is moving back aren't you excited?!" she cried happily and giving me a bone crushing hug. I gaped like a fish and just stared not even attempting to hug her back.

Shaylee Love's life get's turned upside down when she finds her childhood enemy has moved back to town, and what's worse is that he lives right next door. Of course Shaylee is now stricken with worry. Four years can really change a person and she has no idea what Xavier is like now. Shaylee has no idea how she is going to survive now!

What's worse is that he's grown into a player and unknown to Shaylee but she's his next target!

But maybe she's just being over dramatic? Maybe the bad boy from her childhood has grown up a little bit, and who is this other new guy? What role does he play in all of this?

Follow Shaylee as she fights her way through the drama of having her bad boy enemy back.

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|Story Start|

|Shaylee Love|

I stared at my mother with disbelief written all over my face. She just told me something that made my heart drop and my face pale and I'm pretty sure I heard her wrong or... at least I hope I did.

"Mother please tell me you're joking..." I asked her as panic started to rise within me. She shook her head and laughed "Oh darling don't be silly! Of course I'm not, you heard me correctly the East family is moving back aren't you excited" she cried happily and giving me a bone crushing hug. I gaped like a fish and just stared not even attempting to hug her back.

"Oh I've got to go bake cookies! They're arriving tonight! Darling be a dear and go wear something more appropriate okay? I know you're just itching to see Xavier! My that boy has grown..." she continued to babble on about the East's but I stopped listening because my heart instantly dropped to my stomach. My absolute nightmare was coming true.

Xavier East was coming back.

I have known this boy since he was born and his name still sent shivers through my body.

Now all of you are probably wondering what in the world is this girl panicking about?

Well I'll tell you, it's been 4 years since I've seen Xavier and I haven't been happier. When we were younger Xavier took pleasure in humiliating me and making my life horrible. We were only 13 at the time, and he was horrible now we were both 17 and I'm scared for what the older version of him had in store.

I remember Xavier being a tall green eyed, black haired boy and even at that age he was attractive. I was the nerdy reddish-brown haired, brown eyed, slightly pudgy quiet girl. Of course this made me the perfect target for all those... popular people if you will.

I was the girl who got shoved in the locker, made fun of wherever she went and of course was humiliated at any moment available. But now, now I had a complete change after Xavier left I became sick of people looking down on me and I blossomed into the somewhat confident person I am today.

Okay so maybe I wasn't as outspoken as I wanted to be but that was okay. I had great friends and I wasn't picked on as much as I was before. I sighed and began to trek up the stairs to my bedroom so I could 'dress appropriately' as my mother kindly put it. Apparently skinny jeans and simple top wasn't appropriate for a meeting with the devil.

Once I reached my room I dug through my closet until I found my open back floral dress and shimmed into it while pairing it with my tan leather western style ankle boots, my feather earrings and my favourite leather jacket. For my hair I just left it in natural waves. I touched up my makeup and stared at myself in my full length mirror.

Those four years have done wonders to me. Now I was actually kind of pretty, my reddish-brown was now mid back and I lost the extra weight I had when I was 13. My brown eyes seemed to stand out on my slightly tanned skin and I made sure to take care of any acne so my face was finally blemish free.

All in all I think I looked pretty good compared to what I looked like back then.

I hopped down the stairs two at a time until I reached the bottom. I made my way to the kitchen and heard my mother's voice talking to some one on the phone.

"Of course we'll come over for dinner tonight!"

"I'm sure Xavier and Shaylee have so much to catch up on!"

My mother laughed at something the person on the other end of the phone said I'm guess from the excited look on her face it was Mrs. East. They've been best friends since high school and always kept in touch. It made me happy she had such a loyal and wonderful friend.

Even if her son was the devil.

"Trevor is there already? That boy he must be excited to see Connor. I swear even at 22 he still acts like a child!"

Trevor was my older brother who ironically was best friends with Xavier's older brother Connor and of course I was the only girl in between these two families.

Yay. (Note my sarcasm)

"Okay Paula I'll let you go and get ready, we'll see you at 7:30! Tell Trevor he better behave, bye!"

Then she hung up the phone and I decided it was time to make my presence known.

"Mother does this look adequate enough to re-meet the East's?" I asked and doing a little mock twirl for her. She laughed at my silliness "Darling you look wonderful, Xavier is going to love you in that!" she cried in happiness. I rolled my eyes "Mother stop trying to play match maker!" I chastised but felt myself blush at her words.

"So Trevor is already there? I thought they were arriving tonight... Where do they live mom?" I asked trying to divert the conversation to a new topic as I sat on the stool by the counter. My mother gave me a grin "Not too far away they actually live right around the corner from us and they arrived earlier isn't that exciting?!" I gave her a blank look "I guess but by right around the corner you mean..." trailing off waiting for her to continue. She laughed "I mean they live right beside us!" she said with a happy squeal.

I paled "Right... beside... us?" I whispered. I had wondered who our new neighbor was but I was shocked to find out it was them! She nodded enthusiastically "Isn't it wonderful? Paula and I haven't been this close since we lived together in Miami!" she told me with a happy smile. I sighed "Mother you are crazy" I stated. She laughed and brushed my comment off "Darling don't be silly, now go get your father and tell him to get ready. We are going to be leaving soon and I need to finish these cookies." She said shooing me out of the kitchen. I sighed and nodded "Fine, fine, fine maybe daddy will agree with me and keep me from going over to the devil's house" I muttered. She laughed "Don't be so dramatic!" she commented before going back to baking.

I rolled my eyes and made my way to my father's study. I knocked before entering "Daddy?" I said softly as I opened the door. "Hello princess, what are you doing down here?" my father asked as he stood up from his desk and opened his arms for a hug. I grinned and hugged him "Daaad mom said you had to go get ready. We're going over to the East's soon" I told him sighing. He laughed "Excited to see Xavier?" he asked with a wink after sitting back down.

I crossed my arms and pouted "No." he laughed at my expression. "I didn't think so, but I'm sure he's changed it's been four years since you've seen the boy and I'm sure he grew up fine. Well that's what Collin, you remember Mr. East right? Well that's what he tells me anyways did you know..." and he began to drone on about stupid Xavier. I haven't even seen the boy yet and he was already getting on my nerves.

I began to walk out of his office "That's wonderful dad but I've got to get going. Write my will and everything... okay bye!" I said before dashing from the room and hearing his laugh echo down the hall. I rolled my eyes once I made it back to my room of course my father had to be friends with his father. I looked at the time and saw it was 6:30; I had an hour to do whatever until we left. I decided facebook would suffice and grabbed my laptop before moving over to my bed. I plopped down on my stomach and opened my computer and pulling up Google chrome.

I logged into facebook and began browsing my newsfeed. Eh... nothing interesting here as I was about to log off some one decided they wanted to talk to me. It was of course my best friend Avery Collins.

Avery: Hey Shay what are ya doin tonight? Liam and I wanted to know if you could come to the movie's with us? At like 7:30...

I groaned of course I wanted to go but of course I'll be stuck at dinner with my nightmare.

Me: Sorry Aves I want to but I can't I've got a dinner to go to :/

Avery: Ooo got a hot date? ;)

I laughed at this, I wish.

Me: No, do you remember Xavier East?

Avery: Of course! He had a major crush on you! What about him?

I rolled my eye that's what... ugh she was definitely delusional.

Me: One, no he didn't. Two, well guess what? He's back and it get's better he's also my neighbour! =(

Avery: HAHAHA are you kidding me? That's awesome! Is he hot?

Me: Avery you have a boyfriend!

Avery: I know that but I meant it for you dummy!

Me: No. I haven't even seen the boy yet and I'm dreading every minute that goes by.

Avery: Don't be so overdramatic! Oh Liam's here I've got to go doll, you better give me the deats!

Before I even had a chance to say bye she logged off. I rolled my eyes and logged off as well, Avery and Liam were my two best friends and were coincidentally dating. The good thing was that I never felt like a third wheel well mostly because I left whenever things got too mushy.

I sighed and looked at the time it was only 6:40. I groaned and decided a nap would be wonderful right now so I grabbed my teddy bear and got comfortable before attempting to fall asleep.

* * * * * *

"Shaylee darling time to wake up! We're going to be late if you keep on sleeping!" My mother's voice said breaking me out of my nap. I groaned and opened my eyes "What time is it?" I asked blinking until I was able to see properly. "It's 7:28, now spray on some perfume and let's go" she said frantically before running out of my room yelling my father's name.

I rolled my eyes but complied and put a quick spritz of Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck: Enchanted and popped a tic tac in my mouth before fixing my bed head and my smudged makeup. Once I was satisfied with everything I walked down the stairs to find my mother tapping her foot impatiently. "Come on darling! Your father already left but I decided to wait for you now let's go!" she said as she pulled me out of the house.

"Gee thanks mom" I muttered. In her hands I could see her freshly baked cookies and I drooled at the site. Her cookies were amazing and everybody loved them. I couldn't wait until I got my hands on some of them...

We walked the short walk to their house... which was right next door just to remind you. I groaned after she rang the doorbell. This was it, the moment of truth I was finally going to see Xavier East after four years of happiness without him. I sucked in a breath when the door opened and grinned when I saw it was Mrs. East.

"Shaylee! Renee! It's wonderful to see you! I've missed you both so much! Come in, come in!" Mrs. East said with a happy smile as she gestured for us to come in. I smiled and waved as we walked in the threshold. "Hello Mrs. East it's lovely to see you again" I said politely.

"Oh my goodness Shaylee you grew up wonderfully! You are absolutely gorgeous!" she gushed as she gave me a bone crushing hug. I smiled and laughed "Thank you" I said in an embarrassed tone. She laughed "Now why don't you go on upstairs? Xavier is waiting for you in his room. It's the last door on the right" she said ushering me up the stairs. I gave her a warm smile "Okay, I'll... uh go see him then." I said as I made my way up the staircase.

But I was ignored since the two mothers's squealed and hugged each other like teenagers and started to gossip about their lives. I just shook my head and slowly made my way up the stairs; I easily found Xavier's room. I took a deep calming breath before knocking.

My breath caught in my throat as the bedroom door opened.

Xavier really was back.

And my god did he get even more attractive.


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